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Unhappy Why does "feeling fat" = wanting to quit?

Okay... I have been doing pretty well the past week. I don't know if I've lost any weight because the scale I was using at the grocery store is no longer there!!!
I went yesterday to weigh and check progress but the scale was gone. I went over my calorie intake (supposed to be 1670 max) by 185. I know it is not a disastrous amount since it is still below what I am supposed to eat to maintain my weight. It is just discouraging because it was unnecessary food. I ate a small order of fries from Whataburger just because - I WASN'T EVEN HUNGRY!!!

To top things off this morning I put my clothes on and just "feel fat". It is a horrible feeling and it just gives me great sadness to think that I have let myself get to this level. Everyone is ordering out for lunch today at work. I brought my lunch because they are ordering either italian or chinese food and I don't think I can safely have either.

Does anyone know how many calories/fat are in beef w/broccili and an order of steamed rice?
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Default Hey

I totally understand. Everytime I feel fat I get depressed and getting depressed makes me not care and then I want to give up. For the past week everytime I felt like quiting I would write in my journal, every single thing I was feeling, if i still felt like quiting I would meditate, after that I would get on a message board and read other people's progress and sucsess stories and say to myself I want to be there, I want to be at my goal weight, i want to have a sucsess story. it's so hard to stay positive, but You have to try really really hard and do the work. I hope you are feeling better!!
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Hey, I know exactly how you feel also. Whenever I feel fat I just want to crawl into bed with a bucket of icecream and give up. But I know that doing this will make me feel ten times worse. Whats more, its not logical. If feeling fat makes me depressed, then I need to do something about it! I write this in my journal and it really helps me. I will write something like "I feel fat, but I'm not going to binge." Writing it down helps me stick to it. I'm not sure about the beef with brocolli, but you could check dietfacts.com (check a Chinese restaurant) or fitday.com
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I think we've all felt that way one time or another.

I've had days where I'm going strong with a great routine and then I have a day that just has me feeling in the dumps. And it doesn't always happen during TOM, I get those feelings every once in awhile.

I have found some ways to make my self feel better that has nothing to do with my weight. I would go get my hair cut or colored (gotta hide that gray!), buy a book or magazine I've been wanting, go cut some flowers and place them in my house....anything that I know will cheer me up that has nothing to do with my "diet". Gives me a good feeling.

I also have found that buying some clothes and just having something new to wear really perks me up too. Who cares if I haven't lost the weight yet, as long as I'm looking good....it keeps me feeling good.

Don't worry.....you'll get pass those feelings. Coming here for support is really a great way to "let it out" and sometimes just talking about it helps. So I hope you start to feeling better and now that you're not alone. And we are also always here for ya when you need to talk!
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Marti; your fur child is so cute. I also have fur children who help keep me going in my battle to lose wieght.I am a new here and am so happy to have found some boards to talk to others who are in the same fight. I'm pretty much house bound because of my weight and illness so boards are my way of reaching the outside world.Bless you and others posting here.
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Hi all - I read the various threads to gather strength. I just keep trying to keep my eyes set on the goal - weight loss/healthy lifestyle. I want to be in this for the long run. I know that when I lose the weight I will still have to eat less and keep unhealthy foods to a minimum. This isn't a diet it's a lifestyle change - a new me! I need to build my nonfood reweard repetoire - baths, walks with friends, great movies with no popcorn, lots of healthy, fresh food rather than desserts. We deserve to live long, healthy lives and we can do it!
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It's so hard not to get discouraged by those morning where you wake up and put on your jeans and they feel just a little tighter even though you've done everything "right". Like was mentioned before, though, weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. There are so many factors that go into why we feel the way we do, that I just try to keep my head down and ride out the fluctuations because it will even out.

When I get all icky feeling I like to just put on my headphones and go for a walk outside- gotta love that California weather!
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