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Talking What is the best way to lose 113lbs?

I feel overwhelmed by the amount of weight that I have to lose.

I have been working out at Curves 3 times a week and I just purchased a workout DVD on ebay that should be here anytime soon to do on the days I do not go to Curves. (Because we all know that prices of gasoline are rising and I cannot afford to drive to the gym every day.)

I usually do not have time to eat breakfast in the morning. I usually eat breakfast once or twice a week.
I work at a sandwich shop so I usually just have a sandwich on wheat or rye bread.
I do not drink regular soda, diet only. I also drink at least 16oz. milk a day and try to get in as much water as I can. I generally get in about 2 bottles of water each day, sometimes 3 or 4 depending on my activity level.

Dinner varies. I usually eat dinner 3-5 times a night and the meals might consist of a baked potato one night w/ baco's and I Cant Believe It's Not Butter. Another night I may have a bowl of cereal. Another night I may have a chicken breast. I find it very difficult to get a full meal in because I live a busy lifestyle.

I also need to lose weight around my stomach/hips more so than any other area of my body.

Can anyone help?
Thank you.
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So close to onederland...
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Hi Erica, I started out at pretty much the same weight as you, and I congratulate you for getting started. I think the best thing that has helped me is journaling my food so that I can accurately keep up with my calorie intake. I would also encourage you to find a small breakfast that you can eat each morning with a little bit of protein. I've never really been a breakfast eater myself, but it doesn't have to be complicated; today I had an apple and a slice of cheese. Good luck, and welcome.
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Originally Posted by sprklemajik View Post
Hi Erica, I started out at pretty much the same weight as you, and I congratulate you for getting started. I think the best thing that has helped me is journaling my food so that I can accurately keep up with my calorie intake. I would also encourage you to find a small breakfast that you can eat each morning with a little bit of protein. I've never really been a breakfast eater myself, but it doesn't have to be complicated; today I had an apple and a slice of cheese. Good luck, and welcome.
The thing is I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of weight I have to lose. I don't know how to get rid of the feeling.
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First, don't focus on the amount. It can be done, one pound at a time, and you maybe can't see how it's possible to lose 113 lbs, but you can probably see how you could lose 10. You will just need to do that. Then again. Until you get there. And after the first 10 you will already start feeling better about yourself, and that will motivate you to keep going for the next 10. I won't kid you, it will not happen overnight, but you just need to decide that you are more stubborn than the weight is. You will get plenty of support, tips and ideas right here at 3fc to help you along.

Different plans work for different people. You should pick one that encourages healthy eating for life, not a quick fix. Remember you want to get the weight off, but you want it to stay off too. Whatever it is you do to get the weight off is what you will need to keep doing to keep it off. forever.
Here are some specific suggestions:
You have a good start with the water and the exercise.
You need to add some veggies to your diet. Eat as many veggies as you can. This has been key for me.
You need to make time for breakfast and get in the habit of eating it every day. Hard boiled eggs made ahead are quick to grab. A whole grain waffle with some natural peanut butter smeared on it. Even a couple of slices of lowfat lunch meat and cheese wrapped in some lettuce. Look around here for ideas for quick breakfasts, there's a ton. It really is the most important meal of the day.
Plan ahead. Take some time each morning to think about where you will be during the day and what you will eat, what you might need to bring along to keep you on-plan.

It can be done! Just take a look around this board and you will see many examples and inspirations. We are all busy people, but we have made a commitment to make our health one of our priorities. I for one work fulltime, have three kids, and a husband that travels for a living. I assure you, it's possible!

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Erica - don't think of the whole amount. Can you lose 10 pounds? It is very overwhelming to look at the entire amount. The most important thing is the pound you are working on losing right now. So - can you lose 10 pounds? Can you do it 10 times?

I agree with sprkle - write down everything you eat - I use The Daily Plate - you will be surprised. Also - you need to drink alot more water than you are now - at first that will be a chore - trust me - you will come to love it and what it does for you.
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Diet and exercise. Pick a plan you can follow. Eat regular meals , 3 meals everyday. If you can't eat breakfast try a protein shake or Slimfast. Plan your meals ahead of time, keep a food diary so you know exactly what you are eating.
I found calorie counting to be the most effective for me. Others find success with WW or South Beach or Fat Smashers. Try taking it 10 or 20 pounds at a time, it doesn't seem so daunting if you break it down.

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Hi Erica, I'm new to these boards although I discovered this site at the beginning of the year I'm finally finding the courage to get on and do something about my needed weight loss. Like you I have over 100 pds to loose. Also, Like you I feel overwhelmed by this number. It's like cleaning a really cluttered room...where do you start?

I've decided to be perfectly honest about this whole endeavor. I've never really tried to lose weight. I am 45 yrs. old and my weight started coming on when I went to college. My 'college 15' turned into 'college uh oh'! Then I married and had 3 sons close together so really never even seriously considered the weight because I always had an 'excuse'. Well, I don't anymore. My blood pressure is barely controlled by medication and I have to face the fact that my health is in serious danger.

I have an appt. at CURVES tomorrow morning to check them out. Do you think they're helping you? I've heard conflicting things about them.

I'm going to try the journaling. Everyone talks about how much it helps to keep a journal...I'm a procrastinator so that's got to change for me also.

Maybe with the help of all the 'Loosers' (I mean that in a good way!!!) on these boards we can achieve our goal also!

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Hello Erica, glad to see you here! I am in much the same situation as you are, though I have lost a big amount of weight before. I think that once you start losing and get used tothe program you chose it will be easier then you think.

Like Schmoodle mentioned, breaking it up in small goals can really help.You can eg try to lose 10% of you weight first, which is highly recommended. Or you can just not focus on the weight at all (if you are that strong, I have to admit I fail at this) and buy an outfit one size smaller then you are now. It's a realboost when they fit, and then you can go shopping for the next outfit as a reward.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I, too, think you might benefit from a little more struture in your eating plan. FitDay (The Daily Plate is another good choice) is a good place to log your foods to track that you are getting a proper nutrition balance and that your calories are in the right range for weight loss. It is only time consuming at the beginning. Once you get used to it, it hardly takes any time at all. You might also like a plan like weight watchers or something along that line.

We're glad you are here - keep asking questions!
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Hey there -- welcome!

Your current weight/height and my starting weight/height are almost identical (I'm 5'4" and I started at 264lbs). I also started working out and Curves and their program DOES work. i would go 5-6 times a week and the pounds came off pretty steadily, but then I lived only a few blocks from them, so i didn't have to worry ab driving there. But anyway, going to Curves is a really good way, imo, to introduce yourself to exercise. I'd NEVER worked out before then and the atmosphere there and the workout made me feel comfortable -- when I would go, I would work those stations like CRAZY, really giving it my all, and I think that really helped me have success there. Eventually, as I lost weight and my fitness level increase, I had to leave Curves bc the workout became too easy for me/my body got used to it.

I know it's hard, but TRY not to focus on how much you have to lose. Focus instead of behaviors -- what you eat, whether you workout and how hard and how much, etc. Good luck!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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welcome aboard the board! yay! Like everyone else has said, don't focus on the BIG number ~ just focus on 10! or if you don't like even numbers, pick lucky 7.7 lbs., LOL, whatever works for you!!

I was never a breakfast eater EVER! When I started to make a change, I thought "well the only way i'll succeed is if i make eggs or oatmeal like everyone else does" well that lasted about 4 days because I don't have time or the inclination first thing in the morning -- turns out, i don't NEED variety for breakfast, I can just scarf down my 1/2 cup cottage cheese in 2 seconds LOL and when I get to work have a coffee and a Kashi bar and a piece of fruit, easy peasy! and now it's automated, thank goodness!

I think CURVES can only help ~ any movement is an improvement on none, right? like someone said above, once your fitness level kicks up a notch I'm sure you'll outgrow it but we all have to start somewhere! I'm a recent convert to walking ~ always dreaded it, each 20 minute walk was like gearing up for an olympic event LOL, but now it's kinda fun ~ I used to use music but I've discovered I kind of like the silence, the 'zoning out' for 45 min-hour, makes the world slow down a little bit!

So, welcome! and don't be overwhelmed by that 113 lbs, you only have 7.7 lbs in front of you heheheh, and make a few subtle changes along the way and you'll be laughin!!! oh yah, remember to LAUGH!!!
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The Radiant One
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Definitely think in terms of chunks of weight. I measured mine by decades. I got myself a little gift for each time I went into a lower decade. Nothing big, just like a CD or a manicure, or a new dvd. Stuff like that. I am not sure I would set any kind of date goals. Those of us with larger amounts to lose play on a whole different field time wise than others.

The title of your post on the best way to lose 113 pounds? The answer is 1 pound at a time
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ONEderland here I come!
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patience is key here.

also you may want to work on improving the foods you are eating... i didn't see any veggies or fruits in your list

as for 113 pounds... nope you don't have to lose that.... you have to lose a small amount.

5 pounds at a time works.

it's worked for me. i'm down 70 pounds with another 40 to go...
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What is the best way to lose 113lbs?

One day at a time. One pound at a time. It may be slow but this isn't a race.

A year from now you may only be down 10 or 20 pounds. But you're going to weigh something no matter what in a year. Take it one day at a time and your weight will be less next year. Do nothing and, well, I think you know the answer there.

Don't think of breakfast as a type of meal - think of it just part of your morning routine. Your body needs fuel and that eating something fairly early on kicks your metabolism into gear. I'm 50 and I work the swing shift so my metabolism is whacked - I wouldn't lose anything if I didn't keep prodding it with small healthy meals to remind it what it is supposed to be doing for me.

Try this, since cooked brocoli is one of your few veggies (and lucky for you it's a very very good veggie too!)

Put a little olive oil (a table spoon - it's a good fat and your body needs fat!) in a wok or fry pan and lightly cook your brocoli. Try adding some minced garlic or red peppers (they are sweet and mild and if it turns out you really don't like them you can pick them out). Just cook lightly.

Shred 4 ounces of cheddar (or other very tasty cheese) into the bottom of a 9 inch pie pan. You can use low fat cheese but it tends to get a bit rubbery. Add a layer of cooked turkey sausage - italian or breakfast sausage - protein and spice is what you're looking for here just make sure it's turkey so it's healthy. Cover the sausage layer with your lightly cooked brocolli. You want to use as much brocolli as you can fit in the pie pan really. Make it a thick layer. Now beat up 4 eggs and 1/2 cup of non-fat evaporated milk (in your baking section of the store). Add salt, pepper, maybe some ground mustard while your beat the egg mixture. Pour it over everything and bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. 1/4 of this crustless quiche will be under 300 calories, very filling, and give you a serving of veggies. It is good hot or cold for a grab and go breakfast. If you like it you can try adding spinach (another very good veggie - as in very good for you). Or blending up other veggies and adding them to the egg mixture so you don't see them and the taste is hidden by the cheese and sausage.

I started at about your weight with about your goal about 2 months ago - if I can do this weight loss thing then you can too!. Right now I'm losing like gangbusters because I've lived on junkfood for 25 years and my body is both shocked and overjoyed at the healthy food and lack of massive refined sugar calories. Your body wants to be healthy! Give it a chance and it'll do right by you! ANd a year from now however much you have to lose will be a lot less than 113 pounds.

(I'm aiming for 175 by next May's opening weekend at Hershey Park! Never again will I have to worry about fitting the restraining bar or belt!)

You can do it Erica!!!
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M.S. + living balance
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TRUST ME you CANNOT focus on the big picture. Break it into small mini goals and focus on that. I still get tripped up when I think about how far I've come/have to go!

smoodle made a great point. keeping track of your daily food intake can change your life. I've been tracking everything on for a little over a year now. It keeps me accountable!

all the best. Try to find something that will work for you over the long run. Eating breakfast and nutritious snacks during the day along with planned, balanced meals can make your weight loss goals a reality. Like others have mentioned.. it takes structure. BUT it works!

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