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Default Going semi-vegetarian for real this time (long)

My husband and I have planned to do a semi-vegetarian diet this coming month. We're getting rid of every junk food except for a couple:


Hot chocolate (I like to mix it with coffee or frozen, blended bananas),


This wonderful olive bread Kroger's bakery makes (I used to hate olives, but I love them now ... go figure),

Commercial wheat bread (it's the cheap kroger brand. I like to have options for sandwiches),

Mio (it really helps me drink a lot of water. I'll cut it out eventually, but right now I'm using it to get over soda).

Everything else is going to be vegetables, legumes, and homemade things like tortillas.

Here's a few things we're going to have:

Stuffed bellpeppers with quinoa, stewed tomatoes, onions, garlic, and a little cheese,

Fruit smoothies,

Quinoa stir fry/stir fry with rice noodles,

Beans and rice with salsa and cheese,

Spaghetti squash with a creamy yogurt sauce,



Chili (I'm looking for good vegetarian recipes, so please let me know if you've got some),

Homemade pizza,

Homemade bean burritos,

Bean burgers,

Fruit and yogurt,

Natural peanut butter/almond butter and jelly/honey sandwich,
Oatmeal and fruit.

How does this list sound? I know it's not perfect, but the things we've been eating has been VERY bad.
I'll list some of the stuff we've been eating:

Microwaveable burritos,


Kroger or Walmart's deli pizza,

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (might still have this, but be sparing on the cheese),

Deli meat sandwiches,

Steak fajitas,

Steak and cheese sandwich on olive bread/garlic bread,

Chicken strips,


Snack cakes,


Ice cream.

All kinds of bad stuff, and this isn't even counting most of the stuff we'd eat at my parents' when our food ran out. I'm hoping healthier foods will stretch out our food budget (we're on food stamps) since we will be dropping a huge amount of the junk we get.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do when junk-food cravings get bad? I think I may have some sort of food addiction (especially when it comes to sugar and carbs). Also, I eat when I'm not hungry a lot, because I feel bored and depressed, and it's the easiest way to make myself feel happy fast (of course I'm only happy when I'm anticipating the food or eating). My diet has made me very lazy and depressed. I really hope this change will help me feel better and do more around the house.

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I went vegetarian almost a year ago. It has been the best decision of my life. I'll admit, I still have a lot of junk, so I can't really help you there.

I must say, your list of what you plan to eat is impressive. To keep the costs low, be sure to stay away from "mock meats". Dry beans are also MUCH cheaper than canned beans.

Be sure to check out food blogs. There are so many! These are some of my favorites (note: they are vegan blogs...I haven't transitioned to veganism yet, but these are still great recipes):

Those are just a few. I can get lost looking at vegan food. Also, it might be nice to check out some vegetarian forums. They are full of advice and recipes (much more active than this veg section).

As for the vegetarian chili, it really depend on what you like. I love beans, so I get an assortment of beans, a can of corn, some canned tomatoes, and some seasonings. When I make it with my family, we add some "meat crumbles". There are tons of recipes out there. It'll be trial and error, but you'll find something you love.

For my beans and rice, I add this dressing (healthier than cheese):

Good luck! I hope you enjoy this journey!!
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Thank you! I was just trying to make sure we would be eating foods we like (or close enough to foods we usually like), so the cravings won't be so bad. Food withdrawals are the reason that my "diets" always fail.

BTW, I say semi-vegetarian, because I'm an opportunist when it comes to food, and since I rarely ever go out to eat (less than 5 times a year usually), I would go off plan for that, and for when we have certain get-together dinners with family or church members.

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