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On a break with Baby #5
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No shame, sweetie! Coming back is a huge step, and I agree with Kaplods that keeping off some weight is a huge victory, moreso than any 'failure' at having regained a little. It is a constant issue for most of us that takes lifelong management and adjustment as circumstances come our way.

As long as you're alive to try, you can't 'fail' at your weight mainentnance. Just keep plugging away and don't get down on yourself!
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Been there! I went from 235 to about 165, then without even thinking about it, got back up to 200 over the next few years. Of course I had none of the information I have now, I had no idea what I was doing, but I let myself get swept up in "life".

I definitely felt the shame associated with that- I think that was a huge obstacle for me to start losing again. I was living at home at the time and once I finally did start, I would count calories and do exercise DVD's secretly. I really didn't want anyone- even family members- to know! I think shame is just such a useless emotion 90% of the time. We feel it about things that have no moral value, but we feel bad about them anyway. I'm relatively shameless these days (in all senses of the word ). It's been freeing to let go of a lot of that.

Welcome back! Let go of the past, embrace the new beginning that's happening now!
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One pound at a time
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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.~ Confucius

Let go of the shame you're feeling and allow yourself to feel the pride in having risen from a fall. You're on the right track; you've lost the weight before and you'll succeed in doing it again.
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I have been in that boat many times. At this point I have not lost a pound in several months, but I have not gained. I have been at the YMCA six days a week. Sometimes I think I am wasting all that exercise, If only I was dieting, or even just being careful, I would be sure to lose.

The largest weight gain I ever had was back when stretch stirrup pants covered by huge, long sweaters were the style. I was absolutely shocked when I went to put on a pair of my jeans. BUT, instead of immediately watching my food intake and adding exercise, I started wearing only the stretch stirrup pants and huge sweaters.

This time, I donate clothing as soon as it looks too big, and will not buy anything that is stretchy.
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I do understand the feeling of shame. Years ago, I worked in an office long enough (13 years) to lose and regain weight twice. When I was on my third attempt to lose weight, one of the snide people in my office commented (in front of others), "You're losing weight. But you'll just regain it, right?" I was so mortified and angry, but unfortunately, I proved her right. You can imagine my shame.

I'll bet most women on this board can relate to your post, so you are not alone. You have been successful in keeping off a significant amount of weight. Sure, you regained some, but put in perspective, you are still ahead of the game!
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April SNow,
You are amezing, will you pl tell whatexactly you do?
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Overweight again...dang
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I have also experienced this shame.... keeping weight off is as hard as taking it off, and it's too easy to let it go, and then let it go too long. I guess this must be a really supportive place if you came back. Welcome!
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Originally Posted by puneri View Post
April SNow,
You are amezing, will you pl tell whatexactly you do?
I'm not sure I'm amazing, but thanks!

I'm doing the Dukan Diet. There's a thread here http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/othe...ukan-diet.html - feel free to ask whatever you want and I can answer you there.
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Hi Heather! I totally remember you! Except I was so embarrassed about coming back that I changed my user name and re-registered.

I started last time at about 250. I gained it all back within about a year. The last year, I gained the extra 28 pounds or so. So - here's to you.

I remember you being ahead of me in the weight loss game, and I also remember watching your posts about running and being inspired by them.

Looks like you're still ahead of me. =) I'm so glad you're back so I can again be inspired by you!
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