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Eating for two!
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S/C/G: 324 highest known/on hold/150

Height: 5' 5"

Default planning for Friday September 15

Alright, let's see...today will be a high-cal day since I've been below 1200 for the past 3 days in a row. It's also my "cheat" day for this 2-week cycle, so here goes:
  • turkey sausage (cooked with red and green peppers, onion, tomato paste, white cooking wine, garlic, and seasonings)
  • Chinese buffet (but just take-out, so no multiple trips )--I usually just get a few kinds of chicken and maybe 2 veggie spring rolls; no noodles or rice or anything
  • Papa John's Sicilian Meats pizza--Jeff has been wanting this all week (we keep seeing the commercials for it on tv), so I finally agreed we could order one tonight, but only 1 (we often order a separate pizza for each of us, so just 1 to share is a good step)
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aka Superwoman!
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S/C/G: SW:226/16st - about 50lbs lost

Height: 5'8"


cornflakes with chocolate protein shake


chicken salad

CC with oats and raisins and cinnamon and splenda

stir fry with chicken

perhaps apple with oats and CC

No exercise today - MEGA exercise tomorrow, long run and kickboxing and stuff
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A Mighty Thump
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Height: 5 feet 4 inches!


I r back after vacation!

Breakfast: protein pancake, coffee

Snack - light babybel, cherry toms

Lunch - might be going out with hubbie, otherwise it'll be a mystery bowl of chilli from my freezer and a yoghurt

Snack - peach

Dinner - more chilli with brown rice and roasted asparagus w/garlic .

Water - 2 liters+

Exercise - circuit training for 45 mins.
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I restore Teeth.
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Funny you mention that Jill (the high cal- following low cal days)- my body almost always cranks up the hormones after, and then I get this message "EAT ME" whenever I see food.

Breakfast: Cereal, and one granola cookie.

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Grilled garlic eggplant, broccoli and sweet potato-tofu curry.

Liquids: Lots of green tea, lots of water, and some lemon water
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Starting Fresh
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Height: 5'2"


I was up a bit this morning... kinda odd, I wasnt very high in calories yesterday, but all well... tomorrow is weigh in so I must be good... I have to be down! Apparently 1600 cals a day with no exercise and I should lose 1 pounds a week, I am average 1300 so I have to have lost a pound! lol anyway on to today..

B- toad in a hole or whatever... toast with a hole and egg (boyfriend making me brekie) maybe an apple or bit of yogurt too
C- coffee with milk and sugar
L- the rest of the campbell carrott soup (1-1.5 cups); 10 herb crackers; fat free cheese slice; 4 small dill pickles
S- mmm dunno I am leaving work at 2 today
D- I am thinking chicken breast baked in oven with hot sauce; and fried corn, mushrooms, and onions but we might have some broc and cheese and potatos or something too... whatever it is, it has to be healthy!
W- 3-4L

Jill - I have been eating somewhat low too, I think after today I need to move it up as well!
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Happy Friday everyone! I hope we all have a great weekend!

B: 6oz yogurt, 1 med apple, 6 strawberries, coffee (225cal)

S: 5 almonds, 1/3 kashi bar (75cal)

L: lean cuisine meal turkey w. green beans (160cal)

S: 5 almonds, last of kashi bar (100cal)

D: yellow lentil curry w. steemed vegies (250cal)

S: 2 light rye crisp crackers w. laughing cow lgt. cheese spread & s.f jelly (130cal)

Workout: 1 hr step class tonight @ gym
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Location: Beautiful BC, Canada
Posts: 4,834

Height: 5'2"


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I totally forgot! Tonight is my sisters birthday party (I didnt forget her Birthday, thats not till Oct 5) and we are supposed to be having pizza... and I really want pizza! I actually almost ordered last night. And I think its okay for me to have pizza because of how low I have been eating... but I dont want the scale to be up for my weigh in... how stupid is that! Maybe I do my weigh in Sunday instead.... I think my eating is starting to become to obsessive.
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Slept through it. Had a cup of coffee with S&L.

sliced tomatoes
skinless, boneless chicken breast
light italian dressing

FF strawberry yogurt
fresh strawberries

yellow rice
chicken breast
black beans

64 oz water
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