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Hey everybody! It is here today. Going to get near 90 today. We are then going to get 4 days of rain. I wanted to go out and spray more on the weeds again so theíll be easier to get up, but my knees just wonít take it today. They have been aching since I got up this morning.

Waiting on the clothes to finish drying then Iíll get them folded. Maybe I can talk Jack into vacuuming tonight so I can get the mopping done and the dusting then Iíll finish up tomorrow.

Jean: The car cost us $650 but come to find out the tech charged us $250 because he said he couldnít get the ingition to engage and had to check the module. The actual ac problem wasnít all that expensive. There was nothing wrong they could find. They did a recharge, changed a couple valves and oiled the compressor. I told Jack to refuse to pay for things we donít authorize from now on. I didnít see it until he brought the paperwork home. It wasnít listed what it was except as labor until I looked at the last page, which was where they do a general check of your tires, fluids, battery, etc. You could barely read what he wrote. Jack signed the paperwork saying we approved of everything so not much we can do at this point. The problem with Zales is they, Kays jewelers, Jarrods, and about 3 others are owned by a company called Signet. They offices are not in the US and Iím not paying for a foreign phone call. Iíll just keep raising you know what. They have until Monday. The problem is not the refund, they lost the jewelry or it was stolen. They are ďresearchingĒ the claim. I have all the postal info that it was delivered to them so they have no reason not to refund me. Also, the credit card is not part of the corpoartion but backed by someone else so they have nothing to do with the purchase.

You gals have a nice afternoon.
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