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Default feeling dismayed

I repeatedly say im going to go on a diet but never seem to follpw through, im hoping that by joining this site I will have some support and motivation. My biggest problems are 1. Im a student and constantly on the go. 2. I have a limited budget and 3. I constantly over eat in the evening. Any advice on that?
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1. I'm a student too. Never leave the house without a snack or two. I find apples, Luna bars, single serving popcorn and beef jerky all survive well in a back pack. Also, if you are the type of person that needs to grab something from a drive through, know a few different things from different places you can get. (Try the HealthyOut app, it's fantastic. I know what I can eat from Taco Bell or McDonalds, etc. It helps in a pinch.)

2. I'm on a limited budget too, so I stick to simple whole foods: the cheap fruit, veggies, lean meat especially if it's on sale, etc.

3. I don't know how to help with the overeating since I find, for me, it stems from emotional issues, and I used Weight Watchers to teach me how to eat. Now I eat a portion, and that's it. I don't mind being hungry. I also drink a ton of water, and when I eat, I always include a lot of protein because it gets/keeps me full.
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1. Also a student. It can be tough, but also possible! I think student life, as varied as it can be, requires A LOT of planning when it comes to weight loss. Irregular schedules, lack of healthy food options on campus, going from class to class or meeting or work, socializing around high calorie food, etc. can lead to a difficult time when things are unplanned.

2. Re-think nutrition. Legumes, frozen and seasonal produce, buying items in bulk and on sale can save A LOT of money. Try new recipes. Explore food websites that show examples of amazing meals for relatively little, including foodie blogs. Get creative with herbs and basic condiments (different kinds of oils, vinegars, etc); in the right combinations, they can make almost any food taste amazing. There are many people in your situation who've shared their ideas online and post recipes for tasty, healthy foods on a budget.

3. Why, do you think, do you over-eat? I've also struggled/suffered with over-eating for as long as I can now remember, and in my own experience, the only thing that has worked or gotten close to working is to satisfy the needs I have in other ways. I usually over-eat because I feel lonely, because I am bored, because I lack nutrition, because I let myself (quite simply let myself), and so on. Addressing the emotions/motivations that cause me to over-eat seems to be more effective than letting them run amok and expecting myself to not reach for food as comfort. This takes time, but it is worth the effort. Also, if you are snacking in the evening, is it possible that you feel tired and reach for food as an energy-boost? Or have you thought about planning an exercise routine around that time if you'd rather not eat then?
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There are always excuses for us not to lose weight, I'm a student, I'm a mother with young children, I have a busy schedule, my budget it tight. It all boils down to one thing - not being ready to lose weight.

Life goes forward and you have to adapt to it. You will always be busy and may always have a budget.

Never go on a diet. Diets fail. Instead focus on making permanent changes to the way you eat and exercise and weight loss will come along with them.

On a budget - beans are cheap for protein, eat frozen or canned vegetables if fresh are too expensive. Eat fruit instead of sweets. Avoid prepackaged food. Most of it is overpriced and poor nutrition.

Address your emotional issues and why they make you eat. It doesn't matter if you are a poor student or rich enough to have a personal chef, you can't eat your emotions.

Come here often for support.
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!!
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