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Unhappy 5,000 calorie binge in a day... Need advice!

Hey everyone, this ALWAYS happens. Somehow I lost 4.5 pounds in a week, I got down to 137.5 so I decided to give myself a 'cheat' day at a friend's daughter's birthday party. Well that cheat day turned into a large supreme pizza, 20 large cookies, bowl of guacamole, bag of chips, bag of jelly beans, 3 cupcakes, pasta, meatballs loaf of bread AMONG OTHER THINGS, I calculated around 5,000 calories if not more. Now supposedly I've gained 6 pounds (this binge was yesterday) how long does it normally take for your body weight to even back out when you get back on track? I've lost 14 pounds so far, with only 7.5 to go until ultimate goal weight. I feel SO BLOATED! Never ever ever again.

I've never done it THIS bad, and I've been doing so good.
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Embracing the suck
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Wow! You can put it away! I'm impressed!

To answer your question ... fat loss or gain is always a question of calories.

You didn't lose 4.5 lbs of fat in a week - and you didn't gain 6 lbs in a day. That is just your total weight which includes a lot of things including fat.
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I'm a little impressed, too, I'd be throwing up if I'd eaten that much!

Give it a few days of normal, healthy eating, and your scale should accurately reflect your weight without salt or abnormal water retention affecting it (unless you're heading into your TOM or something else that would make your gain or lose water weight in an unusual swing). Cheat days are a bad idea, you'll likely do better if your daily eating involves a sensible, small calorie deficit and there is room for the occasional 'fun' food, if that isn't your current plan. Crazy binges don't help anything on the scale or in terms of developing lifelong, healthy habits.

This isn't the end of the world, but I'd recommend against a repeat performance unless you're in a professional eating competition (I'm still somewhat impressed by your quantity! )

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Hi Natasha

Try the Chicks in Control forum -
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Wow thats alot of food,even on my cheat days id struggle to put that away. The thing I do is make sure I cheat only on days I have a heavy lifting and cardio session.
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i don't understand why everyone keeps commenting about how much food you ate & saying things like WOW YOU CAN REALLY EAT A LOT type comments, as if thats helpful or even necessary??? And act as if they've never overeaten like that, or worse! I can guarantee you everyone has, esp the people making them comments.

Sorry couldn't help myself..them comments were getting on my last nervous!

OK so now were past that..lol your definitely NOT alone. I just went on a "few weeks" binge eating nothing but junk, so don't feel too bad we've all done this (despite what people try & claim lol) & speaking from experience, usually when I get back on the wagon of clean eating, w/in 1-3 days I'm back down the weight iv gain during my "binges". I know everyones different, but I bet you'll lose the weight you've gained w/in a few days to a week. BC alot of its salt retention & your bodies like "WTF?!?!" lol then once you go back to your healthy eating, its like "AHHHH OK BETTER" lol

DOnt worry about it, just pick yourself up and continue on your journey.
You can do it!!
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This time, it's forever..
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Just get back on track Give your weight a few days to get back to normal.
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Originally Posted by tinkerbelll View Post
And act as if they've never overeaten like that, or worse! I can guarantee you everyone has, esp the people making them comments.


so don't feel too bad we've all done this (despite what people try & claim lol)
I'm sorry, but no. Yes, everyone has over-eaten before and everyone strays off-plan at times (sometimes wildly off-plan), but what the OP described is binge eating, and that is a specific behavior that many people have never engaged in or struggled with. No one who commented criticized the OP; they gave her answers to her questions and some sound advice (such as finding an eating plan that might help prevent binges, and visiting the Chicks in Control sub-forum, which deals with binge eating and other issues).

OP, I hate to tell you, but you likely consumed closer to 10,000 calories based on what you describe. But, subtracting your maintenance calories, that probably equates to something like 2.5 lbs of fat gain, not 6 lbs. When I over-eat or eat very different foods, my scale stays up for anywhere from a few days to a week. I'd get back on plan and wait a week to weigh again, and by that time chances are you'll only see a gain of a pound or so from your pre-binge weight. I'd also second the recommendation to visit the Chicks in Control forum, where you'll find more people who have experience with binge eating (since you mentioned that this has happened before). Don't beat yourself up over the binge; just try to find a strategy for the future.
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After eating fatty foods or a day when I don't watch what I eat, usually of I get right back on track it takes me about 3-5 days to get back to the same weight I was at before the binge. I suggest drinking lots of water and maybe green tea to a) flush out all that sodium you ingested and b) the green tea might help your metabolisim speed up a little

And also of I think it's better to have a "cheat" meal than a cheat day. With a meal you can maybe at the most over eat 1000 calories whereas the whole day you can go a couple thousand
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Today was my cheat day too! It was my first one, and I haven't eaten this much since I don't even know when :/. I'm seriously wondering why my control ran away from me today. I had 3,400 hundred calories today, mostly thanks to fast food (tacos, pizza, ice cream...), and it feels crappy. So first I want to give you a hug, 'cause I know how you feel right now. -hugs-!

We shouldn't have even logged our cheat days, kind of defeats the purpose of a cheat day in a way. I was bored and decided to, though it probably wasn't smart. But we can learn from this for our next cheat day! Cheat days don't mean we have to go wild, instead we should just allow ourselves a treat or two. Like, I really didn't need 3 tacos... one or two would have satisfying...

Don't beat yourself up over it! It's probably only a pound, maybe 2 at the MOST. 3,500 = 1 pound. You went maybe 3,000 over? And that's not even counting whatever deficit you created during the week. Most of that weight is probably sodium from the junk food, and it will balance back out once you get back on track! Is a couple pounds a big deal in the big picture? Not at all! So don't beat yourself up over it, tomorrow is a new day.

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I've put away 4000+ cals a day regularly (1.5 loafs of bread, jar of Nutella and some donuts will do the trick). I would focus on not panicking first, and just eating a "normal" amount of food the next day-the food you would regularly eat-even if its not at a deficit. Taking the time to just eat calmly for a few days or more before going back to eating at a deficit helps. Also, I do panic easily when I start to lose a few lbs. What I do is I develop a routine of what I eat-a certain amt of veggies, eat etc and so I am at deficit without needing to count the cals-that way I don't freak out. I don't look in the mirror too much or focus on loss, I just do my routine and thats it.
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That days worth of food looks like it had a lot of sodium, salt will cause you to retain water. As has already been said , get back on track, put this behind you and do not beat yourself up over it.
I never have cheat days but I do sometimes fall into a jar of peanut butter for that reason I do not buy peanut butter you will not find a jar of peanut butter in my home.
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The great thing about food and calories is the damage is never permanent. We will eventually burn them off if we resume sensible eating habits, and there will be no lingering reminders of the overeating event.

I am about the same size you are, and am about the same place in my weightloss endeavor, and I have also begun to struggle a bit these past few days to stay on plan. I had a wedding shower and a dinner out with friends this weekend, and even though I tried to be sensible, I know I was way over budget and part of me didn't care. I wish you success in getting your mojo back, and share in your frustration of having come more than halfway to goal and hitting a speed bump. Let's both of us treat it like a real life speed bump and get over it and keep on rolling!
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I've had epic binges that resulted in 5-10 lb overnight "gains." Usually takes me 3-4 days to get back to the "before" weight (I don't starve, just try to eat at loss calories), but I know I gain and lose water weight very quickly.

I am impressed by the quantity of your binge - I have struggled a lot with binges before and I figure the only way to get through it is to laugh, otherwise I'd cry.
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oh yeah, I've been there too, and the messed up thing is I have continued to eat even though I am in PHYSICAL PAIN from eating so damn much. I agree about your weight regulating in a couple days.
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