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Default You know you're off plan when...

So lately I've been waaaaay off plan. And it's not feeling too good. Anyhow, it got me thinking about my off plan behavior. Those red flags that I charged right past to find myself up 7 lbs. We need to know our off plan signs so that we can start correcting sooner.

I know I'm off plan when...
-I don't write down what I eat (it doesn't count if I don't write it down, right?)
-I throw away rotten vegetables en masse because I didn't cook for over a week!
-I keep telling myself I'll make up for it "tommorrow"

How do you know you're off plan?
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-I decide it's a good idea to order pizza, grab gas station sludge food, or mindlessly indulge in ice cream -- with the cover of, "Oh! It's just a couple bites! I'll put the rest away! Really!"

-I say I'm too "tired" to exercise or that I don't have time

-I become complacent instead of conscientious

-I stop weighing myself because if I don't see the number, it must not exist
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Yup, throwing away rotten vegetables is a huge sign here as well.

I also know I am off plan when...

- I order whatever sounds good off the menu at a restaurant instead of my carefully picked on-plan item that I planned after analyzing the nutrition facts. I don't need to look at the menu! ahhh!! Menus are evil with all their tempting pictures and words! lol

- When I find myself having pepsi instead of water with every meal

- When I find myself piling on unhealthy things (that are normally restricted to a tablespoon or two) onto my otherwise healthy plate - mountains of cheese, sour cream, ranch dressing, gravy, etc...

- When my calorie log book has empty pages because I haven't been writing down calories. Which most likely means I haven't been weighing my food, which means I am not tracking calories, which probably means I am eating too much!!

-when I think it's a good idea to have an extra snack instead of doing my daily workout.

-when my shopping cart has more processed, boxed, or frozen items than fresh produce. If I am on plan more than 50% of my cart is from the fresh produce section. I gotta keep it that way!
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-when i know i blew a day so i look at my calendar to see how many weeks i have left til my goal date

-when i suddenly think it's okay to eat a bag of chips
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- When I stop weighing myself daily, and recording those numbers (boy does that keep me on track!)

- When I avoid browsing 3FC
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when i stop recording my daily food
when i stop weighing daily
when i get dehydrated from not enough water
when food goes bad because it wasn't used in time
when i don't exercise
when i stop posting accountability
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-when my food log is empty..big warning sign
-when I don't want to browse 3FC because I feel guilty that I "blew it"
-when I grab more than one or two items for a night time snack (my binge time)
-when i start justifying bad eating or tell myself I will make up for it
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-when I don't run my dishwasher at least 3 times a day
(because that means I'm eating out too much and/or eating too many convenience foods)
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All those things you guys said plus I actually start drinking real soft drinks! And sweet iced tea! Talk about empty calories!
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