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SAHM of 3
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Alright, you can tell this is a Saturday. It's so slow around here. Just wanted to check in again before I get ready for bed.
Dh came home and said he got $ for closing on the house. It really doesn't make me happy, but I'll try to be. The only standing in the way is when the loan goes to underwriting, they could come back and say no. But since we've got the $ and I'll tell the bank that Monday, we will close by the end of next week or early the week after. That means dh will start building early October and hopefully right around the time I have the baby, he'll be done. So whether it works out like he hopes, I guess I'll be happy to be in a new, nice home.
That also means, I will not put Alisa in school. That's okay, I love homeschooling. I'll just hang on until next summer and try to put her into some extra curricular activity. She loves to sing and dance, although she is terrible at it, we don't tell her so and she loves to do it. Maybe by next summer as she's going on 7, she'll be a little better with the separation.
So, that's the news with me and I guess that's it for now. I'll talk to all of you later.
Hope you all have a great night.

Found out I was pregnant on May 24th.
Due February 1st, 2005
1st Doc appt. May 27th 200 lbs.
next appt.: Oct. 19th
at Sept. 21st visit, WI was 212 lbs.

My goal is to make this the healthiest pregnancy ever.

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Walking away the weight
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Hi gals. I'm feeling a little down tonight. Do ya'll mind if I vent just a bit to get it off my chest? Now, I know DH works very hard and wishes he were home more. But sometimes it's really hard to be by myself with Liam all the time. And there are times, like tonight, when I get envious of DH getting week-long (or more) breaks from parenthood. I mean, he's staying at the Ritz, going out to eat, etc. And yes, he works incredibly long hours, but so do I. And he'll say I could along for this trip, but I'm still watching the baby almost the whole time. I mean, even when we go on vacation, I do about 75% of the childcare.

Sorry- it seems like a silly thing to be upset about I suppose- in the whole scheme of things. Maybe it's just PMS

Hi Jill, Hi Crystal! I'll get more personal in the morning . . .
Married since 2002
Mother to 1 (10.03)
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Good Evening Ladies....

I am still up and working on Grandparents Gifts for tomorrow. I bought the mugs and flower pots from Hobby Lobby. I made personalized inserts with.... We (heart) ...... and the grandparent name... with a pic of all the boys. I inserted it into the mug and pots. They are so cute. We filled the pots with a plant and the mugs with candy.

Anyways.... We have a family wake and funeral tomorrow and Monday. My aunts (uncle's wife) dad passed away from cancer about 1am this morning. So I will probably not be on too much until after Monday.

I am so tired tonight. I hope you have a wonderful night!

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!
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Old 09-12-2004, 01:51 AM   #19
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I am new here but was reading and wouldn't mind getting to know all of you. I am 22, married 3 years (will be on the 29th that is) and am a SAHM for Jasmine (a 16 month old). She was a bit of a surprise to us being that we were moving the week we found out about her but she is a blessing. I do know how you feel Loveliam. My husband is military and was gone for the entire pregnancy... which only lasted 27 weeks. He was also gone from June '03 to Jan '04. He works nights lately so that means that he leaves here at 3:30PM and comes back anywhere from 2-7 the next morning. Then sleeps until almost 2PM which leaves just enough tome to get ready and leave. It is so frustrating since he doesn't give me a break during the day at all. I do take the time to work out in the mornings but that also means getting up before 5 and having just enough time to clean up before my daughter gets up. Soon he should be leaving again and that would leave me even more frustrated. Believe me. As you can tell, eventhough you don't know me, tonight is one of the bad nights when I just don't feel like I will ever get help. Sorry to sound so down but that is the feeling of the moment. Hope you don't hold that against me.
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Curves 6-week solution
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Hi Gabwill I'm Jill SAHM of Bayley almost 1, we are glad to have you here! I just joined in July and absolutely love it! There are so many great people on here and I feel like I really have made some real friends here. Share with us some more about you! We will have a new thread started in the morning that says SAHM Sunday so make sure and post there. I will look forward to knowing more about you!

Ok I thought I could get more personal but as you can see it's late and I'm tired. I'll talk to you all in the morning! G'Night

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S/C/G: 208/162/135

Height: 5' 2.5"


Gonna start a Sunday Thread...

See you there~

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!
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