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Default Gained half back...Setting 4 rules for my LIFE.

((Anyone out here feel the same way as me? Same boat? Here's my rambling.))

Also, i could be pregnant. Only time will tell (haven't missed my flo yet) I would be so happy if me and my new husband got pregnant, but if i'm not, then i get to lose weight. For good.

Maybe people are right when they say "diet's don't work." or what they should say, is "diet's don't work for the rest of your life nonstop".

I'm a full supporter of either low-carb, vegan, etc., but i myself, am a calorie counter. It's how i eeked down to 170 pounds (no exercise). On one miraculous day, the scale said 166. I don't know how i got there. I wasn't sticking to the calories. I haven't seen that low of a number, since.
I could probably be a registered dietitian, i know so much about BMR, input/output, whole foods, sugar addictions, etc. I've learned it all. But i feel i've learned too much. The bottom line, is that i love food. Who doesn't? I love donuts, cookies, cake, pizza, omg pizza. As a newlywed, we love to treat eachother and ourselves to over-indulgence. "Oh, it's your day off! let's get donuts!" or "I'm craving a burger. Let's go drive and get a burger! xD " You see my point.
Counting calories of things like that is possible, yes. But i also like to cook. I love making fried rice, and counting the calories for a large batch of food, is time consuming and really obsessive and i can't do it anymore. I'm tired of obsessing. (Don't get me started on the non-descriptive calorie count of pasta....Dry or cooked 2 oz??? Nobody knows!)

But there is a light somewhere in this "I'm tired of counting and i love food, so i'll just gain weight for now. Also, my clothes have shrunk. Again. Pass the wine."
In high school, while battling my weight (lifelong thing, here), I had an appendicitis. In the hospital for a few days, didn't eat out of sheer pain before the surgery. When i left the hospital, my appetite had changed. My birthday came shortly after, Mom made my favorite kind of cake, and i had maybe two bites. I didn't want french fries with my food anymore. I didn't see the appeal of eating more than necessary. A small hunger in my stomach was ok.
I lost 25 pounds. I actually can't remember what weight i got down to, but It was probably 165. I didn't follow any plan, or anything. No exercise. NO exercise.
Another light... I have recently bought some running shoes and cute shorts that were on sale at Target (hallelujah), and have taken up walks, and small jogs. Granted, this is in the past week. And i've went out twice. But it was enjoyable each time! I LOVE the outdoors, and i find someone to walk/jog with (husband, sister), and it's very enjoyable! Like being a kid again.
So, i know i can change my appetite if i want to. And i know i can enjoy exercise/physical ANYTHING if i want to. Now why can't i do this for good, without a specific, counted, mearured, anylized diet? I have a few friends that have lost a lot of weight in their life, and i ask them how they did it, and kept it OFF for all these years, and it's not low carb, or calories, it's just making smart decisions about portion and exercise.
Good ole' fashioned Diet and exercise. Can it really be that simple?
We'll find out. Here are my four rules that i'm giving myself to follow. Because i love these rules and find it easy to follow them. (at least the water drinking one and the moving more)...lol
1. DRINK WATER. Before each meal, to regulate appetite, and while bored/working to not think about food so much.
2. EAT LESS. Smaller, more realistic portions, and eat only when actually hungry.
3. MOVE MORE. No reason to eat more, and binge, when you're on a couch all day.
4. REDUCE SUGAR. Special occasions only! No, after dinner is not a special occasion. Neither is boredom.
(Rule 4 is specific for me, because i have a sweet tooth. or sweet mouth.)

I wanna learn these rules and possibly get them tattooed across my brain. I wanna think of them as standards for myself, instead of rules.
Calorie counting works, low-carb works, and other things work as well. But this is living healthy, and feeling great, in its most simplified form, the least scientific.
Here's to trying.
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I have learned, that most of the time, I need to mindful of what I eat.

I have learned that I can take my favorite foods and make them over, and they are still tasty.

I have learned that I actually like working out.

I have learned that once in awhile, it's ok to splurge. Just not every day.

I have also learned that processed, gunky food is not my friend. Fresh fruits and veggies, I garden and can.

Lean protein is your friend!
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Plan ahead (do not leave meal planning to chance)
Keep a food diary ( it helps to know what you have been eating)
Weigh Daily (post it where you, only you, can see it, you will see any trends happening)
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Originally Posted by RookaWins;4706311
These are what I follow also..good luck to you
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Rookawins, maybe you should join the daily accountability thread that way you can get support and stay on track, if you haven't already joined. Good Luck!

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Rooka - Good luck! I think your "rules" sound reasonable. I'm sure you'll have success if you stick to them.

Originally Posted by RookaWins View Post
(Don't get me started on the non-descriptive calorie count of pasta....Dry or cooked 2 oz??? Nobody knows!)

I know. Dry. 2 ounces of dry pasta (equivalent to 56 grams of dry pasta) has around 200 calories.
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