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Default NSV/Disappointment

So, I started in April at a 22/24 (closer to a 24). I am now wearing a 14/16W. Today, for kicks and giggles, I tried on a Calvin Klein XL dress in the regular women's dept.....AND IT FIT. For an even funnier laugh, I tried on a Large and it wasn't too bad (could use some Spanx) . I haven't purchased or fit anything in regular women's sizes since I was 12 maybe....(decades ago). Granted they were both sweater dresses but they still fit. Should have been happy until....

...I looked at my legs in both dresses. My legs have always been huge. I just didn't realize how big. Now, the excess skin is forming already...and it looks terrible. I don't mean a little, I mean I literally have huge chunks that look like deflated balloons. The dresses fit great until I looked down. And I know, I would rather have excess skin then be 280+ again. However, feeling a little down....okay, a lot.
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I agree, it's a bummer...but look at the positives - you are lighter and much smaller!
I believe that the the skin will continued to readjust as the time goes by - keep yourself well hydrated!
Do you exercise? I feel that my extra skin does much better when I exercise - strength training especially.
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1. Congratulations on your NSV!
2. It is a bummer about the excess skin. Do you think some of it will reabsorb over time? Do you do resistance training that could help firm up your legs?
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tights or leggings will fix you right up! they hide ALL, and they'll make your tummy look even better in any cute dress you'd like to wear.
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Great NSV! Congrats on that.

My legs have always been sturdier, and it's taken a while for them to catch up with the rest of my body. I feel like they are getting more proportional now, and I attribute that to exercise (running, swimming, spinning, weights, roller-blading,...). I know it's tough to focus on the positive sometimes, but do try to look past this negative- it's quite possibly temporary- your lower half might catch up with the rest of your body, just a little longer.

Keep up the great work!
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I can relate to that! After losing 140 pounds, I still had what I thought were fat rolls. Turns out they were just hanging skin. It's really depressing to feel like even after all the work you've put in, you'll never be "normal," like you've blown any chance of that. Boy oh boy, can I relate. I wish I had some advice, but I don't! It just sucks all the way around!

But congratulations on your NSV! Even though you may feel your body is still not "good enough," you're most definitely healthier now! I'm assuming your body functions pretty well and you can do almost any normal activity, so that's something! I would rather have two flabby legs that carry me around all day and let me run and play than two slender, cellulite-free legs that don't function. Form follows function! It is so easy to forget being thankful for all the stuff the body does behind the scenes and on the inside in favor of obsessing over perceived imperfections.

When I get down on the way my body looks, I find appreciating it for what it can do is soothing and makes the physical seem a little more trivial. And I'm sure you rocked that dress!
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