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Default People Staring

I dread the Spring/Summer .I used to enjoy those seasons and now I get people staring and laughing. That ticks me off so much and when people realize that it is tough losing weight. I just wish people in my area understands. I don't want to be indoors, I am human and taking slow walks in my new neighborhood this year and get bad remarks from people when they see my belly. I don't want to get into deep depression again,..I'm stable and want to enjoy life,just like everyone. It is just not fair when people stare and I get laughed at. The story of my life!!!
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People can be very ignorant & cruel.

I'd just ignore them, get a headset & keep walking
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People do that really? I just don't get it, they must really be some small-minded, ignorant individuals. Not worthy of a second thought from you. You know what I say? Phooey on them, it is you who will have the last laugh, you are doing something positive and healthy for yourself, even if they don't know that, YOU know that. Nevermind them, focus on yourself and how great you are doing for getting out there, you GO girl!
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I totally get what you mean about people being cruel.

This happened to me in January. New year, new diet and everything so I went to the store to go on the weighing scales as mine were broken. Just as I was about to get on two men walked past (note men not young boys they were at least 30) and shouted "I can tell you what you are, your fat!".

Thanks very much for that (not) They really killed off my enthusiasm, and I was left thinking why do I bother.

People can be really hurtful sometimes, just try and ignore them.
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Buy an iPod, listen to some music as you walk, and ignore the losers. You have a right to be outside and enjoy the sunshine like everyone else!
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I know how you feel.Mean people s---!Especially when they are mean at church.I came to realize it is their problem,not mine! I am also a great believer in karma.So when people are mean I just think keep it up,because it will eventually come to bite you in the a--!
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This is part of the reason that I started taking my walks at night.

Most people are asleep or indoors so I can just relax and walk my dogs. Plus I don't need to worry about sunscreen.
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F*** em'! Stay focused and you'll get to where you wanna be! Then you'll be complaining about all the guys who are drooling over you!
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I feel the same way.Even when I can't hear what people are saying I still think they are laughing about me.I always worry about the kids at my childrens school.I don't want them to suffer because of me.Just hold your head up and keep going.One day they will be talking about how great you look and how much you've changed.Then you can have the last laugh!!!
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Getting Right is RIGHT on the money with her very first comment. Exactly.

I am staring too right now at you Liliann because I know how hard it is to get motivated and get out there and do something. I am amazed by you. Keep up your good work.
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Uck!! Aren't some people awful!!

Smile sweetly and shame them.

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I am so sorry dear

It is the time of year that all of us have the right to enjoy

We can't stop people from making fun ~ We can't stop the pain inside we feel when they do

But we can takes steps to minimize the damage by focusing on what we can do

We can go out and walk ~ We can pretend to ignore the comments ~ We can see the beauty out there that we deserve ~ We deserve to feel God's coolness and warmth....the sounds....the smells of spring and summer

You deserve all the and great advice these gals have given you...you do!
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Just hold your head high and walk whenever your want to. They are the ones who should be embarrassed.
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Liliann...I am so sorry you have had to deal with that... I have never understood that mentality... If someone is out doing something about their health problems...what is there to make fun of? I agree...karma is a ***** and they will definitely get theirs! In the meantime...do get an ipod and put your favorite music on it and focus on that and your breathing and how you are moving...sort of a moving meditation...soon you will be noticing all the stares again...of admiration!!! Big hugs to you...

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Thank you guys!! I am ignoring those remarks..and getting on my healthy lifestyle changes. After I posted , My boyfriend Marcos called me and also cheered me up. This site is the best! and understands.

Love you all!!!!
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