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Count calories-use an app or website
Give up all soda and juice-replace with sparkling water
Eat a healthy and filling breakfast
Weigh in every day
See a nutritionist or RD
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I agree that every rule is NOT going to work for everyone. I am posting below things that I have found helpful so far, that may not necessarily work for everyone:

1. Stay positive!
2. don't drink calories - no pop or juice (crystal light is a life savor!)
3. weigh regularly, but don't let the scale dictate your mood
4. set small goals
5. write it down and keep your goals IN SIGHT (i have a goals/positivity chart in my bathroom i see every morning - and every time im in there lol)
6. start off slow, all-or-nothing isn't for everybody
7. a cookie isn't the end of the world
8. Drink lots of water! Personally i carry around a water bottle at all times and try to drink half of my weight in ounces. You don't have to follow that rule but get ur 8 glasses in!

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Choose a diet plan that is healthy and fits in with your lifestyle and work it.
Too much tracking and counting and obsessing over every little thing only leads to frustration and increases your chances of falling off the wagon
KISS method works best!
Have a daily Agenda ,accomplish at least 1 goal a day
Measurable goals with target dates (holds you more accountable)
Be positive and resilient
Claim what you want and do the work!
Don't waste time complaining ! Fix it ,solve it ,move on!

The correct mindset will make Weightloss goals achievable
I only started dieting once I was determined to lose weight...if not it's a waste of time ,money and energy.
If your heads not in the game you will fail!
Visualize the end results you want and what it feels like
Be the best You!
If your not Goal Driven ...you are driving down the road without any sense of direction or purpose.
I came ,I acknowledged ,did the work , I accomplished!
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This thread is awesome for us newbies thank-you to all who have posted.
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I think mine would be to really, and I mean really, listen to your body.

I gained a lot of knowledge about myself this way, from what 'full' really is to what foods actually taste good. But the biggest thing for me was realizing how sick I really felt before I changed the way I ate and how much better I felt when I ate less and healthier food. I used to just sit there after a good meal and just focus on what my body felt like. Or if I did overeat, I would let myself really feel how crappy my body felt, instead of just pushing it away like I used to. I think that's really been one of the biggest factors that has helped my weight stay pretty stable the past year. When I found myself verging off track with my eating for whatever reason, after a few days or a week I felt myself getting sick and tired again and I HATE that feeling now. I feel like I spent so much time early on almost meditating on how my body felt (either good or bad) that I conditioned myself against the feeling that overeating and very heavy foods give me.
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