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Life is crazed, I have to say. Between my son's soccer team and my daugher's co-op preschool, I am just a madwoman these days. I finally broke down and started using a PDA because my DH and were just getting too discombobulated trying to sync our schedules in passing. I'm hoping that once everyone settles into their various schoools that things will smooth out a bit.

Can't address too many individuals today, unfortunately, as I agreed to take minutes at our board meeting last night and now I have a very short timeline to type them up and get them out for corrections. The good thing about being so busy - I don't obsess about food so much! Yeah! So , staying OP has been easier this week....

Laura - Welcome! I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am a veteran of TOPS. Was a member of two different group from 1997 - 2001. Served on the board twice and was a program coordinator for a short period. I really agree with the comment that was made that you need to find the group that fits you. TOPS will let you visit any group once without joining, so checking out different groups is free and a good investment of your time. If you go to the TOPS website ( they should have a group locator there. If you want to pick my brain about the pros and cons, please PM me

Everyone else - have a great day...I may make it to chat tonight - keep your fingers crossed

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starting over again......
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Jana~ At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but when I saw it go from 64 to 65 ˝ over night, that was when it hit me. And then it dawned on me even more when it went up to 67 a couple days later. I was up with my alarm today, which is very unusual lately. But I woke up with a scratchy throat, so I had to feed Brandon and then take some medicine. Now I am feeling a little better, but Brandon is coughing again. I had to give him some Tylenol while he was sleeping because he kept coughing and was very congested sounding. I guess it comes with the weather changes!

Katy~ You have been one busy women! I love when I get distracted by something and it takes my mind off eating/food.
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Morning ladies--

Angie--I have to say that I think I'll stay here. Youre schedule has my eyes all crossed!! My goodness girl..have you always been this busy?? No wonder you have an assistant. Wow....that makes you sound pretty important! Now I must meet you! You're some kind of celebrity!

Shanna--The photos of the bike ride are purdy!! You must go back up next month when the leaves are changing....very pretty up there! I'm looking forward to seeing Bryons hair cut!!

Mindee--Soup & sandwhiches can be Jana's the mood that goes with it that's romantic! Glad you had your night! I have two pilates I bought the other was a gift from came with the matt and resistance' called "Pilates anywhere, anytime" very easy for beginners. The other is just called "Pilates" for beginners with Jillian Hessal. I try not to get things that would be to advanced for me.

Jana--My hours for the orientation Fri & Mon. starts at 8:00 to who knows (they didn't tell me) and then my training will be day hours and I don't know about that yet. So not informed on anything yet!! Making me nervous. I'll find out tomorrow!

Katy--You just as busy as Angie!! How do you girls do it?? I have yet to see how a palmpilot works. James has one and put all the information from his handbook (this is a huge book) and takes it to work. My schedule isn't very busy to need one.

Morning to everyone else!!

I called Jhanai last night and asked how her second day of school was. She said that she has to play soccer in PE and she doesn't like soccer. I told her it's a fun game and that she may enjoy it. She's got to play it first! She told me about her first day of school. She informed me that she made a new friend who was new to the school. Her name is Rebecca. I was thrilled!! A little girl friend! All her friends are boys!! She's been hanging out with boys since day care!! She thought it was funny that I was so excited about that. Silly girl.

I have some house cleaning to do....then some bills to pay and then figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow. They gave us this list of what is appropriate and whats not for the work area...since I have no idea as to the area I'm working in...I'm not sure what part of the list I should be looking at! Some area's you can where jeans...others you cannot. Others where uniforms...others do not...and so on. So I guess that I should be safe with the orientation days.....and I will find out what my department wheres.

Ok ladies...I'll be back later to check and see whose chatting.

Have a great day!
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One day at a time
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Default Good Afternoon All~

Jeez, I am tired from reading all the posts since I posted yesterday! You ladies have been busy little bees.

Jen~((((HUGS)))) to you. My heart goes out to you in the loss of your little angel. About the job, only you know in your heart what the right thing to do, and it will come to you.

Shanna~I had posted on the other thread and asked where the pictures where taken so never mind since you posted it here. It sure is a beautiful place. You guys looked like you were having a nice time.

Marti~you made me think about tornado alley, we are in it also. I love the rain but when it gets bad it is a little scary. We didn't live here in 98, I think it was but a tornado went through here and destroyed most of this town. The church has huge photos on the wall as you go in of the damage it did to the town and church. I know there have been some pretty close to us but I have to say, living in AR and here I have yet to actually see a tornado and hope I never do.

Angie~the rooms sound nice. I didn't even know they had magnetic paint! How cool is that? I was never much of a green person but told V next time we change the bedroom I am wanting to paint it a light green, not sure what shade. Of course that will be a while as we just moved here and painted. You kill me lady! I read your posts and get tired just reading all the stuff you do. I like to keep busy, but your schedule would kill me.

Jana~woohoo on the new clothes! And speaking of yard sales...we never did have one. But the subdivision is having a neighborhood yardsale in October so I have plenty of time to get ready for it.

Mindee~I have to agree with Jana. I don't think it is so much the food, what is fixed that makes it romantic but the mood and ambience. But glad you finally got it. I would love to have a romantic evening with DH but with him working all the time and the kids in and out-don't see it happening anytime soon.

RosieKate~your schedule is sounding like Angie's-YIKES! I don't ever remember being that busy when the kids were little. They were involved in sports and such but I guess I wasn't as involved in the school. I did help out though and did go to all the functions and such but it seems you ladies are going all the time. Not that it is a bad thing per se. Just took a gander at your photos today, sorry I didn't realize you had posted any. They are great though and thanks for sharing them.

LauraLyn~a big WELCOME! The ladies here are wonderful.

Hi to everyone else! I just know I have missed someone, sorry. Guess I need to be checking twice a day again to keep up with things and everyone. I normally do, just haven't been feeling so great. Boohoo...

Anyway, trying to get my laundry done today and then tomorrow will vacuum and such. I got a good start on cleaning the house Tuesday and then pooped out. Yesterday, we went to lowes and go three trees and a couple of shrubs to plant in the backyard. V and DS#2 got that done. I must say after looking at a plain bakyard for so long it is kind of weird seeing trees back there. Anyway, gotta go move the sprinkler and get in the shower. That is about all that is going on with me today. Will cook a roast later for dinner, I think.

Have a great day ladies! TTFN
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Please click on over to # 76!
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