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Just me checking in again. I accomplishedmy goals for the day so far. I did WATP 2 mile and have drank 60 fl oz of water so far. It seems quiet in here so far today. I have to work tonight so I hope to have lots of posts to read when I get home. Bye for now.
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You and Me in 2003
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here I am $75.00 dollars later and i still don't know whats wrong with me. They drew blood and gave me 4 different pills to take . My blood work will come back tomorrow. I weighed 196 at the Dr. office.
I itch like the devil.
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Hi girls!

It was such a beautiful day today. Temps in the early 80's, nice breeze, sun shiny. A glorious day! Of course, I was up before the sunrise! Argh!

I'm having a hard time this month with mother nature. She's a week late and I'm not just bi^cHy, I'm tired as all get out. I got home today from the hospital about 11, and laid down on the bed for a SHORT nap and just got up. It's 5:00!!! I wish she'd just come and be done with it!

Melissa: Hey, girlfriend, nice to see you! Hey, I was thinking about you. Did you graduate from college this Spring, or do you have another year to go??? Hope the WW works well for you. I love it, when I follow it. "When I follow it" being the operative words!

2cute: Yeah, ME remember??? I'll try to remember to remind you about the plants. I wonder if they'll let me bring you one in the plane?????

Kat: My take on it is: Mom is having the colonoscopy because all of her friends have had one and she feels left out! She's 82 and has swore she doesn't have any problems 'down there' and that she is NOT going to have one unless it's necessary. Now, all of a sudden, she's gung ho to have one. All I can figure is that she's run out of things to talk about with all her friends. I'm lead to this conclusion because she says things to me like "when Dorothy had hers........." and "when Mary had hers.......". Argh! Just shoot me when I get that old that I need to have proceedures in order to have something to talk about!!!

Sandy: Yes, this Blackout has been a little intrusive. The county I live in ordered all restaurants and fast food places CLOSED until they are able to get out and do inspections. They said today that the Health Department was in meetings all day trying to figure out what to do. The restaurants are really pi$$ed because some have chosen to follow the ruling and others have stayed open. The ones that did what they were asked to do want fines given to the ones that didn't.

Pam: Oh, I love this new theatre they opened here. It's stadium seating, but more than that, the seats are built so the armrests go up so ample-bodied women like me can fit in them comfortably. Before that, this girl didn't get to the theatre much! Of course, working there most weekends helps too. But this weekend, we actually had to PAY for tickets.

Natalie: Isn't it amazing how after we've eaten well for awhile that all that junk really messes up our bodies?? I know if I splurge and have a steak at one of my steakhouse jobs, I really pay for it when I get home. Sometimes I pay for it before I even get home with the stomach cramping. Most of the time I stick to fish or chicken when I go out.

Steph: Welcome back! Good to see you. Glad you're getting back with it. We're all struggling along here. I guess we just have to get it through our heads that this is NOT easy. It is a CONSTANT struggle. At least we're all in this together. [[[hugs]]]

Barb: Glad you're back! I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful time with your family. How did your little pre-discussion go with them about how this fall's vacation was going to be??? Can't wait to hear.

Jen: Gosh, that heat wave you've been having overseas is just incredible. They said that France has had the most deaths, mostly elderly. * Glad you're doing well, other than the heat. Let us know how you're doing. Are the pounds just melting off?

Connie: Stop in and just tell us what's going on in your life if your weighloss efforts aren't going so well. By coming in and reading, somewhere along the line you may get inspired. At least you've got friends here to talk to.

Lori: A ‘wrestling chat room’? This is a side of you I didn’t know existed!

Michelle: I have no clue about fried green tomatoes. Do share how you make them.

Tina: I think your ‘friend’ was just being a bi^cH! She’s not telling you the WHOLE story on the WLS. Even our friend Jen has said how when she eats what she shouldn’t she gets sick. That’s the ‘other side of the story’. Keep plugging along. We’ll get it right one day!

Mary: Are you feeling better today? I sure hope so! [[[hugs]]] Well, you posted and I guess you're not feeling any better. I'm sooooo sorry. Sounds like the doctor is making it worse instead of better! I hope you get some relief soon.

I was just listening to the news in the background as I type and I can't believe it. Makes me sooooo mad! So for all of you that want the REAL scoop, here it is. The news is saying that through the Blackout, in cities around the country, the news people were reporting that there was looting in Detroiit. That they were worried about how Detroit was going to survive a night with no power. Even the ABC main news called our local news people. Our local news people reported that all was calm, there was a curfew installed, and all was well in Detroit and STILL they "reported" that there was trouble and looting in Detroit. Gotta love the news people. They never let the truth get in the way of a good story!!! ARGH!!!!

Well, I think that's everyone that's been on this thread. I'm trying to get back caught up. If you weren't here in awhile, you better post so I can say hello.

I didn’t get a chance to tell about my literary pursuits, I don’t believe. If you want fun, witty, and a quick read, you don’t want to miss the series by Janet Evanovich: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, etc. The main character is a female bounty hunter. They are hilarious, laugh out loud mysteries. I’ve also gone through a good many of Mary Daheim’s Bed and Breakfast Mysteries. The main character runs a bed and breakfast. Not as witty, but still pretty good. There are a couple of others, but they’re upstairs so I will report on them later. I gave up juicy romance novels long ago (Rosemary Rogers being my favorite author there) since MY life was so NOT what was in the books it depressed me!

Anyway, time to get out into the family room with the family. We finally found something that will get ‘the baby’ off the computer to watch. It’s an HBO series called Six Feet Under. It is not for the faint of heart or little kids.

See you all later.

”We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.” – Helen Keller

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Wanted to get in a quick post - got to get start on this work.

I feel really crappy tonight and felt crappy all weekend. When I feel bad I want to eat - I guess it's a combination of eating because of the stress of being in pain and the need for comfort. I have an appt with the doc in the morning. Just need to try to make through the night.

I don't have time for replies, just want everyone to know I think you're great.
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I'm on my way!
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Fried green tomatoes....pick fresh from the garden, slice on the thin side, dredge in flour on both sides and fry in hot oil till golden brown...I find the darker they are the more flavor they have but don't burn them! You can also dip them in beaten egg first then dip them in the flour...it makes a batter on them and they are good like that too! I love them! You do need to sprinkle just a little salt on them too!

Meliss welcome back!! I was debating whether to rejoin WW or do the WW at home...I think I need to join because I need the accountablility each week!

Mary and Connie I hope you two are feeling better soon!

Thin don't you hate feeling like that! I know the older I get and the more weight I have on the Bi^tchier I get!! I hate feeling like that! I can feel it coming on too and warn John in advance...I tell him watch out I can't stand myself today!!

Steph welcome back to you too! I was wondering what happened to you!! In the fall Kat, Barb and I are planning on meeting at Peddler's Village...you want to join us! I know you are only a hop over the bridge from me!! You, me and Barb could ride together!! Let me know...we haven't set a date yet but its gonna be a saturday I am sure!!

Natalie...my food has been bad too...I need to rejoin WW for sure. And btw, I didn't get the job I interviewed for either. I'm not really disappointed because I just started a new job in June but the benefits at this other job were much better!! Oh well...it wasn't meant to be!!

Pam can you do my exercise for me? I hate that part and especially when its so hot outside!!

2Cute...always on the run!!

Sandy, Kat, 2Cute and all you other car backer uppers! You all made me laugh! At least you aren't hitting PEOPLE!! Phew....you all scare me!! LOL

Barb you should be home in about an hour! Hope you had a great time!! I know it passes way to fast when you are enjoying yourself!

OK I guess I should get myself to bed now. I didn't want to get up this morning I was so tired!!

TTFN Michelle
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working off those pounds
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Talking speaking of literary endeavors

Thin: You thought about me? Aww! Actually I've graduated, not that anyone would be able to tell that I am a college graduate...I still don't have a full time gig! I'm gonna have to look into that author you were suggesting..it's odd that you should mention what you are reading, cause just before I logged in I was thinking about asking people to share thoughts on some good books. Since I am practically job-less, I do a lot of reading. I like to read all those chick-lit types of books for light reading, plus suspense/mystery and fantasy. I also read lots of history I would recommend Marian Keyes thought...she's a funny, witty Irish writer. My favorite is Rachel's Holiday, it's a great character to relate to...especially if you have issues with your appearance (not you....but you know...in general....)

Michelle: what an interesting sounding recipe! Especially since we always have so many tomatoes by the end of the summer we don't know what to do with them...do you happen to have the nutrition information for that?

Dixie: I know how you feel, for people like me food is a companion. Dieting has to be completely mental...I'm just now starting to realize this...I've been diating since I was ten years old and weighed 95 pounds! Seriously, you need to visualize your quest. My little brother actually suggested this to me. He's also dieting. He drew himself a "map" of his journey. At the top of the paper he put his current weight, and then a path squiggling to the bottom of the page. Along the path he put boxes with different weight increments in them. Next to the box he put other little motivating factors. As he moves along and loses weight, he draws a ling along his "path." Needless to say, being a 16 year old young man, he drew a bunch of um..hmmm women shall we say at the bottom of his map in order to illustrate one motivating factor... Another thing, this may sound healthy but I have been trying to allow myself to get used to the sensation of being hungry, and just quenching it with water. I do this because hunger is a sign to eat..but your body wants to maintain its weight...so until you change your weight threshhold, it's going to tell you that it's hungry.....but it helps me when i visualze my body feeding off of its plentiful fat stores...LOL

Mary: I know..bloodwork always itches...going to the lab is a nightmare for me...apparently I have veins that collapse and they can never seem to get a needle in them..they're like rubber.

Steph: Woo hoo..I need to start drinking more water..it helps fill my tummy and puts the "hunger" pains on the wayside. I'm still on the fasting "jumpstart" portion of my dieting so the hunger "pains" seem to be abit more prevolent at this time...

Bobsgal: ten pounds by October 7th? I'll set that mini goal and work with you to get down that much by then ...I think it's completely doable

Dreamer: RIght now i'm trying to get used to eating correctly and not obsessing about my food..then I'll start to focus on working out... one piece at a time...
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Yea there were posts for me to read. Guess I'll throw in a couple of my favorite authors. I really like suspense type novels. I like Mary Higgins Clarke, James Patterson, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and Sue Grafton.
Thin- I've been meaning to read Evanovich, but I want to start from book one, and all they had at the library was book 7. I'll have to keep an eye out.
Melissa- glad to have a buddy to reach my goal with. We can do it!
Michelle- I've never been to Peddlers Village, but it sounds like fun. I'd need to know in advance what day you'll be going so I can request off.
Mary- you don't sound like you're having too great of a time. Hope you feel better.
Connie- We think you're great too.
Sandy- thanks for the welcome back.
Kat- nice to know you were thinking of me. We weren't affected by the blackout here thank goodness.
Barb- hope you had a nice trip.
2Cute- hello to you too.
Well I think that's everyone who posted since I last posted. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. Have a good night.
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Home Sweet Home!

I am back at home safe and sound. I tried to start catching up on the past few days of posts but I can't keep my eyes open.

I'll catch up with you tomorrow....

A couple quickies....

Homebound --- yes, I was in the Panhandle - the Fort Walton Beach and Destin area. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Lori --- I know it wasn't a real game, but GO EAGLES!!! Sorry about your Steelers!

Thin --- The family discussions about the cruise went very well. Thanks for remembering. I think we are well on our way to a great vacation! I feel much better now.

That's all the energy I have right now....I'll catch up with everyone else tomorrow.

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Default I'm back

Hi ladies,

Yes, I'm back. I bet you thought I had disappeared for good. I considered it but realized that I need to do this so here I am. I fell off the wagon, badly . I am having a lot of trouble with the low carb - high protein thing. Also I am falling off the wagon consistently the week before my TOM. My doctor is sending me to a special clinic to see if there is anything they can do to help me with the food cravings, etc. She thinks it may be more than the usual PMS.

Anyways, I didn't even read the posts, I just wanted to get in here and write something to help me get back to it. I will get back to keeping up with the next thread.

I hope everyone is doing well and having much success. All I can say for myself is that I am going to get back up on that horse AGAIN and keep trying.

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a work in progress...
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Angry Good Morning, chickies...

What a beautiful day!

Supposed to be in the low 80s, low humidity...ahhhh...great day for a walk. Which I'm going to do as soon as I'm done here. I just got in from work, but if I wait til later, it ain't gonna happen. Exercise has been good these past three days...I swam and did water aerobics on the weekend and yesterday I did my "Beach Body" workout...cardio and weights. Feels good to be moving again. Food has been good. I'm finding that cutting way back on carbs REALLY decreases my appetite. If I get hunger pangs, it's because I'm (get this) ACTUALLY HUNGRY! I don't crave things either. So, this is working for me.

It also helps that a friend at work has commented lately that I look like I've lost weight...she really notices a difference. I don't see it, but I feel it in certain clothes. Very motivating!

I've gotta get moving here, sis and I are taking a ride down to see Mom and Dad today...Maybe at some point I'll get some sleep in... Gotta work again tonight.

Welcome home, Barb!
Welcome back, Laura!
Hi to everyone else!

Have a great day all.
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I don't wanna go to work....waaaaaaaa!

I can't get motivated to work this morning. I figured I had been out for 3 days so I should get in there early. Well, my alarm went off and I said forget it and turned it off waiting for hubby to get up instead. I keep telling myself that I only have to work 3 more weeks and then I am off for a week! Ok, I am going to grab some breakfast and get out of here.

I was so dissappointed with the scale this morning. I worked out quite a bit while I was in FL and ate really watched what I ate. The mean scale says I gained 1.6 pounds. Argh!!!! Well, I'll just have to work harder!!!

I'll catch you chicks later on today.
Make it a great day!
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Hi Gals,

Whatcha you up to on this early morn?? Guess you are either gettting ready for work or already on the way, today and tomorrow are mini-vacaction days, that is how I like to think of them, and try to do something fun each day. Will not get an actual vacation till next spring, then I am heading your way 2 cute!!

Barb, back to the old salt mines eeh? Trip to Florida sounds like fun....but they just do not last long enough

Katrina...I know what you mean about actual hunger pains, I feel them now too, IMAGINE THAT!!! before I ate just to be eating and stuffed myself so much, I was never hungry at all, just that emotional eating you know...I like this much better, don't you?

Lola, great to see you here again, and you did the right thing!just get right back in the saddle and do it again!! Welcome Home chickie! We missed you!

Welcome Bobsgal....another reader, great, we can talk about books. Just a few of my favorites are Pat Conroy, Rick Bragg, Fannie Flagg, Billie Lets, Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, John Grisham, Scott Turow, James Patterson;Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas was very good, and is out in paperback now, if you haven't read it, pick it up, I think you would really enjoy it...I could really go on and on about books, but I will spare my fellow posters!!

Michelle, Fried Green Tomatoes are lish!!! yummy, cant do Fried anything right now, but I remember what they taste like......

helllllo Connie, good to read your post again, hope to talk to you soon....

Well all the rest of you chickies, I will catch you later
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Changin' my ways :)
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Height: 5'6"


Hey everyone

Wanted to thank everyone for your endearing posts. I'm doing a lot better this week. I need to stay here and do a real post, but it is DH's birthday, and I need to be spending time with him as well before running off to the jobs. Just wanted to drop in and let you all know how much your words helped!

BTW, dropped another 2 lbs. Wahoo! I was so shocked to see I haven't hit a plateau yet. I'm in week 6 now.

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a work in progress...
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I'm getting ready to leave for Mom's...just had to report that i did walk and actually jogged a few short intervals. I would have done more, but some guy was walking his dog around the back of the school where I was doing my jogging (hidden) so I stopped. It felt great!

See you all later...
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