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This is the Last Time!!!
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Default What is your best weight loss advice?

I know there are a lot of newbies here since its the first of the year...I am just a returner, not a newbie by any stretch. So, I thought it might be kind of helpful/motivational if we could all post your best advice to get everyone started off on the right foot. So here are mine.....

1) Let go of the all or nothing mentality...relax
2) load up on veggies
3) Curb nighttime eating/snacking
4) Drink lots of water
5) Always eat breakfast!!!!
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Plan your meals ahead of time
Keep a food diary
Count calories

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Leveling Up
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Think outside the box. Just because someone (or society) says you're supposed to eat a certain way doesn't make it so
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There is no try.
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Default re:

Keep a food journal.
Indulge once in a while.
Don't give up.
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Don't make it a "diet", make a lifestyle change!
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Long term compliance is the one number factor. Don't give up the day/week/month because you slipped up.

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Focus on what you can control (exercise, healthy food choices, portion control) and good things will follow. Focusing solely on the scale is likely to make you crazy.
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how you lose it will help dictate how you maintain it.
If you can't do it for life, find something where you can.
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Overweight again...dang
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1) Keep a food journal
2) Calorie cycle
3) Find what works for you. Yes, that means pick and choose the advice that makes the most sense. What makes the most sense may change occasionally.
4) Weigh yourself every day

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Here to Learn
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Mine came from my doctor and I initially thought he was full of it- but he wasn't.

"You lose weight with diet, you get fit with exercise."

"So you'll feel hungry...so? Will it kill you?"

I know the second one seems sort of mean but he was responding to a comment I had made "But, I get hungry if I do that!" and it actually was a wake up call because it showed me how skewed I really had gotten, thinking that feeling hungry was somehow a bad thing or an abnormal thing that must be cured instantly with food. In all reality, hunger isn't that bad of a thing. I realized that I hadn't actually been *really* hungry in years. And certainly never starved.
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Dedicated Yogi
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food is not the solution.

if you have a problem- deal with it, don't just stick your head in the fridge,ultimately it will just make you feel worse.
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Experiment with what works for you.

Keep a food diary.
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1) Just by being mindful and focused when eating and chewing more slowly, slows down the time it takes for you to consume your meal. You will feel fuller and more satisfied.
2) Do not eat in a rush or in front of the computer or watching TV. Take time to appreciate the meal.
3) Stick to an eating plan that makes you happy. No crazy diets.
4) If you have a bad day, journal your emotions and let them go. Also get online to this forum and connect with other people, maybe you have some advice or something to share that can help others. Just by connecting can make you feel less alone.
5) Don't aim for unrealistic goals, have mini goals and at the end of every 10pounds or 5kgs, buy yourself a new top or a small piece of Jewellery. The journey is about you and you need to reward yourself with each and every achievement.
6) Don't be so hard on yourself if you go backwards, get back on the horse, refocus and forgive yourself. Life is not so rigid so except there will be times that are difficult and you will have your up and down periods. Again get online and connect - support your self through connecting with others.
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Jillian stole my abs!
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Things I have learned.

Do NOT go ON a diet, going ON means eventually you will go OFF. Bad plan.
It needs to be a lifestyle change.

Patience. We didn't gain it overnight, we're not going to lose it overnight.

Journal/track everything, food, mood, spaces, environment. This is a journey of self discovery. Don't let things get you down, write it down and go back and learn. Learn your body, your emotions, your spaces, etc.

Be kind to yourself, say something positive to yourself at least once a day! More is better! Celebrate small victories, learn from slips.

I have 2 sayings I repeat daily. "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!" And, "There is no failure, only feedback!" We need to more objective about the process and less emotional.

I also, I know it might seem odd to some, but I look at myself in the mirror every morning, flex up and tell myself, "I am AWESOME!"
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Be your own best friend and say only supportive loving comments to yourself.

If you slip, get back up and forgive yourself.

Hang out with positive people because who you spend time with is what you become

Organize you environment-get rid of clutter and set yourself up for success

Hug your partner,friend, relative,child,dog or teddy bear, if need be, at least once a day

If lonely come to this site where you will find all the caring you will ever need

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