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Wink Friday

Well Ladies,

Looks like everyone (so far) did very well this week. I hope we can all have another loss next week. Got on the scale this AM and I was back up to 160, I think I have hit the dreaded plateau! I am definately not done losing my weight but it is getting increasingly difficult to nudge that scale in a downward direction. I don't find that depressing, just curious. I got very spoiled losing every week, and now I think it is my due. I need a new attitude.

On a positive note, I picked up a pair of baby blue bell bottoms yesterday. They most likely look very silly on me but I don't care, I LOVE them. I feel quite funkadelic in them. Its funny, I was a teen in the '70s and I feel like I am re-buying all my high school clothes!! Just can't get into wearing platform shoes again tho.

I am stuck at work all day and it is going up to +17 C here today! I would sure like to have gone for a run outdoors!! I saw my first robin last week (this is a big deal in our house) so soon it will really be spring, gotta tune up my bike and find a pair of rollerblades, I better get my butt in gear.

A big shot of {{{{{{{{{{{vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to you all
Have a great week end!

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Hi Ladies
Hope everyone is doing well this friday. The sun is shining some here. But then clouds up a little. Haven't got to go on my walk yet today. But will. The phone company was suppose to send an internet tech out to check out my computer. Been having trouble with the internet. So I thought I wont be able to walk this morn. Well I could have. They were suppose to come around 9:00am. At 11:30am I still hadn't heard from them. So I called the phone company. Oh we are sorry. But our tech that was coming is sick and cant come. Can he come Monday. So I guess he will come Moday. But I have to take our son out to church to mow. There is a little road that goes up by the church. So I may walk up there. If not I will ride the bike when we get home.
Not doing to bad OP today. I am wanting carbs tho. But am trying to resist. I need to clean me some veggies. Then that way if they are on the counter. I can pick them up instead of bread or reduced fat Chex mix.
Well I better let you ladies go. Need to start getting ready to take son to church. He has a 2 hour early dismissal today. I am thinking of all you ladies. Take care. And have a great weekend.
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Don't worry about the scale. It will keep coming down. If you really think you are at a plateau check out the information I put on the boards. I have another pc of info that is much better then that also I have to find it though. then I will send it your way. You just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine. Maybe you should eat more a couple days a week instead of low cal everyday. That way your body won't be used to the cal you are feeding it and you should start losing great again. You had another loss this week didn't you? I thought you did. They say you hit plateaus because your body gets used to what you are doing whether it be your calories or your exercise. You might want to think about that. Only a thought. But I think you are doing great. Keep up the great work.


Glad to hear that they are going to do the surgery to get it done and over with. That was a good choice. He will be fine. It is better to get it out whatever it is.
You keep up your head and keep going. You are doing great again this week. You will have another loss this week for sure.


I had a gain this week. I am the only one here that did I think. But I am not upset with it. I didn't stick to my plan all week long like I did the week before. Plus it was TOM and I have been doing a lot of strength training. I will be doing even more this week because I will be doing it everyday this week. I have already been successful with it. Just since monday I measured my stomach yesterday and I lost 1 inch. Also all my other measurments are coming down week by week. So I am doing something right. And for me to have lost inches this week means a lot to me. That means I did something good and I am still going in the right direction. But I am going to be doing better this week on plan. I am going back to what I did 2 weeks ago when I lost 5 lbs. I am back to salad every night again. I can do it and it does taste good. I just have to stop giving in to junk here and there. This week will be a normal work week for me. No gymnastics or fieldtrips this week. So I will be eating at home all week. That always helps a lot to keep me on track. I will hopefully have a loss next week. But with all the training I am doing I don't know what will happen. But I am more concerned about fitting into my shorts in 3 weeks then the scale.
A pair of jeans I have been wearing that fit fine last week are now loose this week. So I am very happy with that. I am not giving up I will make KOPS this year.
Had our first official meeting last night. It went great. I got to take part in it. I announced and held a vote for the fund raiser. They liked the idea. We are starting next week. Also we started the Ducky Dollars this week. I got to start that and explain that. We were not successful with changing the time of the meeting though. It didn't matter to me. But what they wanted to do was keep the weigh in time the same and shorten the meeting to 30 min every week. I said you can't do that. Then a new/old member that rejoined last night spoke up and said we used to do that for the summer all the time yes you can do it. I dropped it. But in the end we are leaving it the same and the treasurer said that if you have to leave early then we won't be offended by that. And those that want to stay for the program and the full meeting can stay. So that is the way we left it which is fine with me. I had to leave early because I had to take my daughter to the dr's. She has had a fever since tues night. It won't go away. She finally complained about her ears yesterday afternoon and I called and got her an appointment. Hated to leave on the first meeting but the leader was there and they didn't need me. She did the arwards last night. I had one I guess but I wasn't there. It was for a no gain holiday for easter.
So yesterday was packed full all through the night. We didn't get home from the dr's until 9:30 pm last night. But I was glad I took her she did have an ear infection and that is why she has the fevers. She is not a complainer so it makes it hard to know what is wrong with her. We got the antibiotic today and she will be fine in a couple of days.

You all have a great day. To all of those that lost this week. Keep up the great work.


You are amazing. I knew you would not lose your status. You know what to do and you can do it. This week proves that. I am so glad you didn't lose your status. And what a great birthday present for you. Hope you had a great day for your Birthday. I know it ended well.
Enjoy your chineese today. You deserve it.


Congrats on your loss also. You are doing great girl. And you thought you would have a gain last night. See I told you so.

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I do not know how I did it but I had a loss of 2.5#. I was not expecting it.
We had the 1999 Florida State King come to our meeting and talk last night. Everyone liked him.
We do the mile walk tomorrow. Remember the one I always come in last. This is do or die. If I am last again I will not do it again. A person can only take so much humiliation. And no it is not just good that I do it. I can not be last again.
It is raining here so I can not swim laps.
I went to a local K-mart that is closing down and got myself some new clothes. I even bought some for later when I lose more weight.How's that for being optimistic.
Gotta go. Have a lot to do
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