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Smile Good Morning Ladies

Let's start with an answer to yesterday's question and a new one...I'm the first one posting.
My toenails need to be redone, so they are a faded 'Hot Chilis'.
Today's question: Tell us something little about yourself that we don't know...!!!
My answer: After high school I completed nail school. I got my license and worked just a little while doing nails in salons. Didn't care for it that much and didn't get much $ starting out so I quit to get another job, a real job since I had gotten married. Because of this I have a box full of colors, colors, colors. Neons, cremes, shines, mattes, you name it.

Penny, you were a busy girl yesterday. Here's my bio:
Crystal, 27 yo sahm of 3 almost 4. Alisa 5, Ally 3, & Andrew 20 months. Due Feb. 1st. Married almost 9 years, live in Texas and homeschool. Avon and Watkins Independent Sales Representative. My plan, when on it, counting calories and exercise.

Okay this is such a good question we may need it again.
So good morning ladies. I slept well and hope everyone else did too. Today is my mom's b-day, she's 51. My sister and I are having a plant and such delivered to her work. Tomorrow we're going to my sister's to celebrate my mom's b-day, my b-day is next Wednesday, and my dh's b-day is Aug. 4th. We're just gonna celebrate everyone's together. Sounds good to me. Well today is Friday so I've got to clean mom's house, go visit MIL and deliver her Avon. Go to Walmart and get mom's gift. Same Old stuff. What's everyone's plans today?

Kristin, don't worry I can't figure out the picture thing either. I finally put one up at the Moms Losing Weight website too. My digital camera isn't working so I haven't been able to put any on.

Jaymi, you actually seem to be doing alittle better anyways. I hope so.

Okay I missed like almost everyone. Hi to Cindi, Geri, Angel, Leigh and everyone else. I hope you all have a great day.
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Walking away the weight
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Default Leigh's Morning Report

Well, gals, today's the big WI day for me. Drumroll please I've lost 3 lbs bringing my new weight to 154! This means there's a possibility I could achieve 20 lbs lost by next weigh in That's exciting!

Penny- I like the bios in the intro post - I think that's good for new members because 1) we can just point them to the intro post to learn more about each of us and 2) if they forget who is who/on what plan at first, they can look back as reference. I know it took me several weeks to have all that in my mind

Kristin- I love the pictures of your family! What cuties you all are I'm glad Kasey is feeling better. Personally, I'm ready to donate our dog to a caring family Just kidding. He sometimes can be very trying on me. He's just soooooo barky it makes it annoying to take him anywhere. That all about me book sounds very interesting!

Cheri- it's so hard taking the wee ones places I mean, I know even with one unpredictable being it's hard, so I can't even imagine more than one. Liam is usually okay in stores and stuff, but doesn't like being there very long, and then there are days when he just has a meltdown for no apparent reason and everyone turns to look at me like their children never cry or I'm being abusive. DId you go to Target by yourself?

Angel- I hope you're feeling better today! ((hugs)) to you!

Cindi- you have been Miss Productivity! Don't tell my Dh - he'll wonder what the heck I'm doing each day I haven't had a huge appetite this week either, but it's because TOM blew through.

Jaymi- that recipe looks good What books did you check out to read? I just joined a book club, so I'm forced to read (I love to read, but barely have time anymore). Don't focus too hard on being off plan, just refocus today and start again

Geri- yes, people sometimes have mixed feelings about the host. You know, I didn't see him either, but I did take the dog out during part of the show, so he could have come on. How's the Harlequin coming along???

Penny- I didn't know about being able to set posts per page. I like that option. So how do you know when it's long enough to start a new thread?

Nothing new to report yet. Going for our usual walk soon Kristin- hey, you should have posted today's question since you were first this morning - hee hee - but I'll do it.

Yesterday's question: LOOK DOWN AT YOUR FEET.

Today's Question: In 100 words or less, How did you meet DH?
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Walking away the weight
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crystal - we posted at the same time Well, we can answer both questions I suppose!
Something you don't know about me: I'm fascinated by hair - styles, products, color, etc. I've always thought it would be so much fun to be a hair stylist

Crystal- happy b-day to your mom! Hope you have a good day then
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Okay Leigh, your question for the day. Hey you didn't answer either one.

I met my dh in high school. He was a junior, I was a senior. I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half. Everyone thought we'd get married. Towards the end of senior year, I broke up with him and started going out with my dh's best friend. His friend worked nights, so my dh and I would wait for him to get off work together. My dh now, then was so shy and really had never had a girlfriend. Anyways, as we spent more time together we started to like each other. So I broke up with his friend and dated my dh, broke up with him and went back to his friend and did it again. And again, until my dh said enough's enough. Him or me, I was put on the spot so I chose my dh. The better choice. His friend I had dated, wasn't a great guy and I think it was just a senior thing for me, going wild for just a bit. Nonetheless, me and dh were engaged a few months later and married a few months after that.
I hope that was less than 100 words, but once you start talking about old days, you just can't seem to stop.
Okay, Leigh, your turn.
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Okay Leigh, I forgot you did answer my question, but what about yours?

And Penny, did you answer your own question from yesterday?
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Good morning. Been doing stuff with dh the past couple of days. My eating has been pretty good considering how much we have gone out to eat. Last night I went out with my MOMS club. We went to see 13 going on 30. I highly recomend seeing it. It will be out on dvd in a few weeks.
Let me answer the questions first. My toenails are "Friar,friar,pants on fire!" red. I just redid them before the questions were asked. One thing you don't know about me: I collect Precious Moments figurines. I have about 45, and want more. But I am specific about which ones I want. Where did I meet my dh? At my best friend's (his cousins) wedding. I hope everyone has a great weekend. My ww stuff STILL not here.
Here's my bio:
Ricci sahm to two boys 4 and 5, married 7 years, going to be doing ww.
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S/C/G: 208/162/135

Height: 5' 2.5"

Default Ekkkk......

I wasn't sure if the question of the day would work and now we have three

My toenails were deep pink but I just went neutral. So now they are a taupe color. I love nail polish so I change them all the time.

I met my dh in a grocery parking lot. That was the hang out back then. A friend of mine knew a friend of his and we met. It was my sophmore year in high school and we have been together ever since

The one thing ya'll don't know is a hard one for me... I am an open book... lol OK I have been sitting here for 15 min trying to find something to say...
I think the only thing I can think of is.... I have a love for toerings. I always have one on and change them all the time. I am a mamma but a hip one

That is so funny about the dog being on human meds... lol And I just adore your pics on the site. You are a very beautiful lady! You are going to be a total knock out at goal!

Did you go to Target last night? I do the same thing where I tell dh I just need to get out for a minute and I walk around WalMart aimessly... lol

Let us know about the new child. Boy or girl? And pass some of those not hungry vibes to me.... LOL

Thanxs for the recipe. Hang in there! You can get back on track!

Happy Birthday Mom!

OMG!!!!!! You are definetly NOT on a plateau!!!!! WOOOOHOOO!! Oh and about deciding when to start a new thread. I just look at how many messages we are at before I click on the link. It is usually b/t 38 and 40 messages.

I can't believe your ww stuff is still not here! I hope it is here today for sure!!!!!!


Where are you girlie? Are you still movitated? Are you still going to weigh in? Drop in please!

Hey Girlie! Where you at??? What is going on with the dr.??? Did you find out anything??? Please let me know! I am worried about you! I called last night but didn't get any answer. Hugs to you

Ok Ladies! I need to get off here and actually get something done today!!!!

Have a great one!
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Michelle, it just donned on me that you haven't been around since you weren't feeling well. You know that's not fair. We want to know how you are. Is everything okay? Please check in.
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Seen any cute shoes???
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Default Hello from the Border ;)

Heeeeeeeeeey Yoooooooooooooooooou Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys. Alas after typing my salutation (ala The Electric Company) I realize that many of you young chicks won't get it. Oh well, hello to you too.

Let's see, no I didn't go to Target. BUT all the kids were down and I went and walked the track (BY MYSELF). Still got some me time and did something ''good'' for me, to boot.

My toenails--are almost always painted a deep red. Currently though I have a french pedicure.

Something you don't know about me--my eye crosses and I keep an online really I'm pretty open about stuff within reason.

How I met Hubby--He was in the ARMY at Ft. Benning GA, my dad was pastoring a church in that area. I went to a singles bible study with a friend and met him there. We were friends for over a year, and started dating. At the time he was working undercovering buying drugs with CID. So he had earrings and a goatee etc. It was fun bringing that home to my Southern Baptist pastor, dad.

Leigh--woo hoooooooooooooooooooooo, on the weigh in...awesome.

Penny--I like the mini bios at the top, being new it helps me keep everyone straight. Thanks for the info on settings, I'll have to do that.

Michelle--how are you feeling???

Spryng--nevermind, you're hubby is home.

Geri--reading a cloak ripper huh? Hope it was a nice diversion

Ricci--I want to see that movie too. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I love chick flicks. I'm in a house filled with testosterone so I try to surround myself with girly stuff to balance it all out.

Kris--do you have photo editing software? You avatar has to be a certian size and so you'd need to go in a make those adjustments before you could upload the pics.

BTW I have pics of my kids and day to day stuff on my blog. I love to take pictures.
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Walking away the weight
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Default Hi!

Has anyone heard from Michelle? I hope she's okay.
Back from our morning walk
My flexpoints reset today so I'm using some for pizza for lunch. But I want to save some for the weekend because we have a wedding to go to.

Crystal- you're right I forgot to answer my own question Sorry. I met DH on a blind date! In a roundabout way, I was working with DH's mother. My boss at the time and his mother set us up. Neither one of us really wanted to go on the date, but felt pressured to do so. On our first date, I talked about loving chocolate. A few days after the date, I came home to a package on my doorstep . . . a box of chocolates from DH's favorite candy store. I thought that was sooooo sweet! The rest is history

As for your story - it's so cute! So you robbed the cradle?? Just kidding.

Ricci- red nails are fun! Good for you in making good choices while eating out. That's always a challenge.

Penny- so does the toering compliment the taupe nail color? Toerings are fun too - I personally love anklets!

Cheri- is there a way for us to access your blog? I'd love to see photos of the children. you've been keeping so active!

Today I have to redo my pedicure and stuff so I look decent for the wedding tomorrow I think I'll do that when Liam naps. It took me a really long time to write this - Liam's a bit fussy again with those teeth visibly pushing through up top.
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Cripes, I'm behind!! Didn't get to post yesterday and I missed out on a whole bunch of stuff!!

I lost the couple of odd pounds I gained while away at my sister's house, so I'm back on track, feeling good! I'm taking the boys to the gym with me today, the first time in months since they had a meltdown and I had to leave with 2 screaming babies. I may not get much done today, but I plan to start to acclimate them to the play area today so it is fun for them.

Now onto the important stuff, the questions!
1)Tonails are a deep garnet, red color. Nail polisish is the only thing that makes my huge feet look somewhat feminine, so I almost always have it on!

2)Steve and I met at work. It was over 12 years ago, it was at a home for abused girls, I was a receptionist and he was a truck driver, picking up donations. We were friends for a couple of years at first. He was dating many women and I was living with a guy I thought I'd marry! I liked Steve sooo much as a person/friend that I set him up with my younger sister, Lisa. LOL! I left the job, my boyfriend decided he didn't want a relationship (with just me apparently). Steve and I kept in contact as friends and about a year later we started dating, then the rest is history. After living together for a couple of years we got married in 1995.

3) something you don't know about me: Well a couple of you may know this but here goes. I was adopted as a baby and raised by a weird but loving family. My mom didn't think she could get pregnant, adopted me, then 2 years later gave birth to my brother and then another 2 years my sister! LOL About 5 years ago I found my biological mom and dad (separately) and now I have 3 more 1/2 sisters and 2 more 1/2 brothers. Confusing, I know, welcome to my world!!! LOL

Leigh, a big woooo-woooo to you and your weight loss!!! You are kicking butt and taking names! Way to go!

Sorry I can't get more personal right now with everyone, but I've already written a small novel and need to get the boys dressed and out the door for our big adventure.

hugs to you all,
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Hello - Okay so I answred the toenail question...something ya'll don;t know about me....lets see, there is alot. I'll pick one.... I i love red appliances, and shoes. I have all red in ym kitchen and have over 100 pairs of shoes...there, that is 2 things

I met my DH at Hy-Vee (grocery store) I worked in the greenhouse and he worked in produce, I was 15 and he was 17, we were friends for a ear first, I secretly wanted him for a boyfriend the whole time, and then it just happened, we kissed one night after playing in the rain, and well.....hello to sydney and marriage! haha!

Penny - thanks for the kind words, I did use to be a knockout, I think I mean, I know, I can get there again. jig: you are too sweet.

Crystal - Happy birthday to all of your family!

Leigh - Have fun "painting your piggies" and hope you have a nice weekend at the wedding, I love watching little kids dance, does Liam wobble or anything yet when you put music on?

Cheri - you are too funny, I was laughing outloud at your comment to spryng. I do have photo software, however, when I crop it, and make it smaller, and even zoom out, it still says its too big. Not sure what to do...ugh, oh well, at least they are somewhere!

Ricci - I love certain precious moments, the neatest one that I have ever seen is the adoption one....because I am adopted, there is something else none of you knew! Anyone else adopted here?!?!

Hi to everyone else who hasn't posted since my last post! Especially you Michelle, you have us worried now, hope you are doing okay, check in soon girlie and give us an update!
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Hello Everyone!

Hmm something about myself that no one knows! Well I actually went to school for my Nurses Aide in High School and got my license.. But as some of you know to keep it active you have to work in a nursing home… which I hate. So I let my license go.. I also went to school for Cosmetology after I had my son in 1997. I worked at Regis Hairstyles in the mall for about 6 months, but I just recently let that license go too.. I don’t like hair either!

My toenails are pink.. I have no idea what color since I don’t own any polish. I had a couple bottles, but I just gave them to my lil sis. I hadn’t polished my toes in months…

Leigh~ you’ll laugh when you see what books I picked… but I’m a big kid.. Anyways I got 2 Harry potter book, a Frank Baum book on the wizard of oz, and a Murder She Wrote book. I only got 2 pages of that one read.. And I fell asleep!

OMG, if I told you all how I met DH yaw’l wouldn’t like me anymore!! Ha, Ha, Let’s just say I met him through my cousin!!!

My Bio: My name is Jaymi. I have 2 kids. 20 mth old Girl, and a 6 yr old boy. I ‘ve been married to my DH for 2 ½ years. I’m counting calories and eating lowfat foods. Plus I exercise. I have no idea what the name of that diet is!!!

I know I have a lot of other comments I could make.. But I can’t remember!! So forgive me for today~ I just got the baby to sleep so It’s time to exercise now… or it’s not gonna happen! Talk with ya later!

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WOW! DI we posted at the same time! That is sooooooo weird that you said you were adopted, and I asked if anyone was! I haven't found my birth parents, but would like to some day! Too cool!
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oh man I missed you too Jaymi, you gals are sneaky! Have fun exercising!
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