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Default What do you do to keep yourself motivated when you feel like giving up??

I would love to read your responses, so I can get over the blah's I am feeling. Lately I have to really really push myself to get on the elliptical, and eat right. I feel like I am this close to messing up and gaining the 38 lbs back again. I all ready had my first bad bad day Saturday, and don't want to start gaining again. The pep talk I have given myself is getting old. Food is getting blah, ( especially lunch and dinner), I had a baked sweet potato today for lunch and usually feel good after I eat it, but today I didn't even want to eat it, but I did.
What do you guys do when you feel like this?
Tia cheryl
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It does get tough, even when it's going well, doesn't it? I was surprised by your binge day - you are almost always so consistent. Good for you for recognizing the feelings and coming here for support rather than just giving up! I know you'll get some great advice.

I have several things that I use to motivate myself when I'm tempted to quit or find myself sneaking off plan. Many I've mentioned before, but here goes.

1 - I try on clothes that used to fit snugly. It's amazing how exciting a loose waist band can be.

2 - I look at goal clothes that I wish I could wear. Sometimes this gets me discouraged, but knowing that I've made it into goal clothes before helps me believe I can keep at it and accomplish the next stage.

3 - I look at pictures of myself. I don't have many, but it helps to compare "before" and "in progress" pictures to see that it's really working.

4 - I watch documentaries on the super obese. Nothing like fear that I will have to cope with their serious problems to make me realize how important this journey is.

5 - I mix up my food plan. I used to be almost exclusively vegan, but I have found that difficult to sustain. (Many people do, though, and I have nothing but admiration for them.) So, I have added in some salmon and tuna a few times a week, and occasionally chicken. I know you don't eat red meat, and neither do I, but there are so many options that I had never before even been aware existed. Exploring recipe sites on the internet and even spending extra time in the grocery store have helped me mix up my food plan to keep it interesting so I don't resort to those things that I shouldn't have.

6 - You are so faithful on your elliptical, and it has given you great results. (I actually did the elliptical at the gym today and thought of you on yours!) I know you're restricted by your lack of vehicle and your child care responsibilities, but maybe you can borrow a fitness video from the library or order one from half.com. Something to reinvigorate you so that you're not doing the same thing every day.

Hope my thoughts are helpful. Your birthday's almost here, and you will love to see the 230s on the scale when you wake up on that special day!

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When I get all blah, I think about how much worse than blah I will feel if I binge or just fall off my plan. I can skip to self-hatred pretty quickly so I basically just power through the blah days and keep trying to look forward.
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Hi Cheryl,

Hitting that wall is rough! Here's some of the things I do.

Lately, I've been giving myself pep talks in the morning in front of the bathroom mirror. Yes, its sounds a little crazy and I feel ridiculous sometimes, but it does seem to work. Here is one of the things I say to myself quite often..."Others on 3FC have done this...people just like me...so, I can too!"

I also stay in touch on 3FC...whether I'm on-plan and doing well or not. For some reason, seeing others' success , and knowing they understand where I'm coming from, really helps keep me motivated. So, even though I might struggle sometimes, I never quit thinking about being on-plan.....I don't just put it out of my mind like I'd do in the past.

Also, I've recently started blogging. I've added you to my bloglist, however, I noticed you hadnt blogged in a while. Maybe writing down your thoughts, etc would keep you focused?

Please don't give up on yourself. Afterall, what is the alternative? This time can be your time to do this!
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38 pounds! That's amazing. I suggest you find the nearest kindergarten student for motivation. Seriously! My sister is 6 and like 40ish pounds. Find said child.. lift with your legs… see how heavy that feels. You lost a small child off of your body. Talk about motivation!
(Note: I advise only picking up a child you know. It’ll look less weird.)
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Cheryl, I've found that the blahs just seem to come around sometimes. My timer goes off, or something. I haven't necessarily done anything wrong, and I don't necessarily have to scurry around and fix it. I've realized that they're temporary, and I will NOT feel that way forever! I'm one of those people that, however I feel right now, seems like I've always felt that way and am always going to feel that way, forever and ever. Heh! But it ain't so. It does seem to be important, however, that I make myself vary my menu, learn new recipes, put some effort into keeping food interesting. And arranging it prettily on a plate, looking for pretty things to drink and putting it in a wine glass, putting my salad in a separate bowl. As for exercise, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to not hate it, so I remind myself I cannot be successful without it, and it would be a shame to waste all this effort!
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I wrote down my goals when I first started and I keep them posted to my bedroom mirror, so I see them every day. I have everything on there from wanting to look good in a bathing suit to getting to a healthy pre-pregnancy weight. Seeing them each day keeps me on track.

Maybe it's time to experiment with some new recipes - you could check out magazines like Weight Watchers or Cooking Light for some ideas. I found a lunch place near my job that caters to health-conscious customers and got baked falafel - if I had one more salad, I was going to scream!
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I agree with the other post. You may need try some new recipes or remind yourself of your goals. What some of the old reruns of the Biggest Loser on the Style chanel for inspiration. Look at some before and after pictures on the internet. Do something special for yourself to celebrate your loss.
I have had several pep talks with myself, but I've also had some very serious talks with myself. Asking things like:

Do you want to feel better about yourself?
Do you want to be healthier?
Do you want to enjoy life more?
Do you want to have fun shopping for clothes again?
Is food more important than me?

But the big one for me is:
Do you want to look back at this time next year and wish you would have kept going?

Yes, giving up is easy, but where will you be a year from now? There have been days when I just don't want to do it, but those days will pass. Don't let what you want right now ruin what you really want.
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I know I sound like a broken record but, - I find motivation WILL come and go. What we need is commitment. The commitment to a better and healthier and happier and more productive life. When that commitment is steadfast it will get us through those times when the motivation is faltering.

That being said there ARE some things that help to keep me on track when I feel like eating an entire box of cereal, even the box itself. A few things -

Reading my very simple journal which I started at the onset of my journey. It has in there all the reasons why I wanted to lose weight in the first place. Health, family, activity level, energy level, CLOTHES, etc.... It also has my weekly weigh-ins in there. As well as some spectacular compliments that I recieved as well as some of the amazing NSV's that has taken place as my journey progresses.

Looking at my "before" photograph. That oughta keep ANYONE in line.

Remembering just how badly I want this.

Remembering just how incredibly miserable I was.

Reminding myself of just how happy I am now - and how quickly it could all disappear.
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When I feel the blehs I try to give myself a day or two off plan, just so I don't feel too deprived...But I still notice my portions and choices have changed since I started. Try to incorporae some kind of treat into each days plan, so you have something to look forward to..Like maybe some FF ice cream or a 100 calorie pack that won't totally screw up your calories.
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It's hard to keep going some days. When I get in the blah mood, I remind myself why I am doing what I am doing. I remind myself of the progress I have made. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Coming here gives me lots of encouragement and support, and it's a great place to vent when needed!
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I agree with Robin. Motivation is fleeting...that's why so many diets are fleeting as well. Once the motivation goes, it's time to rely on determination and sheer grit. When you do that, you keep losing, and you'll feel yourself getting motivated (for a while) again. It's cyclical....but stick with it. You'll be glad you did!
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Tricia makes a good point. It IS cyclical. I find I get a real good streak going, meaning it's fairly easy to stay on plan and then all of a sudden, just when I think I've got this thing licked - boom. I find myself going back for a few nibbles of this and some extra bites of that. Looking for something to eat just because. That's when that determination and grit and commitment comes into play. That feeling that you must stick with it no matter what. Hopefully that will be enough to tide you over til the next cycle comes into play. The fairly easy staying on plan cycle that is.

Whenever I'm feeling like I want to go off plan and I don't - I am so thrilled. It's so worth it. Everytime I say no to whatever food it is, I am saying YES to a healthier, more fit and HAPPIER me.

I have never once gone off plan and thought - "Wow, this was a great idea. I'm sooo very happy I ate ________." Never.
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I know this may sound silly, and I know that this shouldn't be the reason for me losing weight, but for some reason, it gives me alot of motivation..

There's guy I've had a secret crush on for years, but I've been to embarrassed to tell him because I'm ashamed of my body. Everytime I see him (which is fairly often since we work together), its huge motivation. Or I watch home video's taped over the years of friends (him included) and myself, and see how horrible I really look and thats huge motivation too!
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1. Sex - Due to my size I feel uncomfortable and thus have a hard time performing.

2. This may sound really stupid but 3FC. I feel if I don't keep at it I'm not only letting myself down but everyone here as well.

3. All those *******s say crap to me while I out walking! Grrr that gets me pissed off and then I really want to work out.
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