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Default Do some NSVs make you sad?

I love that I lost weight, I want to lose more weight, I love celebrating milestones and NSVs. I love celebrating all of YOUR NSVs here.

But today, I got sad with things that should be exciting for me.

Today I was looking for a short sleeve shirt to wear with my workout pants to go for a walk outside. Since it's warm out, I am more conscious of the clothes I wear since it's likely I'll run into a neighbor to chat. Usually I just throw on whatever shirt is in my workout pile on the shelf in the closet.

So I pick out a black top with sparkly rhinestones, it's been my favorite top for the last 2 summers so I figured today would be a great day to wear it. A little bling with my walk! And that's when I wanted to cry. This shirt was SO big, I could have put on a pair of black tights and worn it as a dress. I used to wear it with everything and it fit perfectly (?!). That's when I reminded myself that I lost 130lbs since I wore it last. And I still wore it one last time, for old time's sake. I'm washing it and putting it in the donate pile. I hope someone loves this top as much as I did.

So then...the other day I tried on 2 size 18 jean skirts I have and used to wear every weekend when I was thinner. These skirts are so big now! My body definitely lost weight differently this time. I think I was in the 180s or 190s the last time I wore these. So I washed and dried these 2 skirts trying to shrink them (who does that?!). Tried them on again this afternoon, still way too big. I can turn them fully around on my waist without unbuttoning them, that's how big they are. I had some of the best nights of my life in these skirts as a newlywed going out with friends and my husband! I loved getting married and being able to say I had a husband and these skirts remind me of those young, newly married times. But into the donation bin they go. I secretly hope a newlywed finds them at the Goodwill and enjoys the heck out of them too! Of course I'll never know.

I have no intentions to gain any weight back just to enjoy my nostalgic clothes but I'm feeling so emotional about donating these clothes.

I'm on the prowl for onederland tomorrow (yes, again) but even if I don't get it, there are so many more measurements showing me my success. Trying so hard not to worry about the value I put on the scale and the pressure on myself to make 199 happen.
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Here, here! I connect my clothes with all the good times I had in them too. It must be because being so big, I didn't have THAT much clothes to chose from...so I have a dress in which I met my best friend for the first time, it's the same dress I wore on my wonderful trip to England, and the same dress I wore throughout my twin prengancy until the day of delivery (yes, THAT stretchy dress). If I can't wear it anymore...WHEN I can't wear it anymore, I'll be sad. And I can say the same about that wonderful M&S top I had on me when I was graduating....the skirt I bought like 10 years ago and still looks so fabulous I always get a compliment when I wear it... Ah, my lovely old clothes.

It will be pain to put them away, but, it's worth it. No doubts.

P.S. I can always hope I'll get pregnant and wear the **** out of those big suckers again!!!
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Awwww. You'll find new clothes that will become your favorites! Most of my clothes these past two years were maternity (I had a baby in 2011 and another in 2012!) so I'm happy to get rid of them! I'm also happy to fit in some of my favorite pre-pregnancy clothes
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Haven't had that happen to me yet, but I can imagine the feeling. I have some clothes I wish I could wear forever, and I don't wanna give them up. It helps a lot to think about the good selection I will have when shopping for new clothes though
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Originally Posted by elvislover324 View Post
But today, I got sad with things that should be exciting for me....

...I have no intentions to gain any weight back just to enjoy my nostalgic clothes but I'm feeling so emotional about donating these clothes.
elvislover - first of all, congratulations on such a fantastic accomplishment. I see your posts and have great admiration for what you have done in regards to weight loss. You are to be commended.

As for your question - "Do some NSV's make you sad?" I have to answer - not no, but h*ll no! No matter how much I may have liked my bigger clothes, I was never sad to get rid of them. Couldn't get them out of my closet and my house fast enough!

Now the other way around? Well, sad really isn't the word I'd use to describe how I felt when I couldn't get in my "skinny jeans." More like really PO'ed.
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Yes, this happened to me this weekend. I have a really awesome purple and grey plaid western button up shirt. It's been my favorite shirt for a year. I was wearing it the day I interviewed for my current job, which has changed my life in so many huge ways for the better. I put it on Friday night to go out to dinner. It just hung on me, like a tent. It has darting at the bust and waist and now it's all wrong. I tried tucking it in and no luck, still too baggy. I was sad to fold it and put it in the box of clothes to pass on.
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I absolutely wash and dry my pants to make them fit!!! I hate to shop and I HATE to replace clothes even if I'm just buying the exact same thing in a smaller size.

Ive never had an NSV that made me sad but I definitely understand how you get attached to clothes. I still have a lot in my closet that I haven't gotten rid of because they are NICE clothes even if they are too big. And the clothes I got rid of, I just put them in bags in the garage LOL they didn't even really go anywhere
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I don't get sad for the victory, I'm sad because I loved it so so much, actually some dresses I'm holding onto Incase I can make them into maternity dress when I decide to have a child, congrats! And you will find new favorite clothes!

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I can definitely related to being attached to clothes. Perhaps it is a worthwhile investment to take some of your more favorite things and have them taken in?

Something else I have done: if there is something I really really love, I set up an ebay alert and try to find someone selling a used one in the size I need!
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I can relate, elvislover. Just yesterday I wore a tunic that I love. It's cherry red and has a draped neckline. It's been one of my favorite pieces. However, it's going in the donate bag now. It's a 4X and even though I can get away with tunics being too big, this one is more like a dress and the shoulder seams were about 2 inches below my shoulders! There are a few other things in my closet that I'm having a hard time letting go even though they really are way too big now.
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Thanks, everyone! Your responses (as always) cheered me up, validated my feelings, and just overall made me feel better.

I guess it's more about the feelings about myself and when I wore those clothes, now that I thought of it more since I posted. The rhinestone top made me feel like a million bucks, like I was pretty even though it was a 3x. And to see it on me today, pretty much falling off me, drew so many emotions about where I was and where I'm going.

And maybe the skirts and the memories I have with them made me realize my life in my late 30s is so much different than my late 20s and it's time to move on from them. And THAT sure is emotional too!

Who knew all these feelings can be drawn from something as simple as a few clothing items?
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I have a kimono style blouse that is a pretty, flowery, Japanese-style print in shades of green and gold. It looks great with my skin, hair and eye color. My husband loves me in that blouse. Sadly, it may too be on the way to the donate bag. I have a lot of good memories associated with that blouse and I always felt good wearing it.

I'm just going to have to buy other things that I like and make more memories.
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That's definitely not an uncommon feeling for those of us losing larger amounts of weight. It's nice to shrink, but can be bittersweet in many small ways.

When my wedding dress (that was custom tailored to fit my body at the time) was tried on for giggles and fell from my shoulders straight to the ground, I was excited. Then I felt sad, because I remember being so frustrated with my wedding pictures and how heavy I looked, even while being so young. And now after having children my hips are smaller than my waist used to be! And that's not to even mention the PILES of beautiful clothing I've spent money on and shrunk out of, that has sentimental value as well as monetary. I'm so glad to be smaller, but definitely miss some favorite outfits.

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I got this
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Yes, I have been sad to let some favorite items go so I try my best to re-purpose or re-size them myself if possible. You have done tremendously!!!!
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On that show "Ruby," her friend took some of her old, sentimental clothes, and turned them into a patchwork quilt. I thought that was incredibly thoughtful and creative.
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