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Angry lookin for a spot to post

Good morning ladies

I'm not really new..and i'm not really old lol not so sure what i am maybe just looking for a place to post. I am in a constant state of confusion, then i get my self so worked up that i get my self into a state of depression. I have so much free times on my hands now that my kids r back in school, and they are teen agers so the really dont need me all that much anyways im avoiding my issue. I've been on ww off an on for many years i've sorta tried adkins.. i just rejoined ww for the i dont no how many time and im hoping that it will work. I love the posts and you all seem to be pretty close. im not so sure theres room for me. I'm also looking into some club memeberships for exercise... i need some help i cant keep failing at my life like this... well... later today i plan on really checking around this site.. i know i can find some help and support.

thank you for listening
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Talking Yo!

THERE'S ROOM FOR YOU, ATTITUDENESS ONE! C'MON DOWN!!! Join us at the Laborious Losers or join me in my new mini challenge thread (no one else has, so there's plenty o' room THERE!!! )!!!!! Or, join any of the different and supportive groups that keep springing up here like mushrooms!!! WE NEED ALL THE SUPPORT WE CAN GET FROM FOLKS WITH ATTITUDES!!!! Wazoo!!! See ya!
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Dear Just Attitude -
Welcome, I too am new to this site, but feel like I have been here my whole life. It is refreshing that people write what I have actually felt. As far as your kids not needing you anymore - I have an 18 & 16 year old. Trust me, they need you now more than ever. Also - you should never consider yourself a failure. Remember, we don't fail, we just hit bumps in the road!! You could do what I did.......I had ANOTHER BABY!!! Boy - did people think I was crazy!!! She is 17 months old now and I never have a dull moment...ummm...I never have a moment period! Wouldn't trade her for the world.
Just know that this site is here for you. They are kind, friendly, and wise. Surround yourself with good people, happy thoughts, and LOUD music!!! Good luck in all your ventures - Hope to talk to you sometime! Have a SUPER great day!!!

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Hi, September Breeze, just wanted to congratulate you on your baby!!! How cool that she'll have two grown-up siblings to help show her the ropes as she grows!

Just Attitude: Hi, again!
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Hello Justattitude-

Just wanted to let you know that there is always room for you no matter where you decide to go. You could be a part of more than one little group. No commitment to sticking with just one. They're ALL great, and we're all here to help and support each other.

You may find other threads that feel more of what you're looking for than others, but don't ever feel like you won't fit in.

I'm with the Jaded Ladies and you can find us way down in the clubs and groups area.

So feel free to just jump right in and start chatting away. You'll always have a friend here.

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Default You made the first step...Glad to meet you!

Hi Just Attitude! Just want to welcome you and it took a lot of attitude to introduce yourself and write your own thread. You can join in any thread that interests you...hey, that's what I do. I just looked on the exercise thread. Find one that interests you and just introduce yourself or start your own. Sometimes people respond and sometimes the threads sort of poop out after a while but then you can just try to restart interest again. You have support here and we like to know how you are doing. I agree with what the other people on this thread have said so far and could not have said it better. You are important and now that you have more time, you can visit here more. Also, check out the WW threads now that you are doing that program. I made it to Lifetime over a decade ago and I still follow the program, although I have to learn the new flexpoints now. J.A., you will succeed this time if you believe in yourself. I get depressed too, but if I can help other people then I feel better about myself. That's why I love this website. Keep going, and let us know how you're doing.
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Hi JustAttitude, Amarantha, SeptemberBreeze,MNJ, & Musicgal,
I am now sort of. I have joined ww a ton of times. Once I lost 35 and gained it all back. I just rejoined ww last week for another try. I figure that one time it will stick. My kids are now back to school too.
SeptemberBreeze, I am sort of like you. I have a 22yr. son who is now engaged, at 18 yr old daughter that just started college and then that late last child who is a 8yr old son that is in 2nd grade this year. Before the last child I felt like the older two didn't really need me that much and I got pretty depressed. (10 years later came Jake.) I love him dearly but what I wouldn't give for some quit time off and on. lol.
I would love to meet up in some room to chat with you. (Where?) Please let me know if you want to buddy up. I would love the support too. If you want you could email me at [email protected] sometime.

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Jilles - I know what you mean about quiet time!!! If I want quiet time, she goes to GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!! hahaha Your other two kids need you, just don't want to admit it. My 18 yr old things he is a tough guy, but when things go wrong who ya gonna call.....MAMA!!! I couldn't imagine my life with out the baby - she is a HOOT!!! Constantly making us laugh!! If you want, you may e mail me. I get online when I can and can't commit to a time for chat room persay but I will answer e mails if you send one. My e mail address is: [email protected] Good luck with WW. They do work - I lost weight on WW. I am just a CHEATER. That is why I am glad I have the band. Now if I cheat, it is a different story!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!
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