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Default Unlimited champagne brunch tomorrow

My mom knows I'm trying to lose weight (so is she!). Yet this was what she wanted to do together tomorrow before we gamble at the casino...the freaking champagne buffet.
My goal is to mostly hit the salad and fruit bar. Maybe get one piece of prime rib, because,it's prime rib. Also plan to workout like a maniac at the gym later to make up for it....
Honestly the hard part for me is passing the champagne. Any tips on saying no thank you to the bubbly?
I mean, I know I can't be good all the time, bi put overindulgence is too easily had at these types of places.
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To be honest, I would just drink the champagne and skip the rest. Unless there was seafood. Then it would be champagne and seafood.

I would love to say that I have gained a pound from just drinking champagne, but it ain't happened yet.

Champagne and prime rib...that's a different story.

You might also check if it is real and decent champagne as well. I would not waste my time on the cheap stuff.

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No reason to rack yourself and your mom with guilt. Food will always be around and we cannot blame the situations or the people around us for things that just are as they are. Go to the buffet, eat the things you want to eat, don't stuff yourself, just eat until satisfied. Have a glass of champagne and enjoy it. I have found that the key to enjoying food is mindful eating. Eat slowly, deliberately, savor every bite of food and every drop of champagne and be thankful for it. Pause between bites. Take a break after you're halfway through and re-evaluate your hunger. Often we eat too much because we eat too fast for our body to process satiety. And let go of the guilt, it's completely unecessary to put on yourself or your mother.

And remember, if you deprive yourself of eating the foods you want to eat and instead eat the foods you'd rather not eat you're setting yourself up for a potential future binge.
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I'd have at least a glass of champagne if that's what i liked the most and then tone down on the food. I try to eat and drink what i love in reasonable portions or else i start to feel deprived. Does it work for you to simply eat in moderation until you feel satisfied?

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