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Good Morning! Rain, rain, and more rain . . . . GO AWAY! With a warmer temperature of 40, snow melting, and rain we don’t need any more wet. We sit lower than the two houses behind us so get their run off to add to our mix. The patio sump pump is keeping up so far. Today was supposed to be lunch bunch but three of the five couldn’t make it and I bowed out to babysit the sump pump. I still have some things I need to do for craft club tomorrow. The cake is baked and cooling! I have a load of undies in the dryer so will fold and put them away when they are done.

Ceejay, I’m like you and move things from one place to another when I know company is coming. I need to get rid of stuff! Half the time I find something I had totally forgotten about. My downfall is magazines thinking I will go back and read specific articles again, never happens either. After moving them a couple times I do get rid of them. What a nice bonus to get a reduced price from Metabolic Research!

I need to keep moving! Since I’m in charge of lunch today will have to think of something. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!
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My day has quickly gone. Had my mammogram done this morning, Had to make a detour because of over head line repair and this afternoon went to MRC. And yes I did pay for 17 weeks. I'd forgotten about all the pills you have to take, mainly vitamins and herbs. .But I feel like my body needs this little extra boost. I asked about what if the doctor doesn't approve. She said that there isn't anything that would interfere with my medications. Left there in the pouring rain and turned the wrong direction and got lost. Got back to one of the major roads that has a diamond intersection and got turned around again. Finally made it home. It was pouring rain. Now I have to finish cleaning, and start some laundry. I need a nap.
Decided not to put the t.v. in the guest room. I will if she ask for it.

I'm with you on this rain. But like your area we have warmed up and I can tell that the trees are budding and the birds are building nest. Yea for spring. What kind of cake did you bake.

Hello to GMA and Garnet
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Hope you find the right lamp shades. Maybe a "lamp shade" that is glass? - clear or muted in someway? That would really let the light show.
Wow - sounds like Missouri is colder than the northern states in the winter & even in spring. But, spring is nigh! If spring hasn't hit ya'll yet, it's coming your way! The weather here is beautiful - has been for a week now. Haven't seen weather like this for months!

Weight loss is a war with fat. My weight has been going up & down on a daily basis almost. Frustrating. Yesterday I was 1 quarter lb. away from losing another lb. and then last night I weakened & ate a banana (high carbs!) - result? Gained a whole lb. back! Phooey. I will burn it off walking to work today, right? Will see. However I have lost 7 lbs. since I joined FCs a month ago so, I think being here and reading all your posts has helped me. I feel like I have distant friends sort of that I can relate to because of similar ages. It's much better than reading someone rant about something Kim Kardashian did or how beer they had last night.

I've been walking to work this week, takes an hour & 10 minutes - not too bad, healthy low impact exercise. I think it has really helped my most recent weight loss. Legs are a little sore each night from it, but it is better to be sore from moving than from not moving. I remind myself to stay active with quotes such as: Chairs are designed to stop people from moving, sitting is anti-survival, movement is pro-survival. Earth changes everyday because the universe changes everyday. Progress is only possible with change. Change exsists to serve me. Open myself to constant change.

When I walk I imagine myself being like a huge fireball in the sky. I am flying thru space passing up endless "stars" that are all around everywhere trying to tempt me to gobble them up (eat "bad" foods). As long as I keep going & don't eat the "stars" my fire keeps burning and the fire is making my body smaller. If I eat the "stars" my fire will go out and I will be what I started out being in the first place - a big lumpy cold dead waste. Years ago when I lost a lot of weight I use to imagine the fat in my body as a huge fat ugly spider's eggs, when I ate "bad" foods the spider layed more eggs inside me (made more fat). Those eggs burst open with more spiders that fed off my fat and made more fat (laid more eggs). It worked but, it's too awful to think about again. This time I wanted to imagine something positive so I chose the fireball. Why do I use imaginatives to encourage me to not overeat? It's a "mind over matter" thing.

Yesterday I ate boiled shrimp on top of a large pile of green salad ( I tell myself things like: "if I don't want lettuce then I am not really hungry", "if I don't change now I will die fat", "when the fat is gone I can tuck my shirt in & my feet won't hurt". Later ate an atkin's treat bar for dessert. Last night ate turkey bacon and eggs with cheddar & salsa on top - my go to meal at night. Then the banana. Today before going to work I will eat baked chicken and green beans. I am striving to hit 150 lbs. by April 1st. But, that won't happen if I lkeep blowing it. Thought maybe if I skip night meal/dinner once or twice a week it might help. But, that is soooo hard to do because when I get home from work late at night I am very tired and feeling ravenous.

Hope the rest of the week is good for everyone. Stay positive...Life is too short to waste on negative stuff.

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