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Unhappy Clothes size is still the same!!

What is happening? I have lost 35 pounds but I'm not dropping in clothes size. When I started I was (New Zealand) sizes 16 and 18 in tops and pants (US size 12 & 14) and I'm still the same. My clothes I had at the start of my diet are way to baggy for me now but yet when I go into the shop to buy more clothes I end up having to buy the same sizes.

How much did you guys lose before you dropped a size?

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Dropped one size with 10 pounds and the new size is getting really comfortable now on 13 ....i don't know why this is happening to you. Maybe because of different cuts in manufacturing clothing lines? Try measuring yourself instead i'd say.

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23lbs and haven't dropped a size yet, although I'm close.

For me clothes size depends on a lot of variables, like proportion of fat to muscle, or where I've gained weight. For example, my regain brought me to the same weight as my previous heaviest, but I was two clothes sizes lower this time than the first time.

Don't know why, but I do know that if you stick to the plan then you'll drop a size eventually. Hang in there!

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Unfortunately the larger we are the more weight we have to lose to drop down a size. It also depends on your body type. It's also much easier for people who carry their weight in their stomach to lose sizes quicker than those who carry most of their weight in their hips.

Another thing to consider is what Ellemphriem said. Different brands have different size guides as do different cuts within the same brand. At one time I was wearing a size 14 and 18 from the same company just because of the style.
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I'm nearing 20 pounds lost, and I'm still wearing the same sized clothes. Pants have gotten looser around my thighs and knees, but I haven't lost weight around my waist, so I'm still in a size 12-14. Shirts are just starting to get a little looser. It seems like I'm losing my facial fat and lovehandles before anything else. Everyone loses weight at different areas of their body.
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As a rule I drop a size about 15 pounds. There is one thing about sizing, it will drive you crazy trying to figure it out. I buy what fits and don't worry what the tag says.
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Unless you are buying the same brand of clothes (and even then, if it has been a while) you just can't trust sizing to be consistent. I own pants that fit in sizes 11, 10, 9, 8, and 6 right now.
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I agree with what everyone else is saying. I've lost 23 lbs (11.4% reduction in total body weight) and haven't dropped a size yet. My clothes (esp. pants in thigh area) are getting looser, though.
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I'm on 16 pounds lost (this time) and I haven't dropped a size yet. I am usually a size 8 in American Eagle and still am. I can fit into a 6, but I have unsightly love handles that I don't want to see so I end up not wearing them. I have a little bit to go before I'm comfortable enough to wear that size without covering up. I went to Rue 21 (Like a Charlotte Russe type store) the other day and ended up buying 7/8 capris when about a month ago I bought a 9/10. I thought with the weight I lost and the muscle I can start seeing now I would be down sizes by now but I'm not I'm in the same boat as you.
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My first size change took a little longer than usual because the clothes I was wearing to start were already a bit tight. So it's like my first change was to fit into the current clothes, then the next size down was the second change. I hope that makes sense!

Plus, manufacturers are awful at sizes! I can wear an outfit today that fits "perfectly" but it's an XL tanktop, 1x sweater, L coat, 18 pants. All sizes that are so different but really it's just how they were made.
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It could be that those clothes are cut differently then what you tried on... though it could also be that you stretched out your current clothes as you gained so the label size doesn't match the size they have stretched into.
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Starting over sucks.
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Don't get discouraged. I've lost over 100 pounds and I'm still only down two pant sizes. I can actually. still wear a lot of the pants I had before (they were taxed to the limit to begine with though).

Focus on how much better you look in the clothes, no matter the size!
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It depends on where you are losing the weight. You may be losing a lot of it in one area. That or you are buying your clothes in different brands and none of them are measuring up to each other or even accurately. I make sure my brand is accurate before I buy and that it is always the same brand. I lose 1 size every 10 pounds (I know this from experience in my past when I was anorexic and losing weight and it still seems to be accurate).

Also what others have said you may have stretched your current clothes. I have clothes I've worn since 6th grade (Age 12..... I'm 17) And they are 13.... I am no 13.... They used to even be a little tight when I was 13. I totally stretched them out.

To make sure your clothes are accurate measure your hips and waist. That's what I did. My new jeans are indeed accurate. And then I used this...http://www.garmentofpraisecoga.com/i...U.S.Misses.pdf to match up my measurements to the right size.

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First of all congrats on your amazing weight loss! You are not alone. It took me about 40 lbs to drop a pant size (lost 3 sizes up top though..sigh). My old pants were quite tight to begin with, and were very baggy before I fit into the next size down. Then I rapidly lost another size with about a 5 lb loss. The fact that your old clothes are baggy proves that you have been losing. Size is really arbitrary, often even sizes within the same brand is not consistent. I have a size eight skirt that is bigger than another size 16 skirt. There also seems to be a much larger range between "bigger" sizes than there is in single digit sizes. I take measurements about once or twice a month and find that to be a much better indicator than trying to fit into a specific size.
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Hang on in there, I lost about 40lbs before I noticed any looseness in my clothes!
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