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Future Wonder Woman
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Question How many lbs before you went down a ring size?

Hi all. I wanted to know how many pounds did you have to lose before your ring size went down? I am currently a 9, but remember being like a 7 or a 6. I just bought a size 7 ring and can't wait to get into it!
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Starting over =]
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i lost about 20 to before i saw a difference, but bloating affects ring size also
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I'd say my ring started getting loose around 20 lbs lost, fell off at about 40 lbs lost.
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I am worth it
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It was about 15-20 pounds for me too. I went from a size 9.5 to a 7.5 very quickly. I had a bridge put into my wedding rings around that time. They are getting lose again even with the bridge.
I think a ring as a "goal" is a great idea. Its like a little gift for your self once you get to wear it. I may have to suggest something similar to my hubby since I need a new goal LOL
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Future Wonder Woman
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S/C/G: 248/see ticker/145

Height: 5'6"


Thanks guys, I bought this beautiful ring on eBay and I'm just hoping my finger shrinks fast so I can wear it!

sweetnlow28, yes, now that I know that in another 15-20 lbs or so, I am super motivated to stay on track to wear that ring. Definitely tell the hubby hehe. A great way to get more jewelry.
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Loving life!!
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I can't really tell you lol all I remember is working a party & when I threw my arms out acting a part out, my wedding rings flew off my finger lol
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I really hope I won't go down much on my fingers - hey, I like them the way they are! But my wedding ring is already less tight then it was summer last year (my fingers are always bigger in summer when it's hot)...
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Closet health nut!
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I don't remember, but I wish they'd stop! I have rings that I have to wear on my middle finger and thumb and they're still to big. Unfortunatly a lot of my rings can't be sized because of their design. I had to size my wedding ring down to 5 1/4 at about 187 and it's getting loose again. To be fair I've always had smaller fingers. I think at my heaviest my wedding ring was a 6 maybe a 6 1/2.
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I'm not sure, but I've gained about 10 lbs since I got married and the ring is getting tighter. I had no idea how much my weight affected my ring size. It is a little embarrassing to have a ring size much bigger than my husbands.
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It's OK to be hungry
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I've lost almost 50, and all my rings still fit? Now, my fingers don't get swollen as much (before, during TOM my fingers would swell so bad I'd have to take my rings off completely) but they all still fit. Not sure how I feel about that. I like my rings, so good. I wouldn't mind skinnier fingers, so bad? haha
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Resident Pixie
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S/C/G: Pant Size - 28/12/8

Height: 5'2"


I don't remember exactly :|. I do remember this though..back when I weighed close to 250 pounds (probably in 2003), I went on a shopping spree at a jewelry shop with my momma and we both got about 6 rings each. Not big buck rings, gold and small diamonds (okay..teeny tiny diamonds ) (that is really beside the point but I tend to ramble, sorry). All the rings I bought were too small for me...every single one of them. I never got them resized, I just kept them in the boxes they came in and packed em away. When my bf and I went on vacation this year, I took the rings out and was able to wear each and every one of them. It was a great moment for me

You will get there I wish you all the best with your goals

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Height: 5'6"


My ring size never changed at all, even when I was down 65lbs....so I think it varies by person.
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One step at a time
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Height: 5'7


Hmm, well, I went from a 7.5 to a 6 and I've lost a little over 50lbs.
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1 size for every 20 pounds for me.
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Losing the baby weight
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Mine is a little loose but not enough to warrant getting it resized, and I've lost 26 pounds.

Ahh actually, Dylan proposed when I was about 185 pounds... so I guess it's only been about 17 then. He thinks I should get it resized though, because it swings around my finger easily and the top falls to the side.
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