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Default What size are you? And what is your goal?

For all of you that feel comfortable answering.
What size do you wear? And how tall are you? And how much do you weigh?

What is your goal size?

What different sizes have you been the last couple of years?

I'm 5'7"
I weigh 190 (Morning weigh in)
I wear a size 16 or 18

My goal is to weigh 140-150 and be a size 12-14 (Although a 10 would be nice too)

In the last couple years, I've been as low as 164 pounds (size 14) to my high now of 190 (194 last week-mid day weigh in)
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S/C/G: 198/135/152

Height: 5'4"


my goal, which has been excaping me is to weigh 135. I jump back and forth between 137 (rare) to 142. My goal was 152. I use to weigh 196 when I started. i'm a size 8 10 or even 12, depending on what it is (also, chesty) and who made it. I don't wear designer clothes because they're cut w/ a smaller waist than I have, and then if the waist fits the hips are too big. i'm 5'5" tall.
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I'm currently 150 and wear a size 12 petite -- I'm a shorty 5'1". My goal is 120 and a size 8, I've been as low as 113 and wore a size 6 and sometimes even a 4. Yup, I said a size 4, boy it'd be nice to be that size again, but right now I'm focusing on a size 8.

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I am 5'7" tall & weigh between 142-145. I wear a size 8 most of the time (depending on the item).

When I started WW (again!) about 1 1/2 years ago, I weighed 192 pounds & was a size 14 (barely) or 16.

I am at my goal weight, so I guess I am at my goal size - would love to get below 140, but haven't made it there yet.

leader - we have the opposite fitting problems - everything is usually too big in the waist for me - if it fits in the hips, it's almost always too big in the waist.
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I am currently wearing a 10/12 top but because of my pear shaped body, I still need to get 14 pants because of the w-i-d-e hips. Would love to fit into 12 pants at some point, but unless I get liposuction, I think I'm stuck at this 14 size since I am already under my doctor-instructed goal weight.
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Team-Mom, this is an excellent topic!

I am currently in maintance, but I wouldn't mind loosing a few more pounds. I am 5'4 (5'5 if I really stretch!) and I weigh about 135-140 lbs, depending on what time of the month it is. I wear an 8 in most designer women size clothes (CK, Ralph Lauren, Tommy), but I wear around a 9/10 in junior sizes of the same designers. Of course juniors are always smaller. In non-name brand clothes I have gotten away with wearing a 7! I read a really great article (I wish I could find it) about how designers are making their clothes bigger - like a size 10 in 1980 is a size 8 now and it gives people a false sense of thier size.

At my heaviest I have worn a size 18!!!!! When I started WW I was about a size 16. It was surreal to go down in size. It was as if one day I woke up and hey, I was a size 8! Talk about a head trip!

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I started my weight loss journey at 185. I lost 10 lbs and joined WW. I started at a 14-16 and i am 5'3".

I got as low as 140 and a size 4. in full cut pants. But it was a daily challenge to stay there. Going on 3 years later, I am currently up to 150 and a size 6-10 depending on the cut. Poeple say that I do not look like I weigh 150. I am accually happy where I am. I can eat and WO and have really settled into a comfortable me. I would describe myself as compact and solid.

I had never set a goal because I joined ww as a friend to a friend to a friend that wanted to loose. I went and she never showed. My body type has not changed and I really find that i have been able to stay at this weight without tooo much work and stress.

For others I do hope that you get to your goals, but with that said I also hope that you find where you can be a happy you.

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I started on the WW diet on July 9, 2001 at a weight of 186#, size 16. This is very heavy for my 5'3" height. As of today, I have lost 17#.

My goal is to reach 160# (9 more pounds) before I go on vacation to Qatar in September, 150# by the end of October, 135# by January 1, 2002 and 120# by the time I go to Thailand on Feb. 9, 2002. I have no idea what size that would be, but am hoping to be a size 6 or 8 lying on the beach in Phukett. I also want to get some clothes made in Thailand, so would like to be at an optimal weight.

My son just arrived home from his summer job last week at a weight of 135# on his 6'2" frame. He looks like he lost a lot of weight this summer. I just don't know how a kid can lose that much weight practising an instrument all day - this would be my idea of an ideal summer job. He advised me that he wants to gain 30 pounds by Christmas. He challenged me to lose 30# while he gains 30# - he thinks he's going to make some money off me. This should make meal planning in our home simple. LOL. Buuut he's thrown the guantlet and I can't let a mere kidlet win this one, right?

When I get back from Qatar, I'm going out to buy a size 6 bikini...then I'll dream and keep working on the weight loss.
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Neon -
You are right about the sizes getting bigger - when I got to goal the first time in the late 80's, I was between a size 8-10 in pants - now I am almost always an 8. I have a size 10 pair of Lee jeans from back then that are only 1/4" bigger in the waist measurement than the size 8 Lee jeans I bought a year ago - a bunch of mind games the clothing industry plays on us to feel good about ourselves (it works).
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In January of this year I was a size 16 for pants and skirts and extra-large for tops. I have lost 35 pounds and now wear a 10 and a medium. I have gone through the process of getting clothes altered to get me through, but now even the altered clothes don't fit anymore. I need to purchase a whole new work wardrobe for this fall. It's going to hurt the pocketbook but it has been worth every cent!

I would love to be able to wear a size 8 by Christmas! I have reached goal but am looking to go just a bit further........

Start weight - 173.2
Goal weight - 140
Current weight - 138.2

I am 5'6" tall.

Not sure about the rest of you but I have a heck of time taking the right size clothing with me into a fitting room now. I automatically grab a 12 or 14 and it's too large! What a good feeling but my brain hasn't caught up with my body......
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I'm beginning my sixth week of WW and am loving it.

I'm 33 years old and stand 5'4" tall. I presently wear a size 22 (down from 24 a few weeks ago). I weigh 244.2 as of noon today (my WW WI). My personal goal weight is around 125 as I recall being that when I got out of high school (I don't know what size that will be). It might be too low, don't know. I haven't set a WW goal weight yet. According to their published figures, my goal weight should be less than 140.
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Thumbs down Great Topic

When I originally made lifetime in 1989, I weighed 117 lbs and wore a size 8. (I started at 204 lbs and a size 24!!!) I'm 5' tall, very short and a short inseam, so even petites have to be hemmed. I also went from a size 38DD bra to a 34C, which I loved.

My journey has been up and down, but I currently weigh 170 (Still too much) and am between a 14 and 16, depending on the maker. The 14's seem to be starting to fit better.

My closet contains clothes from size 10 to 18 right now. I did get rid of anything above an 18, because I NEVER want to go back there. I brought my clothes to a consignment shop and even purchased some things to get me through.

My goal is about 130ish weight wise and a comfortable size 10!! Twelve years ago I was 31 years old and 117 lbs and I looked sick. Although I am short, my bone structure is very big. At that weight, even my cheekbones were sticking out!! UGH!!
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I am 5'6" and a very muscular 142.4lbs and I wear anywhere from a size 4 to a size 7. If you are ever in Canada shop at Northern Reflections, they run their sizes really big!

Take Care!

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Hi! I'm 32years old and I'm 5'4. I weighed 152.6 this morning and my heaviest was 169 at night. I would really be happy at 135 but 125 would be my ultimate goal.
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I am 5' 1" and weigh 190 lbs. I currently wear a size 16 pant. I really want to get down to a size 10. To do that I'm estimating that I will need to lose at least 40 pounds.
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