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Default Just Wondering!!!

Hey, everyone. Got a question for you all. I am not sure if it has anything to do with my weight loss or not. I've been losing a lots of hair, and also got all these acne kind of pimples all over my forehead. I usually don't get pimpes, even when I was in my teens. I asked my hair dresser about my hair, and he said after having baby hair thins. I was wondering if any of you facing this problem, and if there are anything I could use or do for my face.
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I lost a lot of hair and had breakage problems throughout my weight loss. It seems like it is getting better now that I'm maintaining.
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I had hair loss after having each of my kids. That is pretty normal. I also experienced hairloss with thyroid problems.

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I've lost some weight (not a lot) but I've been breaking out too. i never did this in high school. Then again, i'm eating lots of vinegar based salad dressings (lower in fat) and lots of apples, veggies, salsa, and tomato juice. All that added acidity probably isn't helping my skin, but I've got to eat something!
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I lose hair as well with weight loss, but my skin tends to clear up.
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I lose TONS of hair (I actually just pulled out a rat-sized clump of it out of my shower drain---gross) It's really long though and does a good job and regenerating itself, because it's still pretty thick. I use all of the Garnier long and strong products. They seem to work a little bit.

I don't have any acne problems though. Just one here and there. But I use got2be avocado clay masque on my face, and it makes it so soft and gets rid of the oil. Freeman's also makes (made) an avocado oatmeal cream face wash that smells so good! The last time I looked for it though, I couldn't find it, so I don't know if it's discontinued, or if my Walmart just doesn't carry it anymore.
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I have lost hair while dieting, also. Not this time, though.
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if you lose it really fast, the weight that is, your hair will fall out. Fat stores estrogen so when you lose fat, you release estrogen. may be why the pimples.
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Yes I've been getting spots (you guys call them pimples)! Quite a few lately. I figure I've hit the motherload of oestrogen stores!
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I've gotten acne type pimples since I started eating better and I never got acne, not even in my teens! I didn't know about the estrogen thingie, I guess I'm dumping the motherlode too!

My hair hasn't thinned out though, all seems well up there still.
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I lost hair by the handful during a very restrictive weight loss episode in college where I heavily restricted fats. I didn't have that problem this time - possibly because I made sure I ate healthy fats every day (nut butters, trail mix, olive oil, avocado, salmon etc).
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