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Default What is the goal here?

I was recently brought to my attention that I'm a little scattered with my goals. I've talked a lot about working on maintenance, but still losing a few lbs, but also changing my body composition, and now I'm thinking I want to run a half marathon. So I thought about it a little to see what my true goal is and I do feel a little scattered.

I think the goal is to complete the training for a half marathon (starting Monday) and then complete a half marathon in late September. During that time I'd like to transition into maintenance after losing a minimum of 5 more lbs but maybe a few more. I also want to incorporate strength training into my marathon training. Is this too much, too many goals, too many different goals? I know that entering maintenance while training for a marathon may not be the smartest ides since my calorie requirement will be different during training. But since I'm aware of it and as long as I keep an eye on it once my training is over I think I'll be ok.

I guess I'm just feeling a little lost because the weight loss journey is almost over and I'm such a goal oriented person I need something major to focus on or I get lost. I'm the same way in the rest of my life and I've just completed some other major personal and career goals so I'm not left with much to focus on. So training for a half marathon sounded like a good idea. Ok, I'm starting to ramble...thanks for listening.
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I can talk a little about this from some of my experiences. I also was a little 'scattered' with my goals. I'll timeline it out to see if it flows.

8/2008 - reached original goal weight, wanted to lose more
10/2008 - settled in at around ten pounds under goal
11/2008 - started doing strength training workouts from stumptuous.com & WH Magazine, decided I wanted to do some strength training and change my shape
12/2008 - went for my first run
1/2009 - bought my running shoes, decided I wanted to be a runner
11/2009 - ran my first 5k
1/1/2010 - first 10k
3/25/2010 - first half marathon

I continued my strength training this entire time, even while training for the half marathon. I continued maintenance calories the entire time, even while starting to run and doing the half marathon training. I didn't follow a strict running plan - I targeted running 3 days per week with gradually increasing distances, strength training 2-3 per week. I typically ran 4-8 miles on my weekday runs, 6-10 on my long runs. I did three 13 mile runs on the weekends in my half training. I wasn't as conscientious about the interval training & LA training until the last few weeks before the half. I still did pretty heavy strength training with bike or other cardio the entire time.

Now, I did gain weight during this time, but my clothing size is smaller than it was when I first entered maintenance. I reshaped myself in a lot of ways.

I read the post about your goals being scattered, and I can see the point to some extent, but I feel that everyone is different. A person who focuses more on running is going to give you running related advice. A person who focuses more on strength training is going to give you strength training advice. I personally believe that you can do both. Now, you won't be able to do both to such a level that you are an award winner most likely, but you can definitely do both to a level that is personally satisfactory. I know, I did it. I ran a half marathon, have another planned for September, have moved my squat max to right at my body weight and can almost touch my toes now all in the same year. I'm not the fastest runner - my July 4th 10k was 1:09:57, my May 5k was 0:31:35. Not a sprinter, but solid for me. I'll never bench press much more than the 60 pounds I can do now. Not a great rating, but solid for me.

So, that being said, if you are happy with what you are working on and can work a plan to make it liveable than do it. Just take care and don't burn yourself out by focusing on too much. I will admit to sometimes wearing myself out. And, sometimes I focus more one way or the other - some weeks I get in every running workout and miss some of the strength, some weeks I get in every strength workout and miss some of the running. I'm becoming okay with that.

I understand the need for goals - I signed up for a lot of runs over the next year specifically to give me things to work towards. I also have built in challenges for myself with my weight lifting as well.

Now, I've rambled. I guess what it boils down to is that I think you can do all of the things you want to do, as I've done them. I didn't do any of them as soon as I started maintenance, though. I took a few months to settle in to just that part of the process before adding anything else. So, you do what feels right to you, keep yourself healthy. And maybe take a little time to settle in to maintaining, and maybe losing a little more, before you put on something really structured. Maybe try a half marathon after the first of the year? I can't remember how long you have been running...

Either way you go, take care of yourself and don't make yourself crazy. You have a whole lifetime to do all of these things. (Said by the crazy person who is thinking about doing a half marathon the morning after her 20 year class reunion in September, who did exactly what she is cautioning you to go slowly with... hehe.)

Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions from the perspective of a runner who does lots of weight lifting, by the way. I'm no expert, but I have asked a lot of experts for advice and written it down.

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I started training for a half and had every intention of doing strength training as well. To be honest, I just don't have time for the strength... I'm running a lot and it takes up a lot of time to just get the miles in. I decided to just let myself focus on the training and not stress out about the strength. I'll be able to add that back in when my mileage goes down after the run.

So that's my 2 cents.
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