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Default do other people's goal weights ever make you second guess?

I know this is probably stupid, but sometimes when I see other people on here who are about my height, and have much lower goals, I wonder if I'm not aiming for a good weight?

I see some women who start on here at my goal weight already! Does anyone else have this problem?
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You'll know when you get there Besides, no one wears their scale weight on their shirts so ultimately your weight is irrelevant. Figure out the weight you feel the best at and there you go! Goal!
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I didn't put a great deal of thouht into my goal weight - i knew I wanted a bmi below 25, and from that it was simply finger in the air. I have no idea what I will look or feel like when i get close to that weight so may re-evaluate.

I am interested in others goals - but we all have such different body types we will all look different even at the same weight and height!! Don't over think it

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Yes, I have done some double-takes when I see goal weights lower than my own for women my same height. As the others above have stated, it's highly individual.

When I set my goal weight, I picked an ambitious but not unimaginable number. It's about 5-10 lbs lower than I've ever been in my adult life. As I approach my goal weight, I can see that I might want to go a bit lower - those lower weights have become imaginable on my body. I'm sure I will be constantly adjusting my goal as I get fitter.

I don't think your specific goal weight matters much as long as this is a lifestyle change for you. When you reach your goal weight you'll ideally either transition into maintenance or decide you have a little more to lose, and both will require the habits you're cultivating now. Your life won't become a free-for-all just because you hit a number!
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No. I am 5'6" and I have been to 145-150 pounds before and I had to exercise to keep it there. I want to be comfortable and I want to be able to eat whatever I want in moderation. Your weight goal is your own decision and what is best for you and your life style.
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I second guess my goal weight a lot, especially since I see so many people with lower goal weights who are quite a bit taller than me. However, my goal wasn't to get skinny as I enjoy the "curvy" look, so I have to see how low I want to go.

I figure once I get to goal I'll decide if I want to lose more (or perhaps even stop before I get to goal)

I'm already quite happy with my body, and I think some of the things I dislike might be better fixed with strength training (and as I was working on them before, my arms are quite unhappy with me now—ouch!)

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Well, take a look at my goal weight. I'm the exact same height as you. Now, I know that at 175 pounds I will still have fat on me, but so what? I picked that number because it seemed something I 'could' attain and maintain. Since being healthy was my primary concern, I knew that exercising 5-6 times a week and eating right along with being at a much lower weight was the best way to be healthy.

Now, is it my ideal weight? No. it's not. But there is no formula that works for everyone. I am very large boned. Not just some women making it up. My wrists are 6.85 around (very large), I have huge hips, large rib cage, etc. My goal, by what doctors have said in the past is probably around 160. For most women my height, that would be still overweight. But then again, is that such a huge deal?

I always find it interesting how those of us who spent perhaps decades obese or morbidly obese all of a sudden feel that we have to go from that to perfection - the 'ideal' weight. Is it really necessary? No.

So... don't worry about a number. That number will find you. I'm sure my end number will be under 175, but for me, as long as I get under that number, I'm satisfied. I'll continue with exercising and eating right and will settle at a weight my body prefers - be it 170, 160 or 150.
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Nope. A lot of people my height aim to be around 100 lbs, but I know I don't have the body frame that will work for that. Not to mention that I want a weight that I have a chance to maintain. 100 lbs isn't it.
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Starting again
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I don't even look at people's goal weights, honestly. I don't care. My goal is just a loose guide anyway. It's just the number that Calorie Count said I should aim for. I might look like a skeleton at that weight or decide that 140-150 is good enough. I've been over 200 since high school so I don't know. I'll find out when I get there.
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I don't second guess my own, but I am surprised when I see someone who is 4 or 5 inches taller than me with a lower goal weight than my own. I guess I just can't picture what that would look like. At my current height and weight my ribs and hip bones stick out a LOT whenever I'm laying down. I also know that my boobs disappear if I'm under 120. I guess everyone's different. I also have a friend who's an apple shape (I'm an hourglass), and even though we're the same height, she wants to get down to 115 cuz that's the last time she liked her tummy.
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just do it!
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Sometimes another poster's goal weight will really catch my eye, especially if we're the same height. But I always remember that we all carry weight so differently that the numbers don't compare. This is why I love - you get to see how different similar weights can look on different people.
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I chose mine to be 6lbs lower than my lowest adult weight because I never quite made it there the last time. Even though I looked ok, I had quite a bit of fat around my middle that may have smoothed out had I kept going. I actually feel like I look ok now, to be honest and my smallest pair of size 6s have room but I figure I have enough fat still that I'm not 100% comfortable with. My highest was 183. I started in December calorie counting at 175. My posted starting weight is what I joined 3fc at in June.
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Yes, I do notice others' goal weights, and it does sometimes make me wonder whether mine is too high. I set my goal weight just inside the healthy BMI range for my height, but honestly, even 147 is something I can't yet imagine on myself given my body shape. I can see that shape even more now that I've lost a bunch - I have big hands, very broad shoulders, big hips and big legs, and I don't think something like 130 (a goal I see a lot for women around my height) would look very good on me. I will fight to get to my goal, and I'll be ecstatic if I do make it down to 147. That will be about 30 lbs below what I've ever been as an adult, and I will be very healthy. That's good enough for me, even if it means I will still weigh a lot more than other women my height.
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I wrote this in response to your thread. We see these threads come up often, and I usually reply, so I found that it would be better if I just wrote it all in one place. Hope this helps.
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I do notice goal weights, esp. for women about my height.

However, I don't have a final goal weight yet, so I'm not really comparing to my goal or second guessing myself. I have never been anything but obese as an adult. So I really have no idea what it will be like to weigh below 200, let alone something around 150, which I guess is a theoretically good weight for my height.

I decided I would just deal with 10% at a time. I am pretty sure I can and will do that 4 times, which would bring me to 172. After that, who knows? I may decide that's a fantastic place to be, or I may feel the desire and ability to go lower. Or I may not even get there and find out that 193 or 183 or some other number is what feels right. And for that part, no comparisons matter because no one else is me, in my body, with the ability to maintain and to happily live in that body.

At this point, the only thing I know for sure is that 227 is NOT that final number for me! lol!
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