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Talking What is your favorite mental image of yourself @ goal weight?

We are always told to keep our mind focused on the prize, to envision ourselves meeting our goals, whether it is a promotion, or weight loss, or an activity we want to accomplish.

I know this is especially true of weight loss. I sometimes complain to myself on days when I just can't seem to exercise at all, or make lots of bad food decisions, that reaching my weight goal must not be so important to me if I'm so lazy or unmotivated that I just don't even try. But it really is important to me. Sometimes it just seems that my mind is gear but my body can't keep up, or my body could totally handle it, but I can't get my brain to activate it. I hate those days.

I really hate those days, and I hate the guilt even more.

What do I love? I love the days when I have all the good images in my mind. Not the images of the fact that I'm the super tall fat girl that is head, shoulders, hips and tummy beyond all my peers (it's bad enough being the big girl, but being six inches taller just makes me feel like Andre the Giant on top of all of it). I love fashion and I look forward to shopping for my new body. I love walking around and lounging naked after sex, and I imagine how much nicer it will be when I'm smaller than the person I'm lounging next to. My final reward is to return to Europe and treat myself to my first trip to Rome, and I look forward to not being ashamed of how I look in my travel pictures. I imagine myself going back to the Appalacian trail and doing week-long hikes instead of just weekend hikes. But my favorite mental image?

My absolute favorite image of myself at goal weight is me in a sports bra and running shorts, nothing else, running though Central Park in the fall, the breeze in my face, whizzing past all the stuffy Upper East Siders, with a huge smile on my face and my ponytail swinging happily back and forth, my iPod cranked and legs are toned and healthy and my middle bit has stuck the finger to 'apple-shaped'. I can't wait to get to the Great Lawn and stretch and cool down and look back over my journey that got me there.

What is your favorite go-to mental image of yourself that keeps you on the wagon?

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Trying Again
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My favorite mental image is of me looking great in a beautiful wedding gown on the day I marry the man of my dreams. I just can't seem to picture that day with me being fat. Now that we have set an official date and are planning, it has been great motivation to stay on the wagon.

Another favorite mental image is me walking through a mall, trying on all the sexy clothes you see in the windows, and actually looking great in them!
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oh heck yes, I can't wait to go shopping!
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oh man, this was fun.
Right now, I can't wait until I can go shopping with my friends and try on all of the ugly fashion that is out there...and being able to just try on clothes without having to go to a Plus-Sized store.

I also want to take pictures with my sisters and not have to hide behind people. I'm tired of just being the floating head behind everyone.

And finally, I can't wait to see the look on my best friend's face when she realizes that I'm finally thinner than she is
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Shopping. I've been wearing the same clothes I wore 6 yrs ago. Mainly because I refused to buy my fat self clothes. I would like to be up to date again. LOL
The best image is my hubby and I renewing our vows next year. I'll be wearing the same dress. I've been wanting to do it but couldn't imagine doing it with all the extra weight.
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I really needed this. I love hearing other people's best ideas about themselves. I have no patience for myself today. Being injured and not being able to run makes me feel like I am wasting time. Today is just one of those days where I want to be THERE already. I've been busting my butt for years I want some gratification so badly.
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Happiness is not a weight
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Yep - the wedding dress... We haven't set a date yet, but it'll be sometime next summer. I want to be able to wear something form fitting and classy - not a big ballgown to cover up my thunder thighs... I mean, we're spending how much money on this thing? I want the pictures to be something I'll cherish forever - not a memorial of my overweight self
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Just keep breathing!
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I see myself as being skinny and productive!

Waking up at five am, making a green smoothie, going to the gym, going to work, (to a job I love, no less!) having to carry a black leather schedule book and "pencil" people in with dinner parties, movie nights, and more! I see myself as being savings-savvy and taking that coupon-clipping success and traveling the world with it. Especially being one of "those" people that can go on an entire adventure with just a carry-on bag. Because in my mind, when I'm skinny I'll be able to pack more versatile outfits that travel better, than the awkward-fitting, weird clothes I have now. I'll also have better hair and skin, so I won't need so many products to lug around! Skinny = Achieving fun, gorgeous, healthy looks with minimal effort.

We'll see how far that gets me... hahaha
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i love all of that. dang that's hot!
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I've only just begun! :)
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I want to be able to wear a full business suit, jacket and all, and not feel tight and constricted and hot. I want to be able to take the stairs at work and not be exhausted and sweaty. I want to look as professional and accomplished as I am.

Thanks for posting this question - what a great one!
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I've had a lot of dreams about running lately. Like I just start running and get like a mile without even being really tired. I really look forward to getting there. I don't have much endurance in running yet. But I'm already feeling like I've improved so much. It used to feel so unnatural to run even just a few yards across the street or something. Now I find myself jogging short little distances like that all the time without even thinking about it.
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I love these <3
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Angelina/Gerard is Love
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Since daydreaming is basically my profession, I have alot of images of my future skinny self. Mainly everyday things and things that would be everyday if I wasn't such a scaredy-cat.

Ripping up the roadways on a motorcycle, looking fierce in a torqued-out truck. I envision my hair longer (and frizz free!) and my *** rockin. I totally own the fitted jeans and knee high boots.

I could go on and on and on.....
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Age 53
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This question just stunned me. I realize I have no vision of my future self in mind. Wonder why?
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My boyfriend of 3 years passed away three months ago...he loved me regardless of my weight, but I still always wanted him to get to see me thin. He had this thing about girls wearing stripes (haha), but I always felt too fat to wear them. I'm a firm believer in some kind of afterlife, so I'd like to visit his grave wearing something fabulous and striped once I reach goal.

I realize that's kind of a sad vision, but I think it'll give me some peace of mind.
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