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don't be scared of the scale. Once you start losing a bit more, you'll be obsessed with it trust me you're doing well.. keep at it!
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What speed are you expecting the weight to come off?

What are you doing now that you think you would change if the scale doesn't say what you want next time?

.4 is weight loss. Don't ever knock it or make your body feel bad for not doing what you think it should be doing. Just because you have decided to go back to whatever it was before when you were losing weight, doesn't mean your body is going to instantly cooperate in a way that is regularly, sufficiently and consistently reflected on the scale.

You have lost weight 2 weeks in a row, AND maintained your prior loss while you were sick. I think your body is doing pretty freaking awesome right about now.
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Originally Posted by Rechyl View Post
thanks all for your replies. I did weigh in and was down 0.4lbs. To say im disappointed is an understatement but i have to keep going.
I didn't have time to reply yesterday, but I just wanted to add my support, Rechyl. I'm sorry the weigh-in was a disappointment, but I still say congratulations! Both for your loss and for being brave enough to face your fears once you decided that weighing was what you wanted to do. I hope your health issues are gone for good and wish you the best of luck. Please continue to let us know how you're doing!
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Congratulations on the weight loss! One thing you'd also have to remember is that as you become smaller, it'll become harder for your body to shed off the weight. Also with TOM around the corner, you have to remember it's a period of time (no pun intended) in which your body will retain water, so keep that in mind! I'm obsessed with my scale as well, and I can't exactly say it was always a good thing. Weekly weigh-ins may not be for you if you're worried too much about that number. Personally I'd go for every day or once a month. (Every day because at least you can track the general direction your weight is going; once a month because if the weight doesn't come off, with that number it's a little more obvious that some tweaking is necessary.)
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Default I'm there to

I weighed myself a few weeks ago and the scale said i had lost a total of 32 pounds. I was really excited and then a few days later i weighed myself again only to have it tell me i gained 10 back. (I made the mistake of holding onto the wall a little to much becaus of where my scale is and it took off the 10 pounds and made it look like i lost it when i really didnt) But before i realized what i was doing wrong i got really upset i was crying and very depressed about it. But then i started thinking "I made it this far why give up now?" So i started working harder and thats when i realized what i was doing wrong weighing myself, but it gave me the motivation to try harder and work harder so i can see results. Dont get upset if you happen to gain a pound or two. Let it motivate you to work harder. My fave saying I have hanging on my bathroom mirror says "If your tired of starting over, STOP giving up!"
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Keep in mind that if TOM is due you could *gain* weight. I went up 2 lbs right before my TOM and then it all came off (and then some) a few days in. Losing at all is great. I bet you'll get a good whoosh next week.
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I second those who mentioned TOM being the culprit. I always avoid weighing around that time even though I don't have periods anymore (hysterectomy) but I still bloat . Hormones wreck havock with our weigh ins for sure. You are doing amazing! If you find the scale is stressing you out, you might want to consider weighing only once or twice a month. That is what I do now. I pick a random day when I feel like I'm not bloated in the morning and I have used the bathroom. It seems to be working well and I am less stressed. Everyone has different needs when it comes to tracking. You will find what works for you
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just to update, i weighed again this morning and 1.2lbs down since monday so thats good. TOM came this afternoon so thats also good, a few days and then i can see what difference it makes
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I always say weigh anyway. sometimes i hate knowing but in the end you don't want to wish you checked earlier. that's how my weight gain all started =(
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