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Default Time For Serious Fun #54


We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Report our losses!
Saturday: Sunny Thoughts Saturday We share stories and jokes to help us smile
Sunday: Silly Poll Sunday A new poll to give your thoughts to every week





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WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's Woes What can we help you with today?

Check back in later ladies!

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Morning Ladies......

Welcome back BETH! We missed you sweetie.......hope you are doing well and can hang around a while.

Ok, Carrie.....I KNOW what YOU'RE up to Sure, tell Julie to go ahead and eat anything she wants to on her trip......sure, then she'll come back and I"LL be winning the race!!! No way, babe, I ain't gonna let my "restful" vacation (of driving about 3000 miles in a week to visit every known relative who lives down south) put more pounds back on me.

My food is already packed. I know I won't use it all the time, but if it keeps me from eating just 2 "value meals" all week, that's a pound!!

I got 2 points yesterday for water and exercise. I did 50 minutes on the treadmill, but at a slower speed, no inclines, and I taped my knee first. Today I'm planning to do weights and I teach class tonight too. For some reason, I just wanted to snack yesterday.......and we had spaghetti for dinner, which I had way more of than I should. But I do have a martial arts tournament on Saturday, so I'm chalking it up to "carbo loading" for the tourney.

Welcome to Amanda456......and speaking of AMANDA-----Is it me, or did she totally leave us hanging yesterday???? She teases us, we make bets, and then she doesn't post the WI results??? How rude!

No woes today, yet......I'll let you know if I think of any

Susan, my husband started out as a friend (a married one at that) and now we are both best friends and spouses for nearly 13 years! So, if you really like this guy...take it slow, but let him know how you feel. Be careful though, I know several girls who thought they "loved" a guy who felt he was "unlovable" and it turned out that they were just feeling sorry for the guy. So be sure your feelings are really what you think they are and save yourself alot of trouble.

Well, better get going....lots to do today.

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Morning All -
Hope you all are doing fine...I am good...

Beth - Good to hear from you ... come back and post again

Amanda - Yeah what is up with the weigh in? Or have you done it yet?

Amanda456 - Welcome, welcome!!!!!

Julie - You are so funny, when I was typing that I thought you would think that and make a joke about it... we think alike, scary
No, I know you will do well and we will be neck and neck for a while, although with my weekend of eating everything ( last weekend ) I think I have put on a pound or two that I am trying to get back off - so I am backtracking this week

I really do not have a Weds woe, except for my mole which has turned into a boil I guess ( from what my mom says, Dr Mom ) so we will see when I go to the Dr on Friday...that is a worry woe....

Have a great day all ...
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I kind of like this going to the gym twice a day. It seems to be less stressful on my crummy knee. I even did 2 minutes at 3.2 mph, which for my fat short, little legs is almost running!

Amanda: Girl, get in here and post. If you are hiding out because you didn't do as well as we predicted or something like that, then shame on you! We are just trying to encourage you and we are anxious to see how the program is working for you. If you didn't lose or even showed a gain, don't be discouraged a lot of things could have played into it!

Julie: ALL'S FAR IN FAT AND GIFT CARDS!!!!!! Women get vicious when it comes to shopping money! Honestly though, I hope you have a spectacular time though we will miss you while you are gone. Hey, I live down south and I am kind of a sister so feel free to stop in MEMPHIS!

Beth and Pam: I am so thrilled to see you both back here. Please continue to post and get yourself back on track and if we can do anything to help, you know we will!

I went to the gym after dropping off Jack. Now you have to understand I never go to the gym without being "made up." Hair, makeup the whole nine yards and I got up, put clothes on, went hair sticking up and all! I AM CONQUERING MY OCD! I looked ghastly though and took a treadmill over in a corner to keep from scaring people! Came home, stripped (my undies were so wet I felt like I had peed them! ) and am sitting here naked waiting for the color I put on my hair to finish "cooking." I am freezing to death, but can't put anything on without messing it up with color.

Oh, I have a cool WTG. You know I told you I bought pants for the first time at Target. One of the pair was kind of a rayon pull on dress pant. I decided to wear them yesterday to Jack's dr appt and they are BAGGY! I bet in those pants I could have gotten a 1 XL instead of the 2XL. I guess I was so shocked they fit, I didn't pay any attention as to how snug they were. They do look good though! I got a woohoo from Jack so that clinches it!

Well, I better go. Faye (Just checked the IRS site and my refund is to be direct deposited Friday night! Yahoo, $4500 so I can get our airline tickets etc! AND I get to buy some more new clothes and Jack is letting me get something to add to my obsession, a new handbag for the trip! I say he is letting me because I own about 60-65 handbags and it drives him nuts! )

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Default I'm not hiding!!!

SORRY! I didn't report yesterday, it was Nigels fault!. He was on the computer till really late and I was eventually too tired to check in! I wondered if you'd miss me!

Well the news is.........drum roll please.........2.5 pounds down!!

I am pleased as I just don't lose huge amounts of weight - I think it may be because of my medication, but then again, I've always been like that! I am just really happy that it is coming off, and I am gradually chipping away at it! If I lose 2lb every week I will be very happy as that would mean I would reach my target in just over a year!

Thay don't do 'slimmer of the week' at weightwatchers - but I'd lost the most weight, so that was really good!

PAM - Hello sweetie, I've missed you! Don't worry about gaining a few pounds back - I went away for a month or so before Christmas and came back in January having gained back the 10lb I'd lost and a few more extra!! Just take it from where you are. I know that when your mindset is right it will only take you a couple of weeks to lose that extra weight. Don't look back!

BETH - Welcome back to you too sweetie! I hope you are back for good! I hope everything is going okay for you !

AMANDA456 - Hello Amanda! We are a similar weight - although i am 10 years older than you. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you lose the weight now! I spent most of my twenties depressed and feeling too fat to enjoy life - i don't want to spend my thirties like that too! You go for it and stick with us!

SUSAN - I agree with Cat about this boy - just slip him a few compliments to help him to feel better about himself - let him know that you are there for him, and then wait and see what develops - or you could just tell him, but that takes alot of guts!

Cat - I will warn England to prepare for your return i.e stock up the bars and pubs!

take Care all

Amanda xxxx
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Amanda: You better speak to Nigel and inform him that on your weigh in days, his behind could be in BIG trouble from a group of BIG ladies with BIG bats!!!!! I am so proud of you! 2.5 is a great weeks loss and you are right, 2 lbs a week is a good way to lose it and keep it off.

Let's give Amanda some YEAHS: Here goes, I will start first and since I have no marbles left, I choose poetry:

"Y" is for the Yes, Yes, I will lose,
"E" is for enough enough you say,
"A" is for a littler a** you choose,
and "H" is for the final big HOORAY!

Keep up the great work!

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Thumbs down Good day everyone!

Thanx again for the warm welcome!

Well I guess I have racked up 2 points for yesturday I did drink my H2O and I ate really good. I only excersied for 30mins though and I really want to getin an hour a day.

CONGRATS AMANDA On your weight loss...

So do you all have a weigh in day or does everyone pick a certain day for themselves? Cause I weighed myself this morning and I was 255 lbs. like a 3 POUND LOSS!!

I dont have a Woe for wednesday yet but I bet I will come up with some sooner or later.

Well better get going, we are going to town this morning and I am getting a new excerise video!!

Lots Of Luv,
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Ok, I know, I have too much time on my hands sometimes, but I find this fun so here goes. I am doing a few at a time, but some of you ladies, I am going to have to take serious poetic license with your names!

There once was a dancer named Julie,
Who belly danced, but did not Hulie.
She beat up grown men,
Then she did it again,
Cross my heart, hope to die, I not fooly!
(Yeah, I know, not one of my best efforts!)

There once was a sweet girl named Cat,
Who wanted to get rid of fat,
She worked and she slaved,
Hoping some day it’d pay,
And now Cat who’s not fat is ALL that!

There once was a lovely named Pam,
Her job caused her stress, oh yes,ma’am
She worked answering phones,
Never seemed to go home,
So we all thought she’d went on the lam.
(You need an easier name to rhyme with ! lol)

There once was a Sandy called Brat,
Now just what we ask is with that?
She always seemed nice,
Like sugar and spice,
But who knows, she may be a rat!

There once was a Sandy who smiled,
Then she laughed and she giggled awhile,
Though her serious side,
She tried hard to hide,
We knew it just wasn’t her style!

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Ha ha Faye - love the poems!

i forgot to say I got 4 points yesterday - I was in town after my weigh in, and I really didn't fancy going to the gym - but I made myself go and am glad that I did!

Amanda456 - Fridays is when alot of people weigh in, or when Faye adds up the totals for the week. I weigh in on Tuesday as that is when my WW meeting is , but it's up to you! WHOO HOO! for your 3lb loss - thats fantastic!!

Amanda xxx
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There once was a lady named Faye
quite a woman, her dh would say
She's lost alot of weight
Oh she looks great
And Las Vegas is on the way ...
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Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA. Its been a tough week. Our eldery neighbor passed away and she has been such a big part of our lives for the past 8 years. Both my children called her Grandma and she was just the dearest woman you'd ever meet. Her funeral is on Friday, DH is a pallbearer and its going to be very hard.

I didn't work out on Monday (too drained from emotions), but have worked out the rest of this week so far. Havent' had much of an appetite so I am doing really well with eating.

So for points: Sunday & Monday were both 3s. Tuesday and today are 4s.

Just trying to keep really busy so I don't dwell. My DD is taking it the hardest, so I'm trying to find special time for her.

Treated myself to a new haircut on Sunday (spur of the moment thing). Cut my mid-back length hair down to a shoulder length shag. Still trying to figure out how to style it! LOL! Then Monday night I colored it burgandy, which you really cant' see unless I'm in the light because my hair is so naturally dark.
I also treated myself to a tan on Friday and again today. I have psoriasis and it really seems to help, plus I get a 20 minute nap! Hee hee.

That's about it. Just keeping busy and plugging along. Will measure tomorrow and see what I'm losing in inches. I always lose it in the hips and chest first. DH notices this too!

Welcome to Amanda 456! You will just love this group! I've only been here a short time, but they are all great! Congrats on your loss!

Welcome back to the fold, Pam & Beth!

Faye - That's a doozy of a tax return! Have fun spending it - but not all in one place! LOL!

Oh, I almost forgot. Jello & Curves are doing a promotion that I am going to take advantage of. Buy 2 Jello low fat products, bring in the receipt and get three FREE workouts at Curves! Here's the link: http://kraft4.promotions.com/healthy...age=offer.html

Take care all!
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Carri: Adorable, thanks! I used to write Jack dirty limericks when he was overseas so I got to be pretty good at them.

I did a sneaky on the ole dh tonight. I made a lowfat lasagna, but Jack hates cottage or ricotta cheese. I had a recipe that uses FF cottage cheese and mozzarella so I took the carton of ccheese mixed with about 1/2 c water in the blender until it was smooth, then mixed in the moz and some ff cheddar because I always used moz and cheddar before and didn't want him to suspect anything. I also didn't use bottled sauce but pureed canned italian tomatoes with garlic and onions and he raved about it. So you have to keep my secret girls!

Everyone have a great night and I will talk to you later

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Hey all,

Well, it's Thursday morning here. Yesterday I drank my water (and didn't have any caffeine!!! I will kill this addiction before I go home!) and did my running. I keep posted in my weightloss blog that I wish I could remember before I go running how good I feel afterwards. The program I'm doing kicked it up a notch this week. When I first read the description: "Run 90 seconds, then fast walk for 2 minutes...", I thought, "Eh, that'll be a breeze! I was running 60 seconds and walking for 90 last week! This'll be so easy, maybe I should skip ahead..."

I am so glad I didn't. I was so sore afterwards! I don't know why that made such a difference, since I do run for longer than this during Wu Shu class (that is, longer than 90 seconds, but I think the total run is for four minutes). I was dying near the end of every running stint. Ah well. I stuck to it, I did it, I did my stretches afterwards, and then I had a long hot shower.

Julie, what class do you teach? Also, I saw something about bellydancing in one of Faye's cute poems... I'm really interested in looking into that when I get home. Can someone tell me more about it?

I can't really think of a good woe, unless you want to count the fact that I'm terribly homesick this week. *sigh* I knew when I left that my beloved was lousy with email and letters, and I thought I was prepared for that, but I guess not. I really miss him. I'd say he's acting weird on the phone, except he's acting exactly like he did right before we started going out. Basically, like he did when he was afraid to let me know that he liked me and wanted to date me. Which is sweet in a way, but on the other hand *arrrgggg!*. Just freaking tell me you miss me you idiot! *rrrrrrrrr* *grin*

There, I feel much better.

Take care, ladies, be well.
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Evening everyone!

Been MIA for a while! I have been having to pull 56 hrs/wk where I work my first job. One of the other mgrs has been out of work since last Wed. Her husband has been in the hospital and is really sick. So that leaves me to pull all of the closed, and have pulled 2 doubles since she has been out. I have no idea when she is going to get to come back but something has to give soo haven't got to see Corey for a week. It breaks my heart everytime that I call and talk to him and he begs me to come and get him. I swear that sometimes I think that I would be better off to quit work and do nothing but then again who would feed my son? THat is my woe! I am exhausted and worn out. Maybe I will be able to check back in soon.

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