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Red face What was your motivation to lose weight?

I thought it would be neat to share each other motivation on what caused us to want to lose weight.

Was it self motorvation?

Was it your family?

Was it guys?

Your health?

Was it cause everyone was talking about you?

My Story:
When I got laid off from my job last year, it gave me some time to think. There was a picture taken of the group of people I worked with that I was going to miss. When I got that picture, I thought to myself good grief. Am I really that big?, I went to weigh myself and found I was a whopping 257LB. Good grief, I thought, this had to stop. I'm a single girl and I never had problems getting attention from guys until the last two years or so. I have never realized I have gotten so fat. I do admit, I got started off losing weight for all the wrong reasons, GUYS!!!, but it got me started. I watched a neighbor of mine while I was losing weight and she was losing weight for her mate, she lost alot of weight for a year and when her mate left out of her life, she was gaining back, I stopped and think, How losing weight for someone else was a bad idea. I thought about my neighbor, How she said why lose weight at all when you are going to lose them anyway. While I was on this weight losing journey, taking pictures for every 10Lb I lose, I can see that I was looking different, better looking, how I felt great when I walked, how I felt more confident about myself the more I lose, how just breathing felt great, and best of all, I had this bad back pain that was hurting me real bad, I no longer have those back pains anymore. I decided from here on to love myself, to be conseded about it, if it made me sound conseded , so what, cause, I am getting that great looking girl back.So I changed my out look for myself, I'm not losing weight for someone elses benefit, I'm losing it for my benefit and boy budy, I feel great and looking great everyday and I will make my goal. Lost 30Lb 92 more Lb to go.
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FeistyFilly - congrats on losing 30 lbs. You're an inspiration!

My motivation for losing weight was, our family had family pictures done last year. When we received the pictures I was horrified, it's like, 'I really look like that?' It really made me wake up and realize how heavy I actually was, that and the fact that my clothes were continually getting tighter and tighter. Also, I didn't like the feeling of having no energy all the time. So that's what started the weight loss journey for me.
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Well, my motivation has changed since I first seriously started losing weight. I know jealousy is not a good thing - but I was jealous that my best friend at work had surgery (NOT for me!) to tie off half her stomach, and that she was seriously going to be skinny soon. And I would be the fat girl at the front desk! That got me seriously cutting back on food and finding a program that I like.

Now my motivation is healthier. I want to lose it for me! For health reasons, to get up and down the stairs easier, to have more energy. I'm looking forward to buying new clothes when I get the weight off. Its been 20 years since I ENJOYED shopping for clothes!

And buy the way, the surgery thing is not working well for my friend. She never dealt with her eating habits, and still tries to eat like she used to. It just makes her sick, and she has stopped at a 50 pound loss. She says I'm a inspiration to her - doing exercises every day. I hope I can be even more of an inspiration once I get all the weight off.

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