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for me actually, it was something some one said to me. It was at work, and I was bent over in the bottom file drawer. Co-work came in and said, "Mel, is that YOU? Goodnes! you've really put on some weight! I didn't even recognize you from behind" I went to the restroom and cried. Then decided not to get mad at her, because she was absolutely right! I started a diet the next day.
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Default Who?

I don't think anybody could have said or done anything to me to encourage me to lose weight, but then I've always been a little pig-headed and it has to be MY idea, I have to do things exactly MY way and on MY schedule.

Forever, my dad (who is 120 lbs soaking wet and has never had a weight issue) would comment about it, and it did nothing but piss me off. He eventually stopped commenting on it a few years back. In fact, my weight hasn't been brought up to me by him for quite a long time, but last night on the phone I told him I lost 49 pounds (I don't see him often). He acted like I'd won the Pulitzer Prize! I've never heard him so excited. When I told him I got a new job, he was pleased. When I told him my son was Student of the Month in biology, he was pleased. When I graduated from college, pleased. Lost weight? Excited. He's shallow, what can I say.

My son (he's 15) occasionally comments that he would love to be my personal trainer and help me get in shape, but I figured I would need to get started on some weight loss before going through whatever rigorous ideas he has ... "just start running an hour a day!" Har.
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When dealing with children/kids (i.e. little sister), a visit to a nutritionalist would help as would starting a family (and I emphasize FAMILY) program focused on eating right and moving, and NOT on weight loss. Once one reached adulthood, what he/she puts into his/her mouth. Those of us who are overweight KNOW we are overweight. We don't need this pointed out. Only we can make the decision to change. Comments about our weight might spur some of us on, but often they make us angry and upset. I would lead by example, making sure that if we eat out, I make healthy choices and if I eat at a friend's house, I make sure that there will be suitable food, even if I have to bring it along myself. If anyone asks how I did it, I let them know and say that I will support them if they choose to change, but that's it. It is hard enough being big without having to deal with comments, however well-intentioned, from others!
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Originally Posted by aschenbrodel

Would ANYTHING, ANYBODY had said started you earlier on your weight loss journey??
No, and that's really sad for me. In 1993, just a few months after I got married, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She told me that I should lose weight, because of the medical history (I also have colon cancer, high blood pressure, type 1 diabetes and heart disease in my family). That way if I ever got sick, I'd be strong enough to fight it. My weight fluctuated over the next few years, and my highest non-pregnancy weight was 253. She died in 2003. I started WW in late 2005 and I've been doing pretty well. But I'll always feel like I let her down. She only wanted this one thing for me- to have my weight and eating issues under control, and I wasn't able to do that for her. All I can do now is keep going forward and try to set an example for my own children, since this medical history is something they might have to deal with as well.

How can you tell them that they need to get healthy without coming across as nosey and butting in to their business?
I didn't read all the replies to this, but truthfully I'm not sure if you can. You can offer support, info, a shoulder to lean on... but sometimes that's all you can do. I've tried to tell my brother to quit smoking and get in for regular physicals. He's a type-1 diabetic, and will not seek medical help for anything. He's leading a very unhealthy lifestyle, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it.
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