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Hi all....I am nervous about looking through my cabinets. I always THOUGHT I made good food choices but if I am to look for the list of "OZ" bad ingredients..YIKES

Sassy you crack me up. I pretty cheap least that's what my mom Anyway, I am going to see if his book is in our library first. Then I will see if I can get it from a used book store...if I can find one here, that's NOT in

To everyone else. Have a fantastic day!! BTW I lost 2lbs!! I'm not going to put it on my weight loss track line though, because I keep going up and down and it would be bad to keep going up and down on that

Have a great one all

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Good morning,

Sassy - hope you have a good day at the mall today. Happy Anniversary! It was nice of your fil to take you out to dinner last night.

Marti - well, if the breakup wasn't bad enough, Katie didn't hear back from a job she wanted badly. Now she's feeling very unwanted.

Tiffany - Yay for the 2#s gone! Yep, Dr. Oz makes a lot of sense, and since I have no bookstore locally, I'm hoping to pick up a copy of You on a Diet while I'm in Chicago. (maybe we could all follow it as a group?) He is a promoter of whole, unmessed-around-with foods, which I totally support. I've drastically changed over the past year the types of foods that I eat. Now if I can get the portions under control, I'll do okay. Not that I don't eat some processed foods, but I think I'm doing much, much better than before.

Sue - I'm thinking of you while you're moving. At least the weather has been cooperating. I think more rain is on the way later in the week, though.

Norma - aww, I'm sorry you have an ear infection. Hope it gets better. And with the storms that came through over the weekend, I wondered if your power had been affected from what you told me over the phone recently. Glad you're back online!

MaryKate - how was the weekend? I bet you had a glorious time in Mendocino! Tell us all about it, and share pics if you have any, ok?

Hello to Cristi, Julie, Robin, Liz, Nixxie, and anyone else reading this.

Well, we leave for Chicago in 2 days, and I don't even know what I'm wearing, lol. I'm a list maker, and have fallen short this time. I've got a lot to do between now and then.

My glasses could not be fixed because the screw was broken off inside the lens. I have the frameless ones, if you remember. Anyway, $438.00 later, the new ones will be ready around Oct. 10th. Thank goodness I have the standby ones that I keep for Walt Disney World. They have the transistion lens that turn dark outside. It takes so long to get the new ones because the lens are hand-drilled, and I have a no-line bifocal. They are also no glare, which I love that feature. But, still!

Hope you ladies have a great day. I'm spending it with Makenzie Jane.
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Just a quick hello!!

Need to get moving. Ran out of coffee so I "need" to stop at starbucks and get a cup!

Tiffany, those are the two doctors that I had questioned about on the last thread! They really do make you stop and think don't they??

I gotta run....

ta-ta ladies!
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Hey Ladies.

Just a Very quick hello and Goodbye..........We're getting ready to leave now! Have a Good one Everybody!!!!!!!!!

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One day at a time
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Hello ladies...

Sorry this is a fly by but it took too long reading and catching up. I hate when I miss a day or two...seems I can never get caught up. I will try to get on later, not sure but if not I will see you tomorrow to do individuals. For now, I hope everyone's day is going well. Talk with you soon.

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Eeep! Time to move to #214. See you there.
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