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Default Is it just me or does this creep anyone else out?

Ok, so last night both me and the bf worked late. Then we met a friend and her family and spent a good 2 hours outside talking. By the time we got home we were both exhausted and we decided to do something we hadn't done in over 2 months (cue the scary organ music) we ordered in chinese food. We both got reasonably healthy dinners, chicken and broccoli for me I only ate half of a small container of rice (less than half a cup) and a large container of the chicken and broccoli. Calorie wise I was still 500 under for the day but today I gained two pounds when I weighed in. Don't worry, I'm not freaking out. I know that it's water weight. That is the first thing that freaks me out. I drink ALOT of water, easily 100oz in a day and regardless of that I still retained water after that food. The other thing...I can feel it. My hands feel that yucky tight way they do when I'm retaining badly. Ugh. Clearly I can't eat Chinese food anymore. I can't say I really mind...I cook better than most of the restaurants in the area anyway But EW How much salt do they put in that stuff?!?!?!

Ok, that's all sorry for the randomness but I was waaaaay creeped out this morning.

All the love ladies!!!!
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Think msg and soy sauce. Lots of sodium in Chinese food. I still indulge but request low sodium soy when it is available, also they will make it without the msg if you ask.
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My husband and I ALWAYS feel like crap when we go for Chinese food. We get the craving about once every 2 months or so. After we are finished, and we do make good choices, we both look at each other and say "Let's never do this again" Bloated, gassy, we can't seem to get enough water to drink for almost a day later. WHY DO WE CONTINUE ???? We try to make a effort to stay away !!
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Me too!! I had Chinese for the first time in months yesterday, no rice, and Bam!! One pound higher today! And, UGH, do I feel bloated!

Ummm. But it was Goooooood!
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Yeah, it's pretty nasty.
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I take it you meant 1500 for the day, not 500...

I haven't had Chinese food in some time. When I do eat it, I stick with mostly vegetables and try to get items without a lot of sauce. It's the sauces that get you with Chinese foods--they are all sugar and oil and salt. Of course, many traditional Chinese dishes are not like that, but the foods made for Western consumption usually are...

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Originally Posted by JayEll View Post
I take it you meant 1500 for the day, not 500...
Jay, 500 under, not total

I feel exactly what you're saying... I eat out rarely - partly for financial reasons but partly because I bloat terribly almost whenever I eat out. I LOVE spicy Thai food, and I do occasionally eat that or sushi, but I have to drink lots of water the next day too. I'm sure you'll be fine once you flush sodium out, but it makes you want to fix your own meals for a while, doesn't it??
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I had Chinese food on Friday for the first time in probably at least 6 months. Super bloated until today. Yuck. MSG is worse than just plan salt LOL!

There is a reason why it's called Chinese Food Syndrome.
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Originally Posted by txsqlchick View Post
Those sauces are so sticky because of the sugar and they bloat me up like nothing else except Indian food. It's weird because when I lived in Britain Indian food did not bloat me up like that, but that's probably because I walked and biked more; maybe that helped to shift the water out?
I haven't had Chinese in ages (probably not since I started my weigh loss journey, but that's not by decision, I simply don't get to eat Chinese very often) but I had some Vietnamese/Thai food and I never felt bloated. But than again, I am not the habit of weighing myself every morning. I also don't have problem with Indian food - in fact, I had Indian this Sunday and oh my gosh, I know I should not say it here but I was stuffed to the rafters!!! I went with a friend and we ordered 3 different meals so that we can mix and share. One was lamb in curried sauce (absolutely delicious), one was chicken in yogurt sauce (so-so) and the third was eggplant, tomato and other veggies in some spicy mixture. Oh, and raita. We both opted to have no rice or naan bread. It actually was not a huge amount of food (they bring it in the serving dishes and when you split it between two people, it's not that much) but somehow I was horribly full - but I did not feel bloated, I was just too full.
I am sure there was some cream in the curry sauce, it was too good, but at least I had lots of protein!!!

Next time, we are skipping the chicken in yogurt sauce and going just for the lamb in curry sauce and the eggplant veggie mixture.

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Try switching to Japanese food. We used to be weekly Chinese eaters, and instead we've switching to going to a Hibachi restaurant once or twice a month. The food is better {cooked right in front of your from scratch, so you know what you're getting} and I never get that bloaty, water retaining feeling afterwards.
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Since I've been weighing daily, I've found so many things that can affect the number on the scale. I do avoid what I can several days before my TOPS weigh-in on Monday nights, but generally I've learned ways to deal and compensate.

Extra water helps alot, so I really push the water when I'm eating chinese food, starting with the meal. That means I'm up all night going to the potty, but usually I don't get the nasty bloated feeling, or much if any water gain the next day (and it's all back where it should be by day 2).

I don't really avoid chinese or ethnic restaurants because while they may add a little extra water weight temporarily, the're often a better choice in the long-run, as there are often a lot more lower calorie and high veggie choices available at ethnic restaurants than "american" ones. I have to be aware not to avoid the super-sweet or fatty sauces and deep fried meats, and starchy entrees, but I'm stll left with more weight-loss friendly choices than in most other restaurants.
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I don't really avoid chinese or ethnic restaurants because while they may add a little extra water weight temporarily, the're often a better choice in the long-run, as there are often a lot more lower calorie and high veggie choices available at ethnic restaurants than "american" ones.
Same here. I love a good veggie Thai curry or a steamed veggie dumpling or stir fried veggies and brown rice. All yummy stuff. I just know that I'm gonig to consume more sodium and that it'll affect my weight at least temporarily.

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The best way to go with Chinese food is steamed. So if your in a bind have steamed chicken and veggies and add your own soy sauce or get a garlic sauce on the side

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I've never had a problem with the Asian food I crave. Thai (ate green curry a MINIMUM of 1 time a week when I was pregnant with my first...poor husband had to drive half an hour to get it too!) and Japanese food are my favourite styles of food out there. I had a Japanese roommate one year in college...between the two of us we went through a 50 pound bag of rice. The place my husband and I got engaged was a Japanese restaurant called Koji's (now unfortunately, that one was bought by Hooters, though there is another Koji's that my Japanese language class went to). Drat, now I'm craving spider maki and curry!

I haven't had Chinese is probably a year so I don't know how I react. I do know that some people are deathly allergic to MSG. Another roommate of mine had to go to the hospital on more than one occasion because of it. I avoid it like the plague, it is in so much stuff though, it can be hard to do.
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It may not be just the sodium. When I eat food that isn't part of my normal diet, it makes me retain water. The food doesn't have to be particularly high in sodium, it can be anything that my body just isn't used to processing--foods that are high in fat, processed carbs, sugars, etc. All of it makes me retain water, sometimes several pounds of water, until my body flushes it out.

Food that is high in fat makes me feel especially crummy the next day, whereas food that is high in sodium doesn't make me feel bad.
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