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Smile January NSV's

I hope no one minds, I'm taking the plunge and starting this month's thread. Let's hope it gets filled up quickly with inspiring NSV's. I for one find this to be one of my favorite threads. It's thrilling to see everyone's victories! For those of you who are not familiar with the term, NSV stands for Non Scale Victory. As in any progress you've made that doesn't necessarily relate to the scale, such as a compliment, fitting into clothing better, making a healthier choice and the such.

I was sitting on the couch last night and my DH comes over and lays his head down on my lap (aww), anyway he kinda lands harder then he intended to and hits some BONE. And says "Wow, when did you get bones like this? What happened to the rest of you?" Cool, very cool.

Okay ladies bring em on, bring em on!!!

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Happy New Year,
That was an awesome compliment your husband gave you. Way to go
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Last night my DH had on a new pr. of OU sleeppants. This is where I graduated at. I said," I like those, might have to steal them". He laughed and said "they'd be too big for you". Yippee, he can keep them. LOL.

robin, WTG on the bones. I can't help but feel mine sometimes, they were buried for so long. LOL
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Woohoo robin, I love to feel bone where I've only felt fat before.
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There are bones under all of this???? I would settle for feeling some muscle.
Way to go! I bet you were grinning from ear to ear (I would have)!
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I love the bone NSV, robin!! I had one yesterday too, because I realized I can pretty much always see my collarbone now without actually TRYING to poke it out.

I had an NSV that was kind of a backhanded compliment the other day, but it's pretty funny. I hugged my grandfather, whom I don't see very often, and he held onto me for a little longer and said "You're getting down to normal size. Your mom's getting down to normal human size too!" (My mother has recently lost a lot of weight too). "Normal human size" -- that cracked me up. As if my mother and I were mutants before we lost the weight. He meant no harm, of course -- he's 96 and he just says whatever he thinks!

Speaking of my mom, she had a GREAT NSV a few weeks ago and I just have to share it. She went to visit my sister during her class, and one of the 8th graders said to my sister after she left, "Your mom must work out too." For a kid to say something like that is a pretty big deal, especially for a woman in her sixties who actually does NOT work out!
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Congrats to Robin and Lilybelle on your great NSVs! I have an NSV and a SV to report.

First, the NSV. I'm looking for a new job in the new year, so I thought I'd try to figure out what I can wear on an interview. I have a beautiful gray suit that I've hung onto even though I haven't been able to wear it for a least 5 years now. Tried it on this morning, and it fits beautifully, I can even button the jacket.

Now for the SV - I stepped on the scale this morning, and I have officially lost 50 pounds. Which means I am over 1/3rd of the way to meeting my goal weight. A great way to start the new year.
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Doing it!
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Great NSV's (and a great SV too Rachel!) everyone!

My husband is working today and my children love to graze when they are home. They are both constantly in the kitchen screaming "Mommy, I want..." (they're 2 and 3). Their morning snack was popcorn. I have serious control issues with popcorn, but that's what they were screaming for. So, I made a bag, poured some in each of their bowls, then threw the rest in the GARBAGE without even a taste. The smell is making me hungry, but it's lunch time anyway
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Awesome NSVs already and we're only one day into the New Year!! About the bones, even now I feel some and wonder if I have a growth.

So my NSV actually has nothing to do with my body, but lots to do with my mind, I guess. I paid off our car this morning--three years into a five-year loan. Feels good to have that payment gone, and now I can stick that money into paying off the house loan faster.
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Movin' and Groovin'
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Great NSV's and SV's, everyone! I love reading them. They really help me stay motivated. Helps me keep in mind what I have to look forward too.
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Never want to go back!
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Great ones, everybody!

I had my first person notice that I've lost weight yesterday. My dad! I walked into my parent's house in some new jeans and he said, "Wow, you look great, kid!" It's so nice when people start noticing your efforts...
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Kelly M
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Kuddos to you all! Keep up the awesome work, and the January NSV thread will be even longer than the December one was!
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Is too long. I sum up.
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I don't have an NSV (yet!) but I wanted to congratulate all of you on your great ones. And in replying, I'm subscribing to the thread so I don't forget about it.

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I've been hanging out with my sister and her friends a lot lately. (We are only 14 months apart and went to school with the same people so I've know them all my life). She told me this morning that when she was talking to one of the guys he said that he had been looking at the slide shows I posted (one from my college graduation in May and one from last week) and made some comment on how I had lost a lot of weight since my graduation and looked really good. This is the third one of her friends to make this comment in the last month. They tell her because they don't want to offend me by saying I was fat but it always brings a smile to my face.
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Those are some great NSVs you all! Reading your NSVs is always so motovating!! I have a small one... Before Christmas I bought a pair of really nice dress pants on clearance at Lane Bryant...but they were too tight! I could bi=utton them, but there were unsightly things going on, so I bought a pair of SPANX( has anyone else used these little MIRACLES???) Any way, yester day I wore those puppies w/o my SPANX, and they looked great. I was too, too happy!
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