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Default Last year's New Year Resolutions? This years?

So I know we're all compiling our new year's resolutions but have you given thought to the ones you set out for yourself last year? Did you accomplish them? I accomplished many of them, which gives me hope that I can accomplish even more this year. Here are my 2013 accomplishments pertaining to health!

1. I successfully sought help for my injury and have graduated after 6 months of physical therapy.
2. I set out to eat salads for lunch and have succeeded - now I eat entree salads 4-5 days out of the week! That's up from 0 salads on 0 days of the week lol
3. I drink tea - hated it but now I love it. It's a perfect afternoon diversion from snacking.
4. Joined a dance class - ok that's pretty recent but I've stuck with it and love it

New Year's Resolutions 2014!!!
Ok I'm ready for my new set of health goals!

1. Eat something raw every day.
2. This will be the year of NO FAST FOOD (I've been wanting to make this resolution for a few years now, I finally feel ready to commit to this)
3. Start meditating regularly
4. Eat less red meat
5. Run a 5K in the fall (already got my shoes and activity earphones and everything else I need, time to get a move on!)

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I don't remember if I even made a resolution. This year I resolve to tighten things up after slacking in the fall. If I ever want to get off the last twenty or so pounds, it's a MUST. I don't mind hanging out in the 160 range, but I would like to at least get down to 155 instead of the 162-163 I've been hanging out at to last month, so I can call seeing 160 lbs on the scale my drop-dead weight to correct and never get above it, outside of babies, again.

Remaining consistent on my TTap schedule of 4-5 days a week is also my goal, and I've been doing great. But I got lazy in the fall, right along with eating, and lost some muscle tone. I feel SO much better and look much better when I do my DVDs, so NO SLACKING OFF, MAMA!
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I would really love to quit smoking this year. I'm on a roll with this weight thing and will be turning 40 this year so it's time.
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So here is my fitness related goals:

My goal is to loose another 19 pounds...I think my official goal weight will be to reach 160lb in 2014 and stay there!

When I reach that goal (maybe around March?) then my plan is to take my focus off my weight and focus on gaining muscle and toning up!

I also have a goal to run run an offical 5k every other month, I have signed up for one in January and another one in March...so that's awesome!!

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY- my biggest goal is continue living a healthy lifestyle through 2014 and not back track in my dirty eating, sedentary ways. If I never loose another pound...this is the most important goal of mine to keep <3
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I didn't make any resolutions last year. I started my weight loss journey randomly one day in Feb 2012 and I quit smoking long ago. I should cut back on red meat but I just can't. I crave it like an insane vampire.

I guess I will work on my long-time fear of flying.
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I used to be very cynical about New Year's and resolutions, but accidentally made (and kept) one last year, and definitely was for the better. I think it cured my of my stubborn cynicism haha.

Last Year: Get healthy in a sustainable way. I hadn't weighed myself (nor cared) about my weight since 2008.
Result: Went from well into the obesity range to a Normal BMI with tasty, healthy diet with exercise. Its helped me to make many other little positive changes to my daily life as well

This year: Lose a bit more, keep eating healthy and keep at the gym. Work through any lingering "baggage" to catch my brain up with my body (operation inner fat girl). Really just a continuation of last year but hey, why fix what ain't broken?

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I'm pretty sure I didn't make a New Year's resolution last year. I don't think I've made a New Year's resolution in the last 10 years! I knew I wasn't in the mindset to lose weight, yet for all New Year's resolutions that I can ever remember making, losing weight always topped my list. For 2014, I would like to get down to my goal weight (although I've always said my goal may change the closer I get to it. I haven't been 145 lbs in so long and now that I'm older and have saggier skin, I may find I don't want to go that low) and maintain within 10 lbs of that goal weight. Maintenance is my ultimate resolution!

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I can't remember if I made any resolutions. I had told myself so many years, every New Year, that "this is going to be my year" and every year things just got worse and worse. So I'm very...cautious :-)

I have one thing I want to try and I'm a bit afraid of saying it out loud, as if it would then lose it's power. But...I guess it wouldn't. For me it's "always try to do the harder thing". I realized that for all my life I've always tried to escape and indulge instead of actually doing the harder thing, what ever it is at that very moment. Sure it's given me lots of instant gratification, but at the back of my mind I always knew that I had chosen the easier way. It has ended up costing me more in the long run. I think I'd be much better off always trying to do the harder thing, even if I was scared or feeling lazy. No pressure on succeeding, but if I would at least try...
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I did not make any last year but I have made a couple this yeatr. The main fitness goal is weight loss. Time will tell!
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Last year's: to reach my goal weight of 58kg. This year's: to reach my goal weight of 58kg and take an overseas holiday! I'm much closer to achieving my goal than I was at this time last year: progress!
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So, years ago I read something about ways to keep your resolutions and one that stuck with me that I still do is to write your resolution somewhere farther out on your calendar.

My birthday is in Nov. so I usually write On my birthday what weight I want to be at, when April or whatever comes along and I'm ready to chuck the resolution I know there's something lurking on the calendar in Nov.

So, I didn't make it 2013, but it did spur me on to get more serious and I am within 17 pounds of my ultimate goal, so for Nov. I'm putting maintaining at goal weight.

I usually always make a resolution to get more physically and fiscally fit, and have gotten better with both over time.

Most important, don't quit, if you (or I) fall off plan, dust off and get back to it!

Best to all, happy 2014
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@kelijspa, this is why I started off the thread with "did you accomplish last year's resolutions?" People don't take their resolutions seriously because they can't remember them most of the time. I make it a point to write mine down and then check them periodically. Writing them further down in my calendar is a good reminder, thanks for the tip! Right around Thanksgiving time when I start thinking about what I want for the new year I revisit the resolutions I wanted to complete the current year and I get cracking on them

I'm not at all cynical about resolutions. After all, they are just decisions that I make, much like the decisions I make on a day to day basis. If I'm not striving to be better then I'm getting worse.
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These were last years goals:
  • increase the amount of homemade food that my family eats, decrease the amount of restaurant food and soda
  • Recognize that life is short, and let go of any anger, angst, etc more quickly
  • Work towards health and fitness

And I am happy to say that I met them all. Still thinking about this years goals...
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This is a great thread Wannabeskinny thanks for starting it. It is such a good thing to revisit your goals periodically, sometimes we get stuck in the short term goals and forget how far we've come. I really like your sentiment about striving to get better...ever forward...

NewLeaf, your new photo is great, great goals, congrats on meeting them.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts, best to all
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Every year my husband, teens and I review our previous year's resolutions and make new ones for the coming year. We did this today. Only one of my resolutions pertained to food: "Develop strategies to become less compulsive about food in business or social situations outside my home." One strategy I have in mind is to focus more on the people/event and less on the food.

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