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Smile What's YOUR motivation???

So this probably makes me a bad dieter or more prone to falling off the wagon, but I find lately that my motivation is to look better in my clothes and be more appealing. I like getting a turn around/look back. It makes me feel good. I see people posting all the time about health concerns, diabetes, etc. fortunately I haven't had any of those. I was wondering what your motivation was? I've heard people lose weight after divorce, jobs, whatever. Anyone out there have one they'd like to share that's a good story or maybe just one you wanna say and be anonymous about? :-). Hope to hear from you (and get some good replies!)
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When I first started, my motivation was to look better in my clothes. It was all about looks. I started my "journey" a few years ago and as I got healthier and fitter my motivation changed. For a while it was taking care of my insides and eating different kinds of vegetables. When I got used to that, it was doing more intense exercise. I wanted to see how hard I could push myself and what my body was capable of. The whole thing has evolved from looking good to having a strong, healthy body. I wish I could explain WHY getting stronger is my motivation.

I also like the long term effects. I have more energy, I hardly ever get sick, my confidence is way up.

Of course, if I got too far off track and started to LOOK bigger than I am right now, my motivation would immediately change back to my appearance and fitting into smaller clothes. Not the best motivation, but it's still motivation!!
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Back with a story
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I don't have any big story - after years of being fat I got tired of it. I want to lose weight to be able to more easily play with my kids and be a good role model for them. I also want to look hot for my husband. Simple.

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My husband. He lost about 50 lbs, gained a ton of muscle, and is smoking hot now. I figure he needs a wife he can say the same about. We both want to be in the best shape of our lives before we turn 30 in 2014.
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Better health and wellness and feeling more confident about myself!
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Just tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin. Tired of looking in the mirror and thinking "ick". At this age, and married, it has nothing to do with how anyone else, least of all males, think I look. I want to be more comfortable with my size. Any health benefit is a bonus.
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I started losing weight after I was told by my doctor (two doctors, actually) that my weight was the reason I hadn't been able to conceive after a year of trying. Five months and 70 lbs later I found out that my weight wasn't the reason for my infertility, but by then the damage was done - in a good way. I'd learned that I could be successful, really successful, at losing weight, and that doing so made me feel great about myself. It also made me feel in control of one area of my life, during a roller coaster of a year in which I felt I had little/no control over several other key aspects of my life. In this one little sphere - my weight, my health - I could effect positive change, and it was dependent on me and only me. Healthy perspective or not, that is what has kept me going. I truly believe the weight loss saved me this year - it gives me something to focus my energy and thoughts on during the difficult times, and I feel incredibly proud of what I've achieved.
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my motivation is my children and my fiance. When my fiance and I got together almost 10 years I was 17 and 97 lbs (i never want to be 97lbs again) now I am 27 and 160ish. I would like to be 130-135. I want my kids to see that being healthy is a good thing.
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My motivation is simply feeling good and energized.

I used to overeat, overdrink, smoke, barely exercise..... and wonder why I felt fatigued and depressed.

Calorie restriction (so, basically any diet plan) actually makes your body feel pretty darn good and optimal. My motivation is to keep feeling good and sleeping good.
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My initial motivation was the term "pre diabetes" and knowing that if I didn't change my habits, I would become a diabetic. Also I have PCOS which interferes with fertility and getting my weight in check will help with that. So wanting to have a healthy pregnancy was another motivator right off the bat. As I started to lose as quickly as I did at first, I realized how possible it is to lose a lot of weight and decided that I wanted to at least reach 200lbs. I'm almost there now! And now I'm realizing that if I keep at it I can look really good! So now my main motivator is vanity. I am finally in a 16, I wanna get to a 14 and then a 12 and so on. I think the smaller I get the more motivated I am!
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I'm about to turn 38 and, in the past year, my body really seemed to go downhill. I've been overweight for 10 years, but this past year I've developed things like a double chin, serious cellulite on my rear, dry skin, and fatigue. I hate it! So, off it goes!
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So many great reasons :-) I love it! Helps to keep me motivated! Before any meal I always log in and it helps me make sure I'm making the best possible choices :-)
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My motivation is to feel confident with the way I look and to feel fit and strong. I was down to 132 this summer and felt s great. I had confidence, I looked good in my clothing and I had a ton of energy. My husband came home from a deployment in July and between that and the holidays, my eating has completely gone to sh*t. I am 10 lbs heavier and feel absolutely awful in my own skin.

I also want my children (2 and 11 months) to grow up thinking that eating healthy and exercising are normal.

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I work in an assisted living home and there are people who are in very bad shape due to being overweight. I am 34 and thought it is now or never to get the weight off. I am doing it for my health now and my health in later years. I do like all the compliments and the fact that I look better in my clothes.

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There is no try.
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Default re:

There's always the lofty airy type goals - the goals that never seemed to REALLY motivate me such as being healthy, looking better etc. I know they should motivate me but they never really did.

We're going to universal studios though this summer and I'm scared to death of getting up to one of the rides and not being able to put the bar down or something and have to walk to away in shame in front of everyone. Now THAT seemed to motivate me.
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