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Default Moonday morning

Boy, it was hard to get going this morning. A long weekend is a killer in the getting up department.

I have to clean up the dump. I have an inlaw living in the trailer and though he swears he won't come in the house and bother me, it would be my luck he'd come in now.

Aren't holidays the greatest? I hate getting caught in the middle of this. Of course both sides of the story are valid....He says she sleeps till noon almost every day and she doesn't accomplish anything anyone could notice most days. She has become sarcastic and snide...she is one of those smart girls who wasted her education and now she's bitter. And she's become a slob. Not like we're slobs, her house is dirty. It is so gross to go there, last time they had fleas in the rug. Anyone can see she's depressed, who would live like that otherwise?

On her side, they treat her like crap. He and the kids are downright contemptuous toward her, I think. I would be devastated if my kids talked to me the way hers do. AND I think there's another woman involved. She says they haven't been "close" for six months....Please, have you ever heard of a man leaving his wife without another woman to go to?
Anyway, While he's here, they are going to work on my kitchen....I think I'm getting a new nook on the other side of the kitchen. I'll be able to see into the family room.
I love to's the only way the house gets clean.
Off to work...see you later,
L nook is about to say good-bye. I guess BIL being here isn't so bad after all. He is starting my kitchen now.
His DW called my DH...She is DH's age, went to Drexel with DH and his sibs, but was in DH's class. He introduced them. She seems ok. He said she isn't mad that we let BIL come here....they have three kids, though. What a mess.
See ya when they get the computer hooked up again.

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Default Family drama

Geez, Lush, what is it about the holidays that brings all this stuff out in ppl? At least you get a remodeling project out of it.

My cousin, who I really don't know was shot and killed this weekend. At first it was reported as a hunting accident, but it seems more likely that his roommate murdered him. An argument about drugs was the motive and he was shot point blank in the face so it was unlikely that this person mistook him for a deer. So I have to go to a funeral on wednesday. The only ppl I feel sorry for are my aunt and uncle who have to live through the agony of losing a child in such a brutal way. And I don't even feel too sorry for them, because their whole life has revolved around alcohol abuse, so why would their kids turn out ok? Sorry to sound so cold, but I get so frustrated with ppl (relatives) who are drug and alcohol abusers and seem confused as to why their lives are sh*t.

The second drama of the weekend is DS and his girlfriend have broken up. Which is fine with me, but he is devastated, even though he was the one who did the breaking up. She is calling him several times a day and its a nasty situation. I'm being careful not to say any disparaging things about her, but I think this is the best thing that could have happened to him. This girl is the same one who went on the shopping spree with her mothers atm card last year. Remember her??

My movie review of Shrek is that it is a wonderful, funny movie with a positive message to girls about true beauty.

Sorry this was such a downer post, but such is life.
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Default Subjects of the day...

Depression, divorce, drugs, murder? Wow, holidays really do take their toll, don't they?

My sympathies to DS, Wab. I remember I broke up with my first boyfriend right after Christmas. I didn't have the heart to break up with him before Christmas because my best friend told me he had bought me a very special present. So I got him a present and waited until after. Teenagers are so dopey. (On the other hand, what would a guy do with a locket engraved with his ex-gf's initials? )

Well, all your rel's trials make my annoyance at DH seem rather minor. Second week in a row he hasn't put the garbage out to be picked up, plus we have no lock on our door because it broke a week ago and I couldn't fix it. Poor guy (?) has been working 7 days/week 12-14 hours/day because of the big job going on in the mill. On the other hand, he took the afternoon off yesterday to cover the boat in the yard. Let's see, that puts me somewhere below Work, Boat, and Sleep.

Starting a new volunteer job tomorrow. I'm going to be a fill-in driver for the meals on wheels program in town. I think they only provide meals one day a week, so it doesn't sound too taxing. I should probably get my car inspected first, though, seeing that it's overdue.

How's everyone else? Sugar, Bagz, Peachie? The Silent Bunch (Cran, Cherry, Muffie)?

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Default whatzup?

DS has moved back home. He is despondent, heartbroken and depressed. He brought a puppy with him. Anyone looking for a sweet little puppy? She's a Staffordshire terrier. AKA Pitbull, although our other dog is half pitbull and she is the sweetest doggie ever so don't believe the pitbull horror stories. I think I'm a little on the depressed side too. It's so hard to watch your kid go through the first love breakup.

Any new Christmas displays? My hairstylist gave me a beautiful wreath she made. Wasn't that nice?

Kiwi, I always get that "I'm soooo busy" thing from my DH too. And he's famous for not putting the trash out on garbage day. I don't think it qualifies for grounds for divorce, although it may be grounds for cutting them off. How is the meals on wheels delivery going?

Did I scare everyone off?

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Wink The only thing my dh DOES do around here.....

is take out the garbage on garbage day.

I was at my supremely intellingent lawyer friend's yesterday to teach her how to send e-mail through AOL. Geez, they sure don't make it easy, but we finally figured it out. Two of her kids stayed home from kindergarten/school so they were running in and out all the time bugging us. she sends me her very first e-mail and what does it say? That ALL FIVE of them have head lice and she just found out last night. Aghhhhhhhhh! So she lent me her special shampoo (not one of those insecticide ones) and I doused myself even though I didn't find any critters on me. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Won't be going over there again any time soon.

5 yo passed his swimming test today! Not bad for a kid who at this time last year wouldn't even put his feet in the water. He was so proud.

Gosh, all this family strife going on , Lush and Wabby! Makes my problem seem so petty.

Have fun with meals on wheels, Kiwi! Volunteer jobs are always the most fun.

Advent wreath is one the living room table ready for the weekend. Just call me Martha.
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Well, that's the only "chore" my DH does, too, that's why I was annoyed that he forgot 2 weeks in a row. And today I removed the bad doorknob assembly and took it to the hardware store and they told me what was wrong with it and what part to buy, and I have fixed the d*** thing.

Has anyone seen that commercial where the husband and wife are in the bathroom and she drops her earring in the toilet and he fishes it out without a second thought? I love that. See, guys can get a lot of mileage out of a little thing like that. DH needs to pull one of those real soon--then I'll forgive him for being a lout lately. I mean, I still appreciate the time, at least 12 years ago, when he was driving by and I was parked by the side of the road (oddly, going the other way), and he stopped and saved DD and me from a horrible big spider inside the car!

I went meal delivering today. It was quite painless: only took 1/2 an hour to finish. All the people who work at the meals program are either old ladies or a little odd. Very nice, though. Went on a route with this very cool 75 yo woman who has 6 kids, most of whom are teachers, and drives a stick shift Honda.

Hearty Congratulations to Sugarboy for his swimming triumph!!

Poor WabDS. Hope he perks up soon. Maybe a nice rebound girlfriend....

How come we never hear from Miss Frappe anymore? I expect everyone to check in here right quick or they will not be getting holiday greetings from this cow.

P.S. I finished the turkey leftovers today.
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