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Default How I Got Here (The 2011 Version)

I love the This Time Last Year thread. This is a little twist on it. Pretend it is November 2011 - and you are taking stock of your last year and how you go to where you are today (today being 1 year in the future.)

Maybe do a couple of versions (like the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.)

Ok, here's mine:

How I got to where I am on Nov 2011? Thanks for asking. We'll, as you can see I'm fit and shapely 145 pounds. I know! Look at my arms, aren't they awesome? It was my yoga practice, and the hiking I did all fall, the snowshoeing in the winter and I was back on the trails when the spring came, and then the biking and swimming. And this is George my fiance that I met on one of my adventures (isn't he handsome!). I feel so fantastic. And George and I are heading out west this coming summer to do some hiking out there. I can't wait.

The key was last November - one day I just set my mind to counting, weighing, measuring and tracking. I know the importance of numbers and metrics in my business so it seemed silly not to transfer to those to my health. I learned to shut off the computer earlier at night so I could make my plans for the next day and get in another evening walk (and well, after meeting George I had better things to do in the evenings anyway ) and it just fell into place. The weight came off steadily with the changes I was making and I was easily able to afford and entire new wardrobe (and the personal consultant to help me choose it.) And I decided to keep my hair short, since it fits my frame much better now.

Share yours!
(And to put my money where my mouth is - I'm typing this while having my coffee and waiting for it to get lighter so I can go hiking. And my meals for the day are already planned on Sparkpeople. )
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November 2011! How I got to where I am now on this cold, chilly morning? It was quite a journey. I am now 110 lbs, 17, and I feel great! Through the last year I had worked really hard. I cut out certain foods; pop, candy, cupcakes, and cakes for the longest time. Now I allow myself a treat here and there. During the summer I was very busy! With my fiancÚ and I finally getting our own apartment, I was out almost every day getting furniture and calculating expenses.

Now we are all moved in, boxes unpacked, and enjoying the time spent together. We have another challenge- NEXT SUMMER! We'll finally be getting married in August and we're both very excited about it. The day we get married also marks our four years being together! I'm looking forward to maintaining and looking great in my wedding dress.

I'm sitting here now drinking hot coacoa, thinking about the hardships weight loss came with, the exciting days of meeting my goal weight, and the life-changing experience I had.
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I like this, I have to remember to bookmark it so I can look at it next year and see how much of it came true!


November 2011

How did I get here? Well, last year, I finally had a breakthrough about what was going on in my body and what I needed to do. In November 2010, I had been one month into my new supplement regime that was helping me with the PCOS. I was shocked, but it really made such a huge difference in my weight loss. My doctor wanted me to take Metformin, but I was so worried about the side effects, I had to make the supplements work instead. My body realized the alternative wasn't good either and it started to cooperate with me. I stuck to my exercise and a 1500 calories plan and I started to lose steadily.

The other thing I did was continue biking, I got a road bike when I hit 170, it was used, but I didn't know if I was going to like it. I started bike riding three times a week with friends and by February, I had hit 160, which was my next goal. I was worried I wouldn't, because I had to increase my calories on the days that I was riding. But I increased it with healthy calories, not junk and it worked! As a reward, my boyfriend took me on a vacation in March, something we've wanted to do for a couple of a years, and by May 1, I had hit 150.

I couldn't believe it, because it took me so long to lose weight and it was melting off now.

I maintained over the summer but by August I had hit 145 effortlessly and that's when I decided to try for a new goal weight of 135. I'm almost there -- I'm right now at 136.8 and I'm trying to hit 135 by December 31st.


That's my plan for 2011. My current goal is to hit 170 by the end of the year, so I can buy that road bike (used, because they are expensive!) and start riding longer distances.
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Last year at this time, in November 2010, I was less than 5 pounds from my goal. After I got to goal in December, I slowly ramped my calories up from 1400 to 1700 daily, which seems to be the right amount to maintain in the low 140's.

When I was obese, I wore mainly short-sleeve shirts all year. Now, though, I get cold much more easily in the winter, so I'm wearing a lot of the long-sleeves and layers I bought over Christmas break last year--may add a few more items this season.

Over the last couple of months, my mental image of myself has finally started to merge with what other people are seeing. I can think of myself as a medium-sized, normal-weight person, but I know that I will always be a reduced obese person who will need to continue to work hard to maintain my new figure.

Maintenance has had its challenges, and I've had some splurges and deviations, but I still continue to "pay back" the calories, which is much easier with 1700 calories to work with than it was with 1400. The biggest adjustment has probably been training myself to get the same sense of reward out of maintaining that I used to out of losing.

Great thread, seagirl!
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okay, here is my ultimate fantasy year in review.....PS - I think this might have come out like on of those Christmas card notes you get..... but writing this was an amazing experience for me, showing me my dreams. PSS - it's a novel.

Wow! The last year has been the most life changing experience I have ever been through. What hasn't changed, is more the question! After working through an episode of planter fasciitis in October, Nov of 2010, I realized that I really needed to change my life completely. With the help of my loving husband, our life just keeps getting better!
Me? I finally realized that I love me more than food, and the sweets are now a treat to be savored, not something that I want every day, nor are they something I punish myself by eating when I get mad at myself. The mental and emotional work I have done this past year was hard, but necessary. I have lost an amazing 81 pounds in the last year, which puts me at 150. I'm loving it! I would like to maintain here for about 6 months, and then see if I want to lose more. But right now, I LOVE where I am. My arms and legs have definition, and I can run and play volleyball at a much higher level than a year ago. I am faster, I can hit, and I can block! I'll never forget how great it felt this spring when I got my first solo stuff block. Oh, and quicer - oh yes! I'm a digging fool!
But not only have I lost weight, my life has improved in so many other tremendously wonderful ways. My mom and dad, who were both diagnosed as pre-diabetic, lost some weight too, and are no longer at risk. They are doing great, and my fear of losing them any time soon is gone because of their improved health. My dad has finally slowed down some, and only working 1 job now. My Mom's chronic pain has diminshed, with the weight loss and she joined a health club where she can swim as much as she wants, as her pain doctor advised. She's no longer considering having a pain pump placed in her body!
My hubby, at long last, finally quit smoking! I am so proud of him, because I know if was the hardest thing that he's ever had to do. Finally, after 5 years, 2 months shy of his 45th birthday, he graduated from USI with a double major in kineseology and sport management! He's now working in a job he loves. As a gift to him for graduating, we crossed something off our bucket list - we made our first quick trip to New York to watch the Yankees play! Other goals - I ran 4 half marathons since this spring, and am planning on going next month to run the Las Vegas marathon when my friend Shawn gets married during the marathon! I consistently starting doing yoga a couple times a week this past year also, and it has really helped strenthen my core, plus relive stress. My PF is a thing of the past!
My brother? Well, I can't say much about it, but I just want he and my niece and nephews to be happy, whatever he decides.
I'm still working on time management, and procrastination. Thought I've made huge strides, sometimes I catch myself falling back into old patterns. But, I'm working on it. I finally had the courage 2 months ago to change jobs. The place I was workign for had changed so much that I wanted to try something different. I love my new job, it is something that I have a passion for, and I love going to work. While the money might not be as high, with hubby working too, it is fine. We are saving more my cooking healthy meals instead of carryout all the time.
So, in a nutshell, my life has completely changed for the better! I'm finally living the life I love, that I was meant to have, and that I deserve! I have a job I like, lots of friends I spent time with, a wonderful family I love, and an amazing husband. My marriage (and love life - hehe) is stronger, and I have peace and and inner strength that I didn't know I could have until this past year. Well, I gotta go. Stuff to do! Plus my kitty Lady wants to cuddle. She keeps trying to get on my lap! Lady and Gena are both 13 now, while Peyton is 11. Their old-timer kitty food seems to be helping, and Gena hasn't had any urinary problems since Oct 2010. I pray that they still have 3 or 4 good years left.
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Wow. I wasn't going to post here. I'd hate to disappoint myself... but after reading everyone else's post, I have to now!!! But I'm not going to be as fun as you guys, and instead just make a list XD

- At goal weight
- Risen self esteem
- Wore a bikini (first time ever) in August 2011 to the beach
- Survived my first semester at UMass
- Survived moving into a new home
- Own and wear lots of pretty dresses
- Consistently goes to the gym
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I'm loving reading these!!
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Oh wow! Here's my November 2010 fantasy! I am definitely going to subscribe to this thread and find out how much of my fantasy comes true!

November 2011:
Wow, can you believe that it's November 2011 already? Wow has this year flown by! A year ago I weighed 235.6 pounds and was petrified that the holidays were going to do me in and cause me to gain and fall off the wagon. But not this time! Taking Healthy Trim has really helped me to curb my appetite and thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's house was a breeze! I didn't overeat or graze! Christmas was the same way! I brought in the New Year at 219 pounds, my lowest weight since college!

Working out at the gym has brought so many positive changes to my body! I work out with weights followed by an hour on cardio three times a week. Once or twice a week I take a kickboxing class. Eating less, working out more, and the Healthy Trim has kept me losing a steady 8-10 pounds a month. By the end of February 2011 I came to Onederland! I was a teenager the last time I saw Onederland. I also took a new position at work that's in sales so I am not stuck sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer all day long! In April 2011 my gym opened a new location that has a pool! So I started swimming a couple of times a week as well. My sales position at work is lucrative enough that my husband was able to quit his stupid dead end retail job and dedicate his time to investing and growing the money that I make, helping us to start having enough set aside to be self-sufficient in a couple of years from now and neither of us have to work! We took a trip back down to Disneyworld in June for our anniversary and I was only about 20 pounds away from my goal at that time! I even wore a bikini when going swimming! I loved the looks that my husband gave me! WOOT! I persevered and kicked it up a notch at the gym when we got home and finally made goal by the end of August 2011! I now weigh 135 pounds and look freaking hot in pants that are sizes 6 and 8 instead of the 20 and 22's that I wore when I began this journey and shirts that are mediums instead of 3XL.

Transitioning into maintenance hasn't been easy. I've never tried to maintain my weight. I still weigh every day and see how my food intake affects my weight. I allow myself a couple of pounds of leeway on either end of the spectrum. If my weight drops to 132 then I eat a few more calories. If it goes higher than 138 then I cut back and work out a bit more to get back down to my goal weight. However, by November 2011 I have a good system going for maintenance and am not worried about the upcoming holidays. I can't wait to show my family that for once I am a normal, healthy weight. they've never seen me thin and I am so excited for Thanksgiving 2011 to walk into my aunt and uncle's house wearing size 8 jeans and to look healthy and toned instead of fat and flabby!

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Great idea! Typing this, I had all this positive energy surrounding me & some tears. You should be a psychologist!

November 2011:
Dear Diary,
Looking at me, you won't believe that this time last year, I was depressed about being fat, lonely & unhealthy. I was a recluse & cut everyone off my life. I started my diet & exercise regimen slowly & also did some volunteer work, which made me feel good about myself. I also reconnected with old friends & family (lots of tears those days). I started having fun being outside.

I was living paycheck2paycheck, so my first financial goal was to set up 12months emergency fund (which I completed recently..yay!)

I felt satisfied after a long time, & then out of the blue I met the love of my life (& it was my first relationship). We just celebrated our 1month anniversary & we are in it for the long term.

I lost 50lbs, not yet at my goal weight, but slow & steady wins the race, right?

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OH what a fun thread!!!

Oh HI there. My my my, it's been SO long since I've seen you. A year, you say? Oh yes, I guess it was around Halloween last year when we last crossed paths. Oh thank you! You are looking nice yourself. Oh yes, I've really been working hard to achieve a substantial weight loss this year. I'm down to 180. It's not my goal, but I'm still so very proud of where I'm currently at.

How'd I do it?? Oh it wasn't easy, I promise you. Last time we were together, we talked about my husband being diagnosed with diabetes. By Nov 1 of last year I'd already lost 40 lbs or so. I knew it had to be done, not only for my husband's health, but for mine and our children also. We changed everything about how we ate. No more sodas, practically no sugar (none at all for dh and I, and very small amounts for the children), lots more veggies, no junk food, and fruits became our snacks.

Going into November, I knew I'd have to step up my game to survive the holidays. I began to truly plan my meals. My snacks. My exercise. And I managed to make it through all of December without too many blips and mistakes. I was able to start out the new year closer to 200 than 300. I've been counting calories, journaling, and planning my food every day since. I don't meant ot say I've been perfect. I've had plenty of upheavals. Plenty of times when I thought I couldn'tdo it. But I pressed on. I got right back on track.

I began working out consistantly. I found starting and COMPLETING certain workout challenges (c25k, 30day shred, p90x, etc) was really motivational to me. I began to look forward to doing and finishing them. Plus I found myself doing a lot of things outdoors that I hadn't considered a year ago. We climbed pinnacle mountain, began to play tennis together as a family, went for hikes and explored the state we live in. I quit being afraid of the outdoors, and began to embrace it.

But you know the TRUE accomplishment in allt his? All my children are healthy. My oldest has lost pants sizes and has self confidence in himself. He wants to do more than just watch tv and play on the computer all the time. My others are all toned, strong, and healthy. They ask for apples and water, instead of candy and cokes. My husband is now off ALL his meds.. diabetes, high blood pressure, AND triglyceride meds. We all feel good... fantastic really, and embrace life together.

Oh well, I didn't realize the time. I really do need to get going. My family and I are going camping this weekend. Lots of hiking trails I can't wait to explore! Hopefully we see each other again before a year is up, and I'm at goal.
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Okay....first of all, what an inspiring idea.

I like the list idea too:

*at goal weight (from 150 to 130)
*no longer starting/stopping EVERY WEEK
* much, much more energy
*enjoying clothes instead of constantly tugging at them in embarassment
*hearing my kids and hubby say they are proud of me!!
*actually walk my dog every day instead of just talking about it

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November 2011 - I'm celebrating my 1 yr at maintenance anniversary and doing famously with maintenance. I've run my second half marathon (already planned for august 2011) and crushed my best time. I'm finally getting my picky toddler to eat properly and continuing to come to 3fc to stay accountable.
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