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Default Insomnia

Are you guys had any problems of insomnia when you were on a strict diet or starting one (a strict one not a starving one), because since i started i have been waking up in middle of the night and not being abble to going back to sleep. Any advice will be welcome

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Sometimes it's not really the diet that does it. I always have problems with sleeping but I've always had this problem.

A strict diet probably will mess up your sleep...maybe for a little while. If it lasts more than a week or so...you should probably up your calories a little.
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I just started a new, strict diet under direction from my PT. She said for me to have a 1/2 cup of steel cut oatmeal after dinner. (1/4 cup if you measure it dry.) It's a slow burning carb and will stick with you for a while. I wonder if that would help you sleep?

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If anything I sleep better. Look at what you are having in the evening--are you drinking any diet colas or other drinks that might have caffeine? Any chocolate? That will keep me up. Or, perhaps look at what you're not having. Were you used to having a sweet snack before bed? Sometimes sugar makes one sleepy, and you could be having a rebound. Your body may adjust as time goes on without changing anything.

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Exercise is another possibility-doing cardio exercise "energizes you" and some people have to do it in the morning or afternoon, rather than in the evening-because if they do it too late, it keeps them awake.
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I'm the original insomniac my lack of sleep is stress related...I've tried EVERYTHING on the market, both prescription and homeopathic...I don't do caffiene after noontime and I don't do energizing workouts in the evening.

what works best for me is long slow stretching, it releases the tension in my muscles...the hot bath helps too.
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I`m not under any stress, i don`t drink caffeine i don`t know. I`m also under a medication which side effect is make me sleep more so i don`t know, if this happend again tonight i`m going to call mt doctor, maybe the efect is reversed
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