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Exclamation What am I doing wrong? (A few questions)

Hello! I'm new to the forums and I've lost a lot of weight, but I've been at a plateau for a LONG time (lol by a long time I mean like 4-5 months...that may not be a long time for you guys, but it's definitely a long time for me)

I'm never really hungry, so that's not my problem and I've recently started working out on a regular basis, so I'm good there. I don't know what to do. Please help!

On a typical day:
Calories eaten: 850-1200cals

Calories burned:
1. P90X - 900cals
2. Hip Hop Abs/jogging/walking - 200-400

What am I doing wrong? I heard about "net cals" and whatnot, and so I'm thinking I'm doing everything right, but I could be wrong. What exactly are net cals and are they supposed to be at zero by the end of the day? I thought that since on most days my net cals are negative (cals eaten - cals burned) that I was doing pretty well, but maybe not? Maybe it's something else? Ugh. I just don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP.
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My first thought is 850 calories is really friggin low. How about upping your calories a bit, maybe to 1200-1400 range for a few weeks and see how that goes?
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I agree w/ onederchic, 850 cal is to low. You could be essentially sending your body into starvation mode!! Just my opinion..
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850 calories isn't even enough for a short, thin and sedentary woman. You are definitely forcing your body to hold onto the weight.

As for not being hungry.... People always say this to explain that the way they are eating is OK. But the fact is that your body is highly adaptable. You aren't hungry because it has gotten used to not being fed and is compensating.

If you are certain that you are eating in the 850 range, you really must start eating a good deal more. 1,200 calories a day is the bare minimum that an adult woman should be. (Teens need more.) I'm not certain your calorie-burning estimates are accurate—typically such estimates run high, and I say this as a runner and big-time weightlifter—but you are clearly active and need to take that into consideration when eating as well.

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Yep - if 850-1200 calories is accurate, you're not losing because you're not eating enough, particularly to fuel crazy workouts like P90X. Your body thinks it is starving, so it slows down all your metabolic processes so that everything you do burns fewer calories.

You need to eat more.
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I agree w/everyone else, your calorie intake is way too low!!! Your body is probably not in a plateau, but in starvation mode due to the low cals, it seems like on most days your burn as much calories as you eat. I would def. try uping your calorie intake to fuel your body. Try that first, I don't mean just mindlessly stuff food in your mouth, just plan out a good, balanced meal plan and I bet that will probably get your body losing weight again. If you can, look into finding a dietician to help you, or just experiment until you find something that works for you! Good luck sweety! Keep up the good work!!
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these ladies have it right. i know it sounds ridiculous at first. i was eating about 900 calories/day for quite awhile and not losing anything. i got the same advice and didn't believe it but i figured id try since i was desperate. i cycled 1200-1400 and started losing again.

what is your height/weight?
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Yep, they've got it right. I came here very discouraged because I was not losing and I had no idea why, I mean it's not like I was eating all the time, I was never hungry. I ate maybe 900cal a day and worked out. My stomach didn't growl but I was so sleepy all the time. Now I know being tired is a sign of hunger.

Anyway they told me to up my calories and I did and I started immediately losing 1-2 lbs a week! Just be careful what you up them with, like don't allow yourself 1400 calories a day and make 1000 of them milkshakes and burgers lol

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Like others said, 850 is too low. When I eat too low of calories like that on the days that I just have zero appetite and I keep up with my exercise and water (burning more than I take in), my scale doesn't really budge at all. My body's 'happy place' now is generally at 1100-1200...and sometimes I have to force myself up toward 1400 every few days. Calorie manipulation is part of the game so far in my experience. I didn't realize what the problem was with my delays until I joined here and took the advice. Now I tend play with my calorie intake a bit more without the fear I had prior. It's giving better results and I feel a somewhat better sense of control.
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I agree with all of the above.

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