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Default Confessions of a dieter

Does anyone else have a hard time telling people that they are dieting/trying to lose weight?

This is especially difficult as my only group of friends in this state are naturally slender and/or active so weight loss is not an issue for them. While I've started taking Zumba with two of them, I feel like admitting to dieting has an added stigma to it that exercising does not. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but a lot of our socializing happens over food and drinks. While I certainly can abstain from drinking and eat beforehand so I won't pig out, events such as our "build your own pizza party" are a little more difficult to work around (I'm doing the slow carb diet so pizza is a big no-no). Right now I'm teetering between sucking it up and making a veggie pizza as it is just one day and won't derail me in the long run, or not going and avoiding the temptation all together. Thoughts?
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My friends, including those that are naturally slim or very active, have been VERY supportive and encouraging since I told them about my weight-loss efforts. Them knowing makes avoiding certain foods (I'm doing low-sugar, moderate-carb) during social engagements much, much less awkward.
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You shouldn't have to stop socializing with people during your weight-loss and dieting. Abstaining from drinks and eating beforehand are great ideas as is the veggie pizza. Still eat beforehand so you're not hungry and wanting to pig out, but have a small slice of the veggie pizza so you're also not missing out on the fun. Or just have a sample instead of the whole slice. And take forever to eat it if you're worried about people calling you out, so you always have some pizza on your plate. That's what I do with drinks at the bar so in the end, I only end up having one or two the whole evening.

You're right in saying it's just one day, because that's all it is. Everything is really ok in moderation, too. One small slice will have a tiny impact on your overall weight-loss, but being able to go and hang out with your friends will make you very happy. And you won't have to keep coming up with excuses as to why you have to skip out.

My friends are also slender, lean, and active so they don't need to watch what they eat at all. I haven't told them I'm dieting outright, but questions have come up about my habits. Like, I weighed out some pretzels as a snack for a snowboarding trip a few months back and wrote the weight on the baggie so I'd know how much I was eating if I ate half the bag, etc. Someone asked and I just shrugged it off as by saying "I'm trying to clean up my eating and this way it makes it easy to know how much I've had during the day." All they said was ok and moved on to another topic of conversation, as if it didn't even matter.

So if you don't want a stigma attached to your dieting if anyone asks, then don't call it dieting necessarily. There are many different things to say such as "I'm cleaning up my eating", "I'm watching what I put in my mouth", "I'm trying to eat more veggies and less junk" (even if that may not actually be the case), etc. While it's still dieting per se, it doesn't sound like it to some people and they might not see it as dieting but as being more healthy in general.
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I work out with my boss A LOT (who happens to be a size 4!). My other coworker is even smaller. We are all great friends and hang out a lot. They dont try to pressure me to eat the bad stuff and they dont ask me about my efforts to lose weight either, but they do know about it. I'm glad they dont mention it because its nothing worst than discussing weight loss with people who are super thin! lol It's easy to eat out with them because they too try to eat healthy.
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I don't think a reasonable portion of veggie pizza is "bad". I think it can be very nutritious if made right. I make mini-pizzas for myself with low-fat cheese with veggies over it and it's very healthy.

But I know how friends can be. I haven't even told my college friends my plan to get healthy for this summer. Only my parents, boyfriend and best friend know. I think it's best to have a few close people you trust and leave it at that. It's really difficult otherwise. I am lucky at my college, though, because I'm a theater major and we all have to watch our weight, so eating carefully is never looked down upon.

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