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Wow you girls. Y'all are posting lots today.

Geri, have you checked out the selling tips on the Avon website? I did today and there are alot of great ideas and you can use them or use them to make your own, which is what I am doing. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know.

Leigh, I don't think I robbed the cradle only because my dh was 16 going on 17 but was NOT anything like a normal teenager. He didn't date, he worked since he was 15 and his mindset has always been older, although he fits a 20 something year old now, I think most men do most of their lives, LOL!!! We got married when I was 18 and he was 17 and I wasn't even pregnant, makes you wonder what we were thinking huh???
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Seen any cute shoes???
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Smile Leigh

If you click on my profile, the link to my blog is there. Now I'm off to tidy the kitchen and get the boys down for quiet time. Leigh if you tell me your hubby brought you Godiva it will bring him up to a whole 'nother level of admiration. I mean he does work for my favorite new station after all.

I got pilates in the a.m. while DH watched the boys. Go me, 5 days in a row and still hating it.

Hubby is about to leave for work and I've got to tidy up around here. More later this evening girlies.
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Walking away the weight
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Default Atlanta Afternoon

Hey gals! I'm still worried about Michelle. Maybe the doc had her come in to check everything out and she'll soon post to tell us all is well.

Well, I now have the bedding, most of the decor items, and most of the bathroom items for the redecorated bed/bath and I am sooo excited. I'm completely in love with the shower curtain I found Leave it to me to get excited over bathroom decor, but I love bathroom decorating items. Now all we need is for the furniture to arrive.

Di- on the weight loss!!! WTG Awesome - I knew you'd do it.

Kristin- Liam bounces when we put music on.

Jaymi- now I'm REALLY curious about how you met DH THose books sound good- I used to read Harry Potter ones too when I had more time.

Crystal- I was just joking about you robbing the cradle of course But you did marry young - I was 29.

Cheri- I went to your blog, which I like, but didn't see links for any photos - I may be doing something wrong

I'm enjoying seeing how ya'll answer the questions - that's fun. TTYL!
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Good afternoon.
I too hope Michelle is okay. Leigh, I was reading back through the posts and saw yours about being a hair dresser. I'll let you know how much fun school is when I start next month. Still haven't got my ww stuff. I emailed them and hopefully they will email me back.
Haven't done much today. Went to the bank and Sam's club this morning, Might be going to wal mart in a little while. Anyone want to chat tonight,let me know.
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Ok Michelle!
I know you checked in today, I looked ya up... lol But I am worried about you so please let us know what is going on!!!!! Come on girl! We are here for you!

I have some things to do but I will be back later
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Seen any cute shoes???
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Default Picture of my boys


Sorry I just put pictures thoughtout my entries, and don't have the photo entries marked, they are just in the archives. I'm going to try to attach a photo of my boys here now.

I enlarged the picture...sorry it was so small.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg pjboys.JPG (12.6 KB, 6 views)

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Hey guys!!

I was tired last night so I slept from 3pm to this morning lol then we went to hubbys urologist appt. for his vasectomy. Which will be done of FRIDAY August 13th! YIKES!
My pulmonologist thinks that my chest wall is bruised up...from what I don't know so he put me on Vioxx which they typically use for arthritis etc...but it makes me feel funky thats why I slept. I did check in today earlier so penny you are right I was here but I didn't have time to post. I am ok but just hurting so I'm taking it easy. Thanks everyone for the concern and sorry I didn't have time to post sooner but the doctor hubby is seeing for his vasectomy is an hour away so we took it slow on the way home because the lake was so beautiful!! Then we got our cable internet hooked up today!! Yayyyyy!! So I'll have to give everyone my new email addy. Anyway hubby rented some movies so I'm gonna go watch with him, we got confessions of a teenage drama queen, butterfly effect and barber shop 2.

Penny ty so much for the note and gift!! You are too sweet!!! I need to give you my new phone number too I disconnected the home phone since we got cable internet so now we just have our cell phones

Ok off to watch movies with hubby.
Love to all
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Michelle, feel better soon sweetie! How in the heck did you bruise your chest cavity? Sounds like an impossible task!

The gym experience was somewhat successful. I was able to escape the play area for 15 minutes of cardio, better than nothing. Baby steps! Then we left after only a 1/2 an hour, before they got too fussy. Ethan freaked out when a little girl came up to him and touched his lips! LOL I think the boys need some socializing!

It's both Logan and Ethan's official B-day this weekend as well as Steve's so I'll be pretty busy. My house is still a disaster area, but I don't think it will change anytime soon, so I'm just coping with it for now.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I'll try and check in soon!
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Hey Everyone, I'm back from the beach. We all had a great time. I miss my DH though. He won't be back till Sunday night. This is a longer trip for him 6 nights. YUK. Anyway, I read briefly through today's posts, don't know if I can catch up with the last few days.

Michelle, RU alright, what happened? Hope you are feeling better.

Penny, glad you got the shoes and like them!

Hi to all of you. I just can't get personal with ya all right now. I AM exhausted after this 5 hour trip home. TRAFFIC WITH 2 [email protected]!!

LEigh and Spryng....hope you got your clothing.

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Good evening all,

Mel, you can have my Dh for a couple of nights if you want . Jk of course...I'd rather send you the kids . Glad you had a nice time at the beach.

Di..happy Birthday Logan, Eathan and Steve . It does sound like the boys need some socializing! Will always goes off by himself in a corner somewhere and doesn't really interact with the rest of the kids. The neighbor commented today that he's finally talking to her...we've lived here for a year and a half now! She's kind of a loudmouth and he's always been shy. He's getting much better the older he gets. Congrats on dropping those few pounds.

Michelle..take it easy girlie and get better soon!!

Cheri..they boys are adorable. The pic was kind of small though but I could make them out. Congrats on the pilates! Wooo hooo. How tall are you? I'm about 5' 9". Our numbers are very close. I remember the Electric Company .

Hi Ricci...sorry, I won't be chatting again tonight. Tony was really pushing all my buttons today so I'm worn out and going to bed early. Who knew a 14 month old could know so much about how to irritate his mother? I know Will probably did the same thing at that age but I choose not to remember! I'm not the only one who missed Dh! I want to see the shower curtain NOW!! I'm sooo impatient when it comes to new things. Congrats on the 3're going to surpass me really quickly if I dont get my crap together soon! We're going to FL on Sept 2nd and I'd really like to lose 10 lbs by then...suppose I had better start eating the right foods then hey?

Crystal, I glanced through the pointers on the Web site. I have only 3 orders for this first campaign but I don't really care at this point. I'll see how it goes for the next few and if I start spending more money on books and such than I make, then I'll quit selling.

Penny...queston of the day is a good idea. Now I just have to catch up....

Toenails...a nice bright red.
Something you don't know about me...hmmmm...let's see...does it have to be interesting? I graduated from college with a BS in Mathematics with a minor in know...before some of you were probably born!!
How I met my Dh. We met through mutual friends and then I stalked him that's the story he tells anyway. We met in September of 1998 didn't date alone until December and were engaged by April of 1999, married in May of 2000...had Will in May of 2001 and Tony in May of 2003 (we're freaky about May apparently).

OK it's getting late and Dh wants the Hi to Spryng, Kristin, Jaymi, Melinda (where are you?? Don't worry about keeping up with posts...I can't either!) and anyone I may have missed!! Going to peek at Kristin's pics before I hand over the puter!!

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Hey everyone! Quick check-in because hubby just went out to go get a drink with the boys... my daughter is sleep, and I need to go exercise... but instead I am here! I'd probably be eating though... so Rather be here! I am soo disappointed in myself... my hubby keeps getting mad at me,, because I kept getting depressed and pissed off... My clothes are getting tight and my stomach is SOOO bloated! I know it could be signs of PMS.. but I doubt it!! I know that I've been eating wrong.. If the scale is right... I gained 5 lbs... 3 back in this week.. That is just cause for me to go jump in the ocean! Weigh-in is tomorrow, so no chance of seeing a loss for this week, and I’m sure in the **** not going to take measurements... The TV dinners I usually get were way too expensive this week, (not on sale) so I have to eat the regular foods.. Well I'll go ahead and stop all of this whining.. my day wasn’t bad really, just the way I feel inside! Like a failure.. anyways.....

I have a cousin and we always made a pact since we were young to never date an ex of the other one... Well one day I was at her house.. mind you I hadn’t really talked to her in a while.... anyways I was opening up her photo albums and I was single at the time. I opened to a pic of this cute guy in his track uniform.. so as I opening my mouth to say "hook me up" That cute dude walks in the door!!!!! It was soooo scary I just closed the book and acted like it never happened! Anyways my cousin was going to college in Houston, and I would try to go out there all the time to spend time with her.. So she would send me with him all the time.. Well me and him would talk on that 2 hr trip... then one day he told me that he liked me and he didn’t like her... Why did he have to say that?!? Needless to say he broke up with her, we ended up dating and now we're married!! (hope that was fewer than 100 words!! ) My cousin was mad at me for a while... because afterwards I didn't tell her we were dating... but now we are back to normal.

Anyways I gotta get my butt up. My daughter has woke up.. so no exercise for me.. I'd love to have a lOOOONNNGG hot bath right now and read my book... but too bad. Tomorrow I have to get up and exercise no matter what! 30 minutes isn't enough to burn off the calories I ate today!!! I didn't eat too much.. but I ate the Shepard’s pie twice, some fruits, and today I cooked:

Campbell's® 2-Step Garlic Pork Chops

Prep. time: 10 min. Cooking time: 10
Serves: 4

Source: Campbell's® Quick and Easy Cookbook


1 tbsp. vegetable oil
4 boneless pork chops
1 clove garlic, minced
1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell’s® Cream of Mushroom,
Soup OR 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell's® 98% Fat
Free Cream of Mushroom Soup, Soup
1/2 cup milk

HEAT oil in skillet. Add chops and garlic and cook until
ADD soup and milk. Heat to a boil. Cover and cook over
low heat 10 min. or until done. Serve with couscous or
rice if desired.
Tips Also delicious with Campbell's® Cream of Mushroom
with Roasted Garlic Soup; omit garlic.

So... I don't know how many calories that is.. but the rice alone was probably 300... so who knows! Anyways here is a kool article that someone let me in on... oh and it also corroborated with my statement that muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat!! Well seriously gotta go.. Hope everyone is well!
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Gonna Start A New Thread!

See ya there! 224
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