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Default Fat Girl Logic

You know those day when you slip up and eat something you know you shouldn't? And it would be completely fine if you were able to have just a little bit of something bad, but your fat girl demon pops up on one shoulder and your skinny girl angels pops up on the other one, and you have a show down.

Fat girl logic is so ridiculous. And it wins sometimes! The other night, I had a little bit of some popcorn shrimp because I couldn't stop thinking about them. It would be fine to have a little and control myself. But then I felt so bad about it, I just thought "whatever, eat the whole bag. You've already messed up and it will remove the temptation."

So, that's what I did. Today I was feeling so bad about last night that I didn't eat very well today! Crazy!

I guess this would be the part where I would give up in the past, but I'm committed. I'm going to try my hardest to leave the guilt in the past and begin tomorrow like it never happened! And that's the last time I have any popcorn shrimp in the house!
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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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Fatgirl logic = that popcorn shrimp has PROTEIN! Of course it's good for me! *noms*
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Oh man, I know that feeling! I just did it with a bag of peanuts last night (and they didn't even taste as good as the ones I usually buy)!

You've got the right idea, though; no point in dwelling when you can be moving on–and moving more!–and getting back on track.
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i did this in the weekend. On Sunday night i dust myself off and started my week more committed than ever.
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lol this is so true. my fat girl logic = if I'm gonna treat myself to something might as well go all out! That usually means single cheese burger becomes double cheese burger with bacon and fries. I just try to enjoy it in the moment and then move on the next day and start fresh. I tend to go easy on myself with that sorta thing - there's no way I'd be able to stick with eating healthier if i didn't give in sometimes! and fat girl logic makes so much sense at the time! lol
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lol you can't escape the fat girl logic! And it spreads like wild fire! Like if you mess up in the middle of the week, the week is ruined and you should start fresh on Monday.

I'm trying to resist this slippery slope! lol
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Fat girl logic = I paid so much for this buffet... I'm still working on that one.

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Some foods are just triggers. Resist once at the store and do not buy. Then you don't have to resist a million times at home. Things with wheat or sweet just set me off and here comes the blood sugar wackies. Sigh.

Sounds like popcorn shrimp is one of yours. Is it the breading?

And next time? Round file. Destroy it, step on it, make it unfit to eat. Blender, fling in yard, def trash.

Be leery of thoughts like this:

"whatever, eat the whole bag. You've already messed up and it will remove the temptation."

Do not talk down to you.

Do not dismiss the struggle -- it is HARD and you ARE trying. Pat yourself on the back for the effort. Don't "whatever" it. Don't punish yourself.

Do not dishonor you and treat your body like a trash can. If you want to trash it, throw it OUT into an actual trash can.

OWN that temptation and YOU rule it. YOU stop feeding it, YOU trash it. YOU stop buying it. You stop thinking it and giving that temptation so much leverage with you.

Don't hide from it, don't let it rule you.

But def don't talk down to you along the way while learning to deal with temptations like that. It's only a trigger food. YOU are a valuable person. Worth way more than popcorn shrimp or whatever trigger it is.



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God answers prayers!
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I have been avoiding "fat girl logic" like the plague because once it gets ahold of me, it has me forever! ...but I do give into "lazy girl logic".... I can always exercize later.....my muscles need a couple of days rest... lol
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Staying the Same
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Originally Posted by mimsyborogoves View Post
Fatgirl logic = that popcorn shrimp has PROTEIN! Of course it's good for me! *noms*
I laughed aloud at this one, I am totally guilty of this.
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Miral Paris
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I have been here just a week or so but I can relate to this post more than any other I have read. Is there some way to have a buddy on the board to contact when we want to go off course? I don't see any way to personally message people.
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I got this
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Miral- you have to be a member for 20 days and/or have 20 posts (can't remember) to contact people. For now, just have to use threads to communicate with other members. This is to prevent fake/spam accounts. You can always start your own support thread and invite others to have a group, just an idea.

As for OP, man the fat girl logic gets me sometimes! I have been doing a lot better on that though.
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I had this just last night. It was all going so well, and then I remembered the cashew nuts I'd treated myself to (because a few nuts is good, right? Vegetarians have to eat them so they don't die, or something, right? They must be good!). And that prompted boyfriend to get the chocolate raisins out. My logic went like this:

Nuts = good
Raisins = fruit = good
Chocolate = bad
That's only one bad thing!

Thank God I still felt guilty enough about it to resist the ham and cheese sandwich.

I find the worst part is, now I'm so aware of what I'm putting into my body, if I screw up and eat a cake, I not only then berate myself for eating the cake, but also for letting myself screw up with a cake of such inferior quality.
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Wastin' Away Again!
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when I get a hankering for candy, my FatGirl Logic screams "EAT THE PEANUT M&Ms!!!! THEY HAVE PEANUTS! - PEANUTS HAVE PROTEIN! SO THAT CANCELS OUT THE SUGAR!!!!" Yeah, yeah, yeah... of course I know it doesn't cancel out the sugar but while I'm inhaling a bag of peanut m&ms, it sure makes perfect sense! OY!
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It's okay that I have popcorn with margerine for supper, because it fits in my calories. (So NOT okay but i've done that 2 nights in a row because I've bene too tired to cook /clean my kitchen).

Showing a 4 lb loss on the scales this week is NOT helping me give up this habbit (i like popcorn :-( )
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