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All That's Left of Me
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Thumbs up Why I Want To Lose Weight...(The Truth)

Okay, so being healthy and all...yada, yada, yada. I'm not that idealistic, but for those of you who are...awesome. But as for me, I have my reasons, ranked in order.

1. I want a family...a big family! That takes a husband, whom I would have to go out and meet. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like there are a lot more single women than there are single that possible? Well anyways, I have a lot of competition out there in "the field", competition that is skinnier, financially secure, independent, and doesn't have any children. Just being a single mom puts me at a disadvantage...being fat on top of it, well that's more like a crippling disadvantage.

2. I want to wear clothes that are made for people my age. Sure, some of the Layne Bryant clothes are okay, but they're expensive...and frankly, I want to put a bag over my head just to walk in there. What have I done to myself that has put me in the position of having to shop in a "specialty" clothing store. It's one thing when you're pregnant and have to shop in a maternity store, that's cute, and even fun. But a store where all of the pants are made from a stretchy material...that's just WRONG! And who's idea was that anyway? What woman who has a tummy pouch wants pants with a little "give" so her stomach can feel free to poof out a bit? C'mon jeans, stay firm and hold that sucker in!

3. I want to go out to a restraunt and eat from the "lite" menu without the waitress assuming I'm on a diet. I mean, can't a girl just eat light without becoming a cliche?

4. I want to wear a shirt that goes up to my waist without worrying about my gut hanging out underneath.

5. I want a guy to hold the door open for me too, not just the skinny girl in front of me.

6. I don't want to be the only fat girl in my gym (believe it or not, right now I am).

7. I don't want to be a stereotype. I already have to deal with the "single mom" stereotype, please GOD don't let me have to carry the "fat girl" stereotype as well!

8. I don't want the seatbelt in the car to ever poke into my side again.

9. I want to wear a bathing suit without a skirt around the bottom.

10. I don't want to have to wash my skinfolds a few times a day to keep from getting a rash (yuck, I know).

11. I want to go to a bar and get hit on by a guy MY OWN AGE, rather than the 40 year olds and guys that are too drunk to care.

12. I want to play with Jobe more.

13. I want to like myself more.

14. I want to wear pretty underwear again.

15. Never again do I want to feel guilty for eating when I am truly hungry!

16. I want to have energy again.

The most important thing to me though is that I want to have more children...soon. I know, I'm putting the cart before the horese, but I don't want Jobe to be 12 years old when his first little brother/sister is born. I was raised an only child (with a 1/2 brother in federal prison) and I remember how lonely it was. I want 7 kids, a lot I know...but it's what I want in life. I don't care about having expensive things, or a rewarding career outside of the home. I want to be a homemaker, and a homeschooling mom. So yeah, I need to lose this weight...I'll do anything!

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About #1 there are more women on earth then men so it is not only possible it is a fact. I think it is a great list. I think everyone should have one frankly it makes losing weight real.
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That's a great list Amanda, and if it's ok, I am going to join in with you:

1. I don't want the person that I can't stand the most in the world to be. . .ME!

2. Even though I am engaged, I want to turn heads.

3. I want to go into ANY store I feel like (including Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal etc.) and be able to wear what I think is cute and not just what fits!

4. I don't want to feel like the fattest person in the room. . .EVER!

5. I want to buy a bathing suit that looks good and that wasn't preceeded by crying in the dressing room.

6. I don't want to ever cry in the dressing room ever ever ever again (unless I am crying because I think I look so damn hot it brings me to happy tears).

7. I want people to look at me and think "Wow, she must workout".

8. I don't want to try and hide my out of breathness after walking up the stairs when I get to class.

9. I don't want to look at pretty thin women and kinda hate them just because of that!

10. I want to be confident naked!

11. I don't want to feel self conscious of what people are thinking when I tell them I am a certified personal trainer!

12. I want to train at a gym again and walk in confidently every day knowing that I am a good example.

13. I want to feel like it's ok to switch my major to nutrition and exercise science with out feeling judged.

14. I don't want the way I look to ever be a factor in my mind when I decided whether or not to do something!
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All That's Left of Me
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KittieKat - Okay I'm not just being paranoid

Stephanie - I like your list, and agree with you on many of your points. You go girl!!!
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Big-time loser
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Amanda: I'm loving 3, 6 & 14 too!
LockItUp: I like your 7 & 8!
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here I go again...
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Default I must say, this list idea rocks

I love it! I can think of hundreds of reasons, but the first few are...

1. I want a man. And I don't want to settle for one that I don't really want because fat girls have to take what they can get. And I want him to be able to pick me up and carry me around like its no big deal...

2. I want to wear whatever I want. Swimsuits, dresses, short shorts and skirts. And tank tops! Little thin strapped, cute camisole looking tank tops.

3. I want the "skinny" clothes in my closet to be too big. Because even when I was "skinnier", I was not skinny.

4. I want enough self-confidence to do anything. If I believe in myself, maybe I will finally have the confidence to move forward in my career, and my life.

5. I don't ever want to hear "oh, you'd be really pretty if you lost weight" EVER AGAIN. And I don't ever want to think it again!

6. I don't want to be the fat sister! Or the fat daughter! Or granddaughter, or whatever.

7. I don't ever want to wear scary-stomach-holding-in underwear or those stupid pantyhose-short thingies that make your thighs look thinner, but really just moves the fat to odd places for the time being...

8. I love spending time on this website, but I'd much rather be spending my nights and free time out and about, mingling with hotties (hehe) and meeting the man described in #1...

9. I want to work out in spandex because it looks good, not because it keeps my thighs from touching.

10. I'm tired of my butt being my enemy... I want us to be friends

Ahhh... so good to write some of the reasons down! I could keep going, but they would get even sillier, I'm afraid...

Have a good night, everyone!
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Why I want to lose weight! I remember a time when i was the skinny good looking chick! noticed all the time!!!!!!!! and I want to be ripped, strong and damn fine again!!!!!!!!!!
My friends used to envy me, the guys used to perv, and I used to get wolf whistled at walking up the street, then I look in the mirror and say "what happened"!!

When you are noticed and people comment a lot! you feel so damn good about yourself, I think it made up for my lack of esteem and confidence. Now i would do just about anything to get it all back!
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Big-time loser
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Heheehee - I made be a fat chick, but my husband has always been able to lift me up and swing me around - you just have to get yourself a beefcake hubbie like mine!
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Post The truth thing is killing me...

I guess since I've already proclaimed my honesty with myself about my weight and admitted to the sucky things about being fat this would be my next step, probably should've been the first. We are all be honest here, right?

In no particular order:

1. I want to stop feeling that when people talk to me all they see is fat.

2. I want my daughter to be proud of me. I want her to see a healthy, strong woman when she looks at me. Fortunately, she's been blessed with a mega metabolism, so I want her to learn the proper way to care for herself so she will carry that through life.

3. I want to fit into my size 8 jeans that are stacked in my closet collecting dust.

4. I want every ex who I run into to say to themselves, "Why'd I let her go?"

5. I also don't want to be the fat sister, daughter and granddaughter, like abakerchick.

6. I want button down blouses to actually button around me and not have to wear them open with a shirt underneath.

7. I want to have another baby before I turn 30.

8. I want to live a long life to see my children and someday my grandchildren grow up.

9. I want to feel comfortable enough to participate in activities. I long to learn to play the guitar, take karate and a culinary class.

10. I want to love me.

11. I want to run.

12. I want to go shopping and enjoy it. To try on clothes without leaving the store practically in tears.

That's all for now, I may have to add to this...
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I just had to pop in here and post you are a woman on a mission now go out and do. I believe you will the best to you
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Bida Bida Bida
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Down with the fat! down with the fat!


my list - since I was bad and had mainly sugar today for foods (we raided a vending machine) (not chocolate - mostly starbursts/skittles - oh wait there were junior mints

1) GET a man. like people have been commenting. What is odd - is I had a hottie once (I was like 10 pounds lighter) but still not thin, so what is holding me back now? I feel like after I lost him, he was like the hoax? not mistake - what is the word I am searching for. But now I want to get back into the game. And somehow I feel like I am holding myself back, because of this (in part).

2) someone mentioned not hating skinny girls just cause they are skinny - I think that is great.

3) also- with the fashion - I have always appreciated it, i would love to wear it. See me on a runway! haha. but seriously - to be fashionable would be so nice - I may actually start to care what I look like when I go out in public.

4) look like I really worked out all the time so I didn't have to proclaim it.

5) feel healthier about my self image/comfort level.

6) not be the fat aunt (she is still too young to notice, must not let it influence her).

7) be a wild girl that gets noticed and appreciated for being the hot wild girl.

8) not continue hating how I look most of the time (i have good days)

9) when I am a famous director I don't want to be a fat one (like peter jackson or coppola) plus I gots to get all the hot actors attn

10) not feel guilty about spurlging once in a while on good food right after.

11) not feel like a giant with my best friend who is 5'2 and like 85-90 pounds. (how many of her am I!!!)

ok that is enough for now!

night all
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Smile i know how you feel!!!

I am a single mother as well, and have 100lbs to lose. i have been on weight watchers for 3 weeks, and have lost 10lbs. i feel exactly the same way you do, about everything. I miss pretty underwear. I miss being hit on, or even looked at in a positive way for that matter. my daughter is 16, but i would love more children. I agree about the competition, and right now I am not competition. i can't wait to be back in the game. I hope to hear from you soon!
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WOW! Part of me doesn't want to add on to this forum, because everyone already listed everything! But, I will do it anyway. They are in no particular order, just as they came to me.

1. I want to be able to use less insulin

2. I want everyone to see this CUTE hourglass figure that is hiding under fat

3. I want men my own age to look at me, pay attention to me and say DAMN! (in a good way)

4. I want my butt to be soon as I get rid of this back fat, it should be more visible.

5. I want to fit into a size 12...I'm not trying to be thin or skinny, but a 12 would look good on me.

6. I don't want to worry about if I'm being paid less because I'm fat.

7. Can I have a CUTE bra?!?! REALLY! Not one of those things my grandmother wouldnt even want to wear.

8. I want a man to think that something good about my body, not just my cute face and big boobs

9. I want a man! Where are they? I worry about some of those men who ONLY like big and really big girls...some of them seem to have...shall I say, issues of control.

10. I want some serious definition in my arms and legs...I like my thighs thick, but I want it to be more from muscle and not whats there now.

11. I don't want to avoid taking pictures in certain positions because it might make me look fatter.

12. I want some female to see me is serious competition. I was never competition in school because even though I'm cute, i'm also fat, so there goes Missie out of the game. DAMN!

13. I want to be the best looking person in the picture...unless I'm next to my mama, cause I can't/won't top her...that's my mama

14. I want to feel good naked. You know I have not been naked in front of anyone?!? I am 23, but I don't think my body looks good outside of clothes.

Dang, my list is getting really long. Okay, last one...

15. I want to walk up a flight of for the train or bus...and not be winded
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Default Thank you all

Ok I was feeling a bit down and a selfpity party like Im the only one feeling this blah, blah blah..Im glad I read this thread! All your reasons are mine too! Well except for two more:

airplane seats!

Disney rides!

so thanks for the motivation everyone is offline   Reply With Quote
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Eating for two!
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My biggest reason is definitely just that I want to have kids (once I'm married). I mean, I know you can get pregnant while being overweight and be okay, but with my luck health-wise, I would end up with every overweight pregnancy-related issue there is! I'd rather lose the weight first to lower the risks, especially of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.
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