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Default Stay At Home Moms #217

Welcome all to a thread full of wonderful women taking on the responsibilty of raising a family and trying to take care of themselves too. Please feel free to jump right in a say hello and to all you regular posters I look forward to another wonderful day with you!
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Hello everyone. Well it’s 2 a.m., so as you all should guess I have to make this a quickie! No I didn’t get to have any fun today. I did exercise for and hour and 60 minutes. Denise Austin. But I ate terribly… Well actually it could have been worse! But oh well, my pants started getting tighter today for no reason. I wasn’t even eating anything!! I’m starting to get very upset about that 139.. I really wanted to see it on Saturday.. But it doesn’t look too promising. Oh well, who cares.. I’m doing the best I can do…. Just as long as I’m not 212 again on Saturday, that will be fine! I know most of you are probably like… oh shut up!! 139! But just to explain myself.. it’s not really about the number… but I was down to 140 on the 3rd! I had hit my July goal and I was happy, but now I’ve been going up and down… I just think in these 2 weeks, if I could lost 1 lb from that 140.. Then it would prove that I don’t need those stupid pills… but It seems like I can’t control my cravings.. But what does that mean?? I don’t want to be addicted to some pill for the rest of my life!! What is wrong with me that I can’t say no to chocolate? This really sucks… since I can’t afford those frickin pills! I don’t know what to do anymore.. I can see the numbers going up and up.. Yes I am panicing!! Because the last time… I had gained 20 lbs back in 2 weeks! The exercising alone (5 days a week) wasn’t cutting it!! That’s why I seem so obsessed…. So I’m sorry if it’s annoying! But I DON’T EVER want to go back to where I was!! I don’t want to live like a hermit anymore.. Or wonder when my heart attack or diabetes will get me! My mom is having that stomach surgery next week, the lap-band?!?! (or whatever that is) I’m proud of her… To me.. She is doing the ultimate to help herself! I love her!!! Anyways, Hubby wants to surprise me telling me that his friends are coming over tomorrow to BARBQ… why me? The house is a disaster because I have been packing and repacking stuff so that I can have more room. Now I have to clean up the whole house, plus I have to cook the sides… It will be for 9 people! I still have to go grocery shopping too! Anyways I’m sorry I can’t comment today… but whatever. Hubby pissed me the **** off yesterday, telling me I was “SELFISH” ME!! SELFISH! Yeah right… I swear I could have just punched his eyeball out! I just laughed at him.. Because I know better! Anyways I will talk to you all hopefully in the morning… If I can WAKE UP!!
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Walking away the weight
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Default Today's the day

Well, today is my weigh in day. 157. This may be the first week I maintained - but that's okay because I've been doing really terribly with cravings and all this week.

Cindi- that food you made sounds wonderful! I'll let you know how I like the video. The clips I saw look good.

Ricci- welcome to WW! I really like WW a lot. My mother is even using it now

Geri- I do think the boys will get out of the no real food phase. Liam doesn't like baby food or being fed on a spoon - he only eats food he can pick up himself. They all have their quirks.

Spryng- I watched Big Brother, but CSI was a repeat and I remember them too well to rewatch (I love that show). Yeah, I probably should measure. I don't know the last time I measured, but I probably can figure out my before measurements somehow!

Penny, you're so busy! I know what you say about losing slowly is true. But, yes, when I was losing 2 lbs a week that was more fun I can;t believe it, but Liam is going to be 9 months next week!

Hey, Jaymi- would you say that you're on a plateau? Just focus on all you've lost. There are various ways you can try getting off a plateau like doing different exercise routines, shaking up your diet a bit . . . it will pass, it will pass, it will pass. to you.

Okay, gotta get coffee so I can function. TTYL.
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Good morning all

Hey, a morning post from me and it's not even raining!

Penny...GET SOME SLEEP. BTW, the boys looked too cool in your pics. Thanks for posting them.

Jayme...sounds like you're a stress eater with the too. I try not to buy it but my Mom's really good at bringing it over. Hope things calm down by you someday soon.

Leigh...we need new pics of Liam...I know, you just posted some from your 4th holiday but I want more

Melinda, you too! We haven't seen a new pic of JW in forever! How did the WI go?

Spryng, I know the boys will get through the phase. I ususally make at least one thing I know they'll eat but I would like Will to get back to eating more meat...everything in due time!

Michelle, where are yoU?????

Hi to everyone else this morning. Came down to do some banking and have to get upstairs before Will wakes up. Tony's enjoying playing without someone taking all the toys away (gee, who could that be?). They're really not as bad as I make them out to me

OK, have a wonderful day ladies. I may get the lawn mowed...supposed to get rain/storms this afternoon so we'll see. I need the exercise...I have been doing my walks every morning and I ordered a resistance band that should be here in a few days so I can begin my resistance training. Need to stop that nighttime munching! Will and I made sf jello last night to start eating today. Hopefully that will help.

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Morning ladies! Crazy night for me. DS woke up after an hour sleep screeming. Never can tell with him, b/c he is always screeming about something. I was so tired, I raised my voice and told him to cut it out. He got so upset he couldn't breath. Lips turned purple and all. He started to cry and I picked him up and then he threw up all over me, him and the floor. Thank goodness I was in the kitchen and not in the living room on the rug. WHAT A MESS. Down the inside and outside of my nightshirt. YUK! He and I both had to re-shower/bathe. I felt so bad. I am just so tired of listening to him screaming all the time. I don't know why he does this. He's at that age I guess where he just can't communicate his needs. Poor buggabug!

ANyway, I hope all you ladies caught up on your sleep last night.

Penny, I did get your paypal. I sent it last saturday. You should have it today. Sent it parcel post.

Leigh and spryng, got both your paypals. ON the way today or tomorrow. I'll send you email confirm.

Michelle, Hope all is ok with ya. Haven't seen any post for you.

Hi to the rest of you wonderful women. Have a great day all.
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SAHM of 3
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Good morning all.
Melissa, so sorry about your night. How old is he? My 3 yo used to be a screamer, she still is when Alisa picks on her, but that's all she used to do, it was terrible. Hope he feels better today.

Spryng, hope your WI goes well, 3 pts. shy huh??? That's great.

Geri, hope you get that lawn mowed. I wish we could have some of that rain. My garden is getting too dry, I've been watering it, but it really needs a good rain. The ants have gotten to my corn and either ants or other bugs have gotten to my zucchini, the heat and bugs to my beans. So far I've got several baby cantaloupes that I'm gonna baby.

Penny, since I started taking my barley green yesterday, it should kick in by this weekend and that should put me into really wanting to count calories. Next week I'll be in my second trimester so that was my goal, to start back then. You know so much comes with counting, finding recipes, making a menu, making a grocery list and so on and so on. I'm hoping to be back by then.

Jaymi, so sorry about your day. You are one night owl, are you always that way? I was just curious, I like going to bed as early as I can and getting up as early as I can, not always when I'm pregnant though.

Leigh, I would be totally happy with a maintain if I were you. That's great.

Hi to Cindi, Ricci, Melinda, and everyone else out there. Well, of course today is Friday, I've got to clean my mom's house. I think tomorrow, I'm gonna get some things done around the house and Sunday we have a birthday party to go to at Chuck E. Cheese, lots of kids and dh is one of them. Game galore there, it'll be fun I think. I'm gonna get started next week on getting some lesson plans put together for school. I still have a few workbooks to order from Abeka but I think that's it. Our tax free day on school supplies is I think Aug. 4, 5, 6 so I need to get my list together for that. We may find out this weekend about our house situation, see this is the story but I'll make it short, we share land with my FIL but suddenly thinks he and his family may move which is wild, he's not one for change, but the house he's in was the one that he and my MIL built and lived in when they were married and he says he's ready for change. We live pretty close to them and were gonna build right here but we don't want to if they move. He's thinking about a transfer to Tyler and he has to decide by next Tuesday so that is what we are waiting for. I'm hoping this weekend he will decide. I really hope he decides to for his sake and ours. There's alot of pros in his direction to taking it so we'll see. Anyways, I'll let y'all know as soon as I know.
I've got to get my kids some cereal. TTYL
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Good morning all!

Today I will be getting groceries and all that fun stuff as soon as the rain lets up. It's been raining from about 7 am this morning. And I thought I nipped that cold but this morning my nose is running and I'm coughing again, lol... guess I was wrong, lol. I'll have to get some vit c while I'm out today. Dinner tonight will be fast food... it's my flexpoint day.
oh, my WI... well I wasn't as lucky as Leigh, I'm up one lb. But I'm ok with that because I thought it would be worse. I mean I did go off plan for 4 days last week and then wednesday I over ate by 10 pts or so.. so I'll take a 1 lb gain! LOL. Next week I'll be retaining water due to an upcoming visit from TOM so it will be 2 weeks from now before I'll have a decent WI again.

Crystal, I don't think I understood what you meant about the house. So you will move into FIL house if they move or you will not build your own house and look for a alraedy built one? I was confused, sorry! I guess it's still early, lol. I can't believe your 2nd trimester is almost here! Have you gained much weight so far? I was usually pretty good at not gaining much the 1st trimester but I made up for it in the other two, lol.

Melissa, so sorry about your ds last night. Did he throw up because he was so upset or because he was sick?

Geri, I know you can beat that night time munching! It's time to pick up a hobby. Find something you can do to keep your hands and mind busy (a good novel may help or crochet or needlepoint) The nice thing about crochet is you can do it while watching tv so your hands and mind is busy and no room for thinking about snacking. Does your dh snack at night too? My dh is the worst at eating down the kitchen around 9 pm, he's even known to cook a whole meal then! Hard to resist but I refuse to eat anything past 5-6 pm. It's worked so far.

Leigh congrats on maintaining! That is great, you will have a good loss for sure next week. Who do you like on Big Brother? I watched The Apprentice last season so I missed alot of the CSI episodes so last night was a new one for me. I just LOVE that show.

Jaymi, congrats on getting in two hours of exercise!! That is so great! Your pants may be feeling tighter due to water retention or maybe TOM is around the corner? I wouldn't worry too much about it. And about taking those pills, I'm sure you won't have to take them for life, but maybe until you hit your goal weight. It's not such a terrible thing. But in the meantime you really have to work on your eating or else all this hard work is going to be for nothing eventually. Every diet must be made into a lifestle for success. Honestly. You can't pick a diet to get you to your goal weight and then go back to eating how you used to before the weightloss. Doesn't work that way, I know, I tried it many times. i finally had to accept that I'm going to battle my weight for the rest of my life so that means eating better forever. Maybe you can buy some new Light cookbooks (or for whatever plan you are on, I forget) and try some new recipes. New recipes is what keeps me from being bored. I usually have 5-6 new dishes each week. I love to eat new stuff and keep it interesting. I hope your bbq goes well! If you are making the side dishes than you can control the fat and all that in them which should benefit you. Let us know how it goes!

Well, I need to take a shower and get around. As soon as this rain lets up I'm out of here. TTYL!
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Hey girls!!

Thanks everyone for worrying about me lol!! I spent abour 4-5 hours out in the sun yesterday so I went to bed at about 7 pm and fell fast asleep for 12 HOURS!!!!! I feel good though. I think I'm sick from the sun though my tummy doesnt feel the greatest this morning hopefully it will pass with some breakfast.

Penny - I hope you have a wonderful day with BIL and SIL!!! My stupid scale is stuck at 220 I think I am plateaued because I haven't lost a single lb so to speak this month!! I'm disappointed but at the same time I know that I lost those 30 lbs rather quickly so my body may be adjusting to it!! It could also be that I am now counting points which is easier and I make my minimum calories every day so who knows we'll see I'm not too worried about it but I'm worried what my doctor will say but hopefully she'll understand.

Crystal good luck with your housing it sounds promising

Geri - Here I am!!!! How's it goin girly? I'm gonna take my rascals out in the pool again today but I'm making sure I lather myself in sunscreen because my back is killer red!! Any plans for the pool today for you? We decided to get a metal above ground pool next year, that should be nice !!

Spryng - Girl I can't wait to hear your WI!!! I hope you got a great nights sleep!! Oh and I would loveeeee to have that enchilada casserole recipe YUMMMY it sounds wonderful!!!

Leigh - Way to go on maintaining!! Girly you know you are doing an awesome job and you have lost your first 15 lbs rather quickly for someone with not so much to lose, (please don't take that the wrong way, I meant it in a good way ) Any plans today?

Mel - I hope you are feeling ok with having such a rough night Poor little guy, so was he sick or did he just make himself sick from screaming so much? I hope it gets better for you soon!!

Ricci - Yayyyyy!!! Almost our whole group will be on WW!!! I'm going recipe hunting today because I never did yesterday, cuz I was outside all day. How have you been?

Kristen - How are you I didn't see a post from you last night unless I missed it Hope all is well!!! When is your WI?

Well I better get going, I need some breakfast and to take my meds so my butt will quit dragging . I'll be back later
Love to all!!
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Spryng you posted at the same time as me I think a 1 lb gain after being OffPlan for 4 days is marvelous!! If it were me I woulda gained about 10 back lol!!!

Have a great day girly
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Quick drop in!!

Hello everyone! I didnt go to sleep until about 330 am! My baby didnt go to sleep until about 2 am, so I woke up early about 6:15 and guess what... up gets my daughter too! So... no exercise as of yet! I need to go to Walmart, but i know she will decide to take her nap at that time! I know that I SHOULD tell hubby to geth those sides.. but that will only turn out to make me look bad as usual. He'll somehow make it seem twisted that i don't like his friends or I don't want them over or some kind of way. I almost always have an attitude when we are all together.. and it always looks like it's because of them.. but my hubby acts an a*s when they are around... he 's always trying to prove something like he has as much as someone else... But WE DONT! At least not the 4 wheelers, and boats, and motorcycles... but who the **** cares?!? As much as he wastes on other things, he could have them.. but then it would always be something. Why do men feel like they have to compete with someone? Don't they have men that (like me) Don't give a da*n what other's have and I don't! Or could care less what people think!! Oh well, anyways:

Everyone .. I promise to comment when I get back!! I have to go to Walmart before it is too late! I‘m leaving the sister here.. She doesn’t like to go there with me anyways! CLEARANCE!! I can‘t pass them up!!:

BTW, this is something I got in an email today, thought it was kinda neat!

Here's something to keep in mind when you're tempted to have a "treat" that's not on your plan—estimate how much activity it will take to work off the indulgence! To figure it out, remember that a one-mile walk burns approximately 100 calories. With that in mind, check out these examples:

Miles of Walking
French fries, large
Soda pop, 16 ounces
Potato chips, 8-ounce bag
Ice cream (vanilla), 2 scoops
Cheesecake, 1 piece
Chocolate bar, 1.5 ounces
Beer, 12-ounce can

As you can see, the old adage of "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips" rings true! While no food is "off-limits" on the plan, remember that it is a whole lot easier to eat calories than it is to burn them. So choose wisely—and plan to add a few extra miles of walking to your workout when you splurge!
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Must be shopping day for everyone. I too have to go to walmart, but like spryng, it has been raining here too, pretty bad storms, so got to wait for those to pass.
As for my pilates videos, they weren't hard, I just decided that wasn't the work out for me. I think its more for someone who has reached their goal, and wants to tone. I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Here's the link if any of you want to check it out:
Well, I need to go jump in the shower myself. Just finished working out. I will check back in later.
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g-morning ladies!

Sorry, no time yesterday to post! I left you all at 11:30-ish and my cousin came over at about 12:30 to have lunch adn then we hung out, went to wal-mart, DH came home and we had dinner and then we worked on our scrapbooks until like 11:30 last night! It was really nice to spend some time with her, we don't see each other much and since I was an only child, she and I were like sisters. She was an only child until she was like 17, so we were close!

Thanks Michelle for noticing that I was missing lsat night Feels good to know that ya care !!! My weekly WI is on Wednesdays. I was don 1.5# - weighed myself this morning, and another 1/2 lb is gone! Woo-hoo!

TO all of you wonderful ladies that I can't get personal with right now, you know I love ya! I have a full agenda today, we'll see how much posting I get done! I have a shower to take and a little one to run through the bath, lunch with my MIL, grocery shopping, bed linens to wash, some comp budget work to do, and I clean tonight....good luck to me, ha, I will need it!
Hope you all have a wonderful day, I will try and get back here as often as possible, funny thing, I have a better day whenI am interacting with you all!
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Kristin I'm glad you had a nice evening with your cousin!! woo hoo on another half pound gone!! You are doing wonderful!!

Jaymi that walking thing you posted was neat to read Thanks!! I hope your BBQ goes well tonight

I got some cleaning done, bleached the shower curtain liner and the whole bathroom for that matter!! Got my sidewalks swept and dishes put in the dishwasher, and the house is vacuumed I do need to dust and straighten up my desk and hubbys desk as well!! Its sooo warm outside I would rather be out there but I gotta finish in the house first! I hope you are all having a great day!!

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Walking away the weight
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Afternoon . . . Okay, I'm way off plan today Sorry, gals, I swear I'll get back on track any day now.

Geri- did you end up doing much yard work? I'll take some new pics of Liam soon and post them

Mel- oh no! Hope ds is better for you today. Liam is fussy today, but I know it's his teeth (as always).

Spryng- Hey, you have my sympathies with being off plan and TOM - TOM arrives for me on Monday or Tuesday and I can't wait - maybe my willpower will return then. Sorry the cold seems to be back. It's still to early for me to have a good feel for everyone on Big Brother, but I don't like the ditzy blonde woman.

Crystal- do you enjoy teaching a lot? I'm not a great teacher - I tried that (teaching college) and I was awful.

Michelle- glad you got some sleep in! Maybe the switch to WW will jumpstart your weight loss again.

Jaymi- thanks for that great chart - very interesting!

Hey, Ricci! Have a good day - do take the kids to the store with you?

Kristin- on more weight gone! what a busy day! Hope you have fun.

Well, gals. I interviewed the woman who will be watching Liam for 4 hours every Thirsday. She's awesome! I really liked her a lot and feel comfortable with her, which is good. She starts next Thursday. Liam's a fuss budget today, but I assume it's more teething - poor guy. He tends to spit up more when his teeth bother him - could it be from all the drool he swallows? Well, I need to do laundry! TTYL
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Afternoon Ladies,Just thought I'd check in for the day sounds like everyone is doing pretty good.I beinged last night because I could'nt sleep.But i'm making up for it today.I've had a bowl of cereal for lunch and a half of piece of sausage for breakfast.And I'm having baked pork chops for supper with greenbeans and mashed potaotes.maybe some biscuits i'm week when it comes to breads and dairy products.I found something for my sweet tooth.Tootsie pops no fat or calories.Well there are 60 calories but no calories from fat and thats all I watch for.I don't worry about sugar or carbs because I figure all that counts as calories on way or the other anyhow.
I guess I better go sweep,mop,and vacum.By the time i'm done with that it will be time to cook again.Have a great day ladies.
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