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Default Canít lose weight

Has anyone here dieted seriously and not been able to lose weight no matter what? I lost 8 stone in 2011 in 6 months. After a few years I'd put it all back on and then some.

For the last three years every time I try to lose weight I'll start eating healthy, weighing all food, logging all cals. I lose weight the first week and then absolutely nothing every week after. Eventually I'll give up because no weight comes off. Iím basically living on steamed vegetables, quorn, homemade soups and stuff like lentils and eggs etc. Iím vegetarian. No meat or fish, no fried foods, no junk food, no white carbs, no pastries, no crisps. I steam or airfry everything. I donít like sweet stuff anyway, never have fizzy drinks. Iíve limited coffee to one cup a day, at least 2l of water.

This happens every single time I try and lose weight. A loss the first week and then nothing.
Doesn't matter how long I stick to it, how low I make my calories, it doesn't budge after the initial loss the first week.

I've even tried experimenting to see at what level of cals I'll lose weight. It doesn't make a difference. So last 5 weeks...
1st week - 1700-1800 cals per day. 6lb loss
2nd week - 1700-1800 cals per day. No loss
3rd week - 1500 cals per day. No loss
4th week -1200-1300 cals per day. No loss
5th week - 1000 cals a day. No loss.

I've been docs. Blood tests all fine. Thyroid fine etc. Not diabetic, tested for cushings and was negative.

Saw dietician. She said a 6lb loss over a month is good. Side swept the fact that loss was week 1 and I've lost nothing since. She then wrote to my doc and told him I'd lost 6lbs in the month but that I don't see that as a satisfactory weight loss. Well I'm might if it was like 1.5lbs per week but my issue is that I only lose week 1 and nothing since.

This has been going on for three years. I can't get docs to take me seriously. I don't know what to do anymore. Any ideas what it could be?

Iím nearly 400lbs. It should be melting off me shouldnít it? I canít stay like this, itís making me too unhappy. I dunno what to do next.

When I lost the 8 stone back in 2011 I ate like 1900-2000 cals a day and it was coming off every single week at a rate of 2-6lbs per week. Only thing I can think of is Iím not actually eating enough. I donít get it though...itís so disheartening, and itís making me soooo angry and frustrated. Iím scared Iím going to be stuck like this forever and die young. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Or know of any other medical reasons why it wonít budge?
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What types of vegetables do you eat?
Which quorn products do you eat (so I can check the nutrition info)? Some of them might have bad stuff added to them.
What are the homemade soups made of?
Do you add any sauces to your food (or anything else that you haven't mentioned)?
How much protein do you eat each day?

A few suggestions:
Eat a variety of types of vegetables. At least some of the vegetables should be green leafy vegetables.
Eat some fruit (e.g. berries, grapefruit, mango, avocado). You didn't mention fruit in your post.
Eat some healthy fats. Some of the best sources are olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

What types of exercise do you do?
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A couple common things come to mind. One is that you're not tracking your food as closely as you think you are (this is a frequent weight loss barrier). If you estimate with higher calorie things like whole grains, fats, legumes, nuts, meats, etc., you could be eating hundreds or more calories than you think you are. Being mindful of how much you're actually eating can be tricky sometimes.

Another thing is that your pattern of weight loss may have changed. I've seen people on this site comment that on a previous attempt at losing weight, they lost at a steady rate, but that currently they lose during maybe 1 week out of the year, or another non-linear pattern. Try sticking to the same calorie deficit for a couple months and see. Sometimes even as the body loses fat, it retains more water so you don't see the loss for weeks. For example, I've gone about a month with no net loss, and then suddenly the next week or two I drop about 6 or so lbs.

Also remember that even slow loss (like 6 lbs a month) is still loss. If you did that for a year, you'd be down 72 lbs. That's impressive.

Good luck, and remember to be patient with yourself.
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Consuming more leafy vegetables is important for individual wellness.
The most healthy leafy vegetables for you incorporate broccoli, spinach, cabbage, brussels sprouts, collard greens, and kale, cabbage, turnip greens
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